LITECOIN $600 Post-Halving | 6 MONTH Trend | BITCOIN Halving Comparison

bro I'm straight-up not having a good time welcome back to the channel in this video we're gonna be talking about litecoin and the prices that it could reach prior to the halving coming up in just under two months and post having only up until the end of 2019 so the next six months really we're gonna talk about what every way everyone is expecting like going to do why I think that might have an impact on what actually happens we're gonna take a look at like Cohen's previous having and because like Glen has only had one previous having we're gonna take a look at bitcoins previous to having's as well and kind of throw those into the mix and kind of just get a better idea of how the having's affect the price we're gonna talk about Bitcoin short term and why I think like when can hit $600 this year so if you're new to the channel make sure to leave a like subscribe turn on post notifications all the good stuff and we can just jump right into it so like Wayne has had one previous having and that was back in 2015 now like ones having is coming up uh roughly around August 6th right here where we have this line and a lot of people think that because of what happened during last having litecoin might pump for another a half a month another few weeks ultimately peak and then dump going into the having might stay stagnant for a while and then eventually pick up an increase in price later on in the year maybe even pushing back later on the year and then continuing into 2020 a lot of people are expecting a pretty big dump and the reason why people expect that is because of what happened during the last having I also want to kind of give reasons why I think that this having is something almost totally new I don't you know I don't think with everything in cryptocurrency and charts we can just look back see what happened during the previous thing and say hey this is what's gonna happen on the future run I mean even looking at bitcoins previous to having's they didn't even do the same thing they did different things as well the fact that we're only working with one other having it's not like we're looking at a large set of data we're literally looking at the only other time that litecoin has had a halving and that's really what so many people are basing what like honey is gonna do moving forward on so basically to sum up what I'm going to talk in this video is this is a bullish take on what could happen because there's so much bullish momentum and excitement and this is all just getting started I think it's perfectly timed and I think this might help pretty much propel litecoin and cryptocurrency to crazy levels possibly all-time highs in a very short amount of time definitely all-time highs within the next year and a half but I think you know much sooner than that so let's look at this posted by Alli Martinez on crypto slate so this kind of just I wanted to use this to serve as kind of a guide to what happened during the last having and why people expect something similar so basically what happened was like when went from about a dollar and thirty cents to nine dollars within about a month to two month period of five hundred and ninety percent move so something very similar to what we're seeing we've already seen so twenty two dollars to what we're currently at is about five hundred and thirty percent forty seven days prior to the having though like coin peaked and began a 73 percent correction so it peaked at nine dollars and then retraced 73% let's say for example like coin goes up to five hundred ninety percent again I don't I don't think this is what would happen at all I just want to show you for sake of making a point and then I want to jump to another topic so we have about one hundred and fifty eight dollars and let's put a seventy three percent retracement in there that would bring us back down to pretty much right in this level here where we faced a lot of resistance around forty dollars so can we expect to see a forty dollar litecoin in the next few months well if we're gonna base everything on what happened during the last having in 2015 when there was so so much less attention adoption news essentially everything if we're gonna compare this to a time and price that I personally think just don't really mesh anymore I don't really think it's valid anymore then we might be able to see a forty dollar like coin again I feel crazy saying that and all of you guys watching are probably thinking no we're not gonna see a forty dollar litecoin again I agree I don't I don't really think we'll see a $40 like coin now it's interesting to she continues on this article here and I agree with it it actually mimicks exactly what I would think because she does end up saying the current market structure is completely different compared to 2015 financial institutions have joined the space regulation has stepped in which has helped the crypto industry mature the market is still mostly based upon sentiment though and not fundamentals which allows cryptos to surge without any reason so basically they they surge on speculation and I couldn't agree more essentially this market even though certain coins are better than other coins for the most part this is all still based on speculation it's just psychology really now it argue something good about that is that that kind of takes a roof off of anything that really just makes almost anything possible it sounds kind of silly to say that but because we're in such a speculative market these these prices are not subject to any certain range they can really go wherever they want and so that's basically what I want to cover on this now I want to jump over to bitcoins chart here so Bitcoin had a halving originally in December of 2012 and then again in July of 2016 and the next having for Bitcoin is about 11 months away in May of 2020 so actually pretty close so what actually happened going into these having's so or at least after the having's so after the first having we see a massive rally in bitcoins price from $12 actually all the way to a thousand US dollars initially though it did reach a top 230 this is an April of 2013 pulled all the way back to $65 so pretty significant retracement there I'm gonna pull this out again just about a 75% retracement and then from $65 all climbed all the way up to 1200 US dollars topping in April bottoming on three months later in July and then five months later in December putting in a crazy all-time high of 1200 now from that all-time high it did take a long time this is basically the first bear market that everyone references it did take a long time to get back to that all-time high it took until January 2017 now this is the second having the second having meshed very well with the bull market which is kind of why I'm so bullish on this market like clean and Bitcoin because I just want to point this out you know this was a time when not many people were paying attention to crypto this is a time when a lot of people are paying attention to crypto but relative to the rest of world not that many people still so over here definitely in my opinion we're gonna see way more people paying attention to crypto than we are currently but anyway we are in the middle of this uptrend here we get the halving and we just see an absolute insane rally really this is when the bull market actually took off July of 2016 we have that having you see a little dump for about a month or two but you see the price continuously Rises has pullbacks along the way it does have pull backs along the way we can see here it has about about 20-30 percent pull backs which are very normal and so you continue and then you see maybe the first huge move which is about eight to ten months later in April of 2017 when Bitcoin goes from nine hundred breaks past its all-time high and goes to essentially almost triple that to three thousand US dollars something I remember