Licensed Vs Unlicensed Insolvency Practioners | Kallis & Co.

[Music] Hi my name is Andreas I’m a licensed Insolvency Practitioner here at Kallis and Co we’re an Insolvency Practice based in North London my short vlog this week is about unlicensed insolvency practitioners now these guys go around and advertise themselves as unlicensed insolvency practitioners as if being unlicensed is a good thing and they’re they’re rezoned d’être is that they can advise directors in ways that licensed insolvency practitioners like myself can’t advise directors which I find really quite amusing the bottom line is is that they’re unlicensed for a reason and if they give you wrong advice or anything like that then you have no recourse to them because they have no governing body and they’re probably incorporated in an offshore jurisdiction so if you are approached by an unlicensed insolvency practitioner just ask yourself one question would you let your nearest and dearest get into an unlicensed minicab just because the minicab is able to pick you up without pre-booking Andreas Arakapiotis licensed insolvency practitioner here at Kallis and Co. thanks

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