Les obligations dans le contrat

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OBLIGATIONS IN THE CONTRACT. But before that I ask you to like the video to encourage the production of the other videos, to subscribe to our channel and activate the notification bell to not miss our next publications. The law of obligations, constituting one of the main bases of private law, combines both contracts and quasi-contracts. – contracts, or agreements, are the meeting of the will of two or more persons in order to create legal effects (example: marriage contract). – quasi-contracts, are voluntary and lawful acts which do not consist of an agreement of will but which nevertheless obliges its author towards third parties and sometimes third parties towards him (example: repair a leak in a neighbor’s house while the latter is absent. The latter is required to fully reimburse the costs of this repair). The contract is defined as an agreement that creates