actually because this is you know this is around the time that I get into the market so three thousand dollars a pullback a thirty 40 percent pull back all the way to about you know less than 2000 is this you know as the run over the run was not even close to over 2000 then back to 3000 passing that to five thousand five thousand down to three thousand and all the way up to twenty thousand so what I like about this is that we were seeing a nice curve coming into this having and what's crazy about the current market is that we're not seeing this you know this much of a curve like that we are seeing something absolutely more parabolic obviously this is completely parabolic this is parabolic in a negative sense you know just straight down and this is straight up it's important to note the entire space is so much different in terms of how many people are paying attention how much adoption has happened and is still happening how much more legitimate Bitcoin is how many more people know about it it just brings me back to that point if you think the last bull run was crazy I absolutely think that the next one is going to be probably the biggest there ever will be and I think there will be bull runs after this next one but I think this one will probably be just be the biggest one the FIR the mainstream exposure of people buying it and using it I think it'll be crazy so kind of to get back to my point here of a $600 light coin before the end of the year what would have to happen so a lot of people are expecting us to maybe peek within the next few weeks maybe see something like this have a pull back and who even knows how low could go but some people are expecting it to go lower some people are expecting it to never go under $100 again but people are expecting a pullback and then a stabilization period before upward momentum so essentially like coin has been trading within this this channel right here for months now about six months if it traded in this channel for another six months that would easily make six hundred dollars within the realm of possibility how likely is that though what are the chances that light-cone would just follow this trajectory like this not have any seen a paean pullbacks even going to the having not ever going below you know a hundred and thirty dollars again is that very likely it doesn't seem very likely however I think the most important thing to take into account is the entire market so if like one would have a pullback in a bull market as the bull market is getting started and keep in mind maybe the biggest bull market of all time if likely would have a pullback in the midst of the biggest bull market of all time that could possibly mean you know like coin might not ever go under 130 dollars 120 or 110 ever again because there would be so much momentum you know like coin could easily break 200 and then have a nice 50% pullback and hit a hundred fifty percent pullback would be pretty insane in this current market so I don't even I don't even necessarily think that's possible I mean touching from the top of this channel to the bottom of the channel was a 30 percent pullback 30 to 35 percent that's right here from April the beginning of April to the end of April and that was the biggest pullback we've seen so far in this channel really from the top of the channel to the bottom of the channel now if all of the speculation is already priced in I do think like coin might just continue increasing like it is and the halving might not have an effect other than to help push the price up I think that the having originally had an impact because people were maybe expecting something different and to be honest not many people were in the market not many people were involved oh there are so many more retail investors now than there were in 2015 that's one thing I think every person in this crypto space can agree on it doesn't matter what coin you like if you hate like coin if you hate Bitcoin maybe you love XRP maybe you hate XRP whatever it is one thing I think everyone can agree on is that the amount of attention in the space right now is so much more than it was in 2016 in 2015 2014 and so on and so forth backwards the attention has just grown and grown and grown in cryptocurrency in general there's so many more eyes on it and I don't think that it would be valid to just compare to kind of copy and paste what happened with light coin four years ago and say well this is what will happen this year we're gonna get a 70% pullback after about another 60% increase so you know like coin might hit one hundred and seventy dollars but then it's gonna pull back like one's gonna pull back from one hundred and seventy dollars down to you know forty dollars I don't think that's valid and I think we're in a completely different market I think the timing of this might be perfect it might just be so well and things might just continue to be bullish because so far they've been bullish for essentially six months we didn't see it at first but really so far 2019 has been absolutely insane in terms of gains for both bitcoin and litecoin and another thing people are kind of concerned about is that the alt coins many alt coins smaller market cap alt coins are not performing very well that's actually true but I take that as maybe in my opinion a good opportunity to invest in them because I do think that every old coin that's lagging behind right now will catch up a lot of them are flatlined it's still like 85 90 percent from their all-time highs in my opinion I think those for me might be some of the best coins to pick up you know like coins already have 500 so percent I'm still buying light coin but I'm definitely also investing in smaller market cap coins that are still very far away from their all-time highs so a $600 light coin could happen as long as it just stays in a healthy trajectory and ignores a massive pullback and even if it did have a pullback I could easily enter this channel if Bitcoin continues to climb and as many of you know there possibly is some crazy news coming out for coin in the future there is a lot of talk in the community a lot of great stuff happening and a lot of people behind the scenes making things happen for litecoin so whether or not that'll impact the price we don't know yet but again guys if this is the bull market this is just the beginning of the bull market which means there's so so much potential many many people bought in at the very peak of the last bull run we have to keep in mind just how long the last bull run was so if we take it over that Weekly you can just kind of illustrate this for a second did this this bull run was insane so really from the middle of August 2015 for a few years is how the is how the bull run peak so if we're actually starting a bull run we are beginning the bull run pretty much everyone is convinced we are in a bull run I still find it hard to believe that it's happened so fast you know knock on wood makes me question a little bit but it's so far you can't really ignore it even the most bearish people are kind of just like well you know it looks like we are headed to some crazy all-time highs so let me know what you think do you think it's $600 like when it's possible by the end of the year do you think that the having for like coin will have a negative impact on it post having or going into the having within the next month I really I really have to say I don't think we're gonna get a repeat of 2015 I think things are different I think they could be similar in certain ways in terms of yeah there might be a pullback but I think there's just so much attention people are waiting for opportunities to buy and I think that if light coin has a nice dip it'll just get bought back up and that's what we're seeing with Bitcoin Bitcoin is getting bought back up but that's gonna be it for the video if you guys are new make sure you hit that like subscribe charm post notifications and I'll see in the next video

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  2. The case of looking back to see the future(fractals..) has failed miserably with BTC. If you listened to most chartists…you still would be waiting for 1000 price. LTC is in a sea of adoption..might just surge along with BTC…

  3. Tyler check this out, it's going to be game changing!

  4. I see so many YouTube news on xrp… kind of more than ltc… so I am kind of torn between where I should invest…whether in ltc or xrp for better roi…
    Can someone help me understand

  5. What coins are you buying (small cap) spread the word Brother….we are responsible for every coin WE buy.

  6. I see it as what BTC did before it’s second halving; I think it will continue going up and bouncing back, but we won’t see the same prices again.

    Btc price did not drop past 3k last Bear market,
    It seems to go back down to original rising price as it’s bottom.
    So btc did the 100 to 1000 but then it went back down to around 100 but never past it,
    Then it went from 1000 up to 20k then never back past 3k.

    I think LTC pulls same move. Anything is possible in crypto; more people could buy LTC knowing it was developed the same way. And that nobody lost there keys like the btc list keys.

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  8. Litecoin price has broken past $110 with its halving event now 60 days away. The bullish sentiment has also seen bitcoin price recover back to $7,800 during the morning.

  9. LTC has succeeded in branding where other alts have not. Not quite up to BTD standards but it's getting there. Let's also not forget that LTC and BTC had a shotgun wedding via atomic swaps and the creation of the lightening network, which according to Charlie Lee is ready for prime time. If BTC undergoes an evolution similar to LTC's halving it's within the realm of possibility that $600 per LTC is a conservative estimate.

  10. I think a lot of the extreme volativity we've seen in the past will subside as cryptos gain recognition, so this will be different from the last halving.

  11. I sure hope we see $40 LTC in the next few months, and I sure hope it’s the last time we see $40 LTC. 🙏

  12. What do you think about the whole Binance blocking trades in the US? I’m torn. I don’t want to sell my alts in a loss but I don’t want to lose them either.

  13. What would be a good sell point for LTC? I’m mostly a hodler but would like to sell and buy back in. I know nobody really knows but what’s a good price indicator to sell?

  14. On 12/19/17 Litecoin's price was around $350 and the Hashrate was only 95T. Right now the Hashrate is 394T (over 4 x's the 2017 rate) and the price of Litecoin is only $133. The next time Litecoin spikes above its Hashrate (assuming a 4x move) we could easily see $500+ LTC

  15. Small drop big gain again,Litecoin is going to lead the market again,accumulating more litecoin guys 💪
    Don’t miss the bull run again.

  16. Good analysis Tyler. Łitecoin profile is a lot bigger than in 2015. With John Kim and Jasmine Asia tour about to begin, and the Aliant announcement due, I’m expecting a further significant uptrend. 🔜 🌔 🛰

  17. I don’t even think of Litecoin as an “altcoin” anymore. It has incredible media exposure, many of the crypto atms in Asian countries list Litecoin right next to Bitcoin as #2 of the two main coins, and I honestly think that it is going to have this year and into 2020 what Bitcoin did from 2016-2017. It is basically Litecoin’s time to have the crazy run that Bitcoin had in 2016/2017.

  18. I agree, I don't think this LTC halving will be like some are saying. We are in a different time. Rising tides… 🙂

  19. Your intros are cool Tyler. My opinion, well let's just say HODL until you reach your sell price. Always retain half of your present position after profit taking, and stay diversified. Try to sleep at night. It's kind of sad but I check prices before bed and before my morning coffee. Point is don't let it run your time or day, (I'm learning that, lol) it took the 2018 winter from hell for me to start to learn that. If it's a long term hold coin/token, HODL anyway just set sell orders for whatever makes you happy. Bottom line is it's about 80 percent speculation and timing minus the halvening. So who knows? It's fun to try to guess price but no one knows and here we go. I would say 60 percent chance of an impulse buy mentality and then a correction, but not a pump and dump because folks know a lot more about litecoin and it's strengths and developments, along with the community that has been getting stronger continually. through 2018. Cheers

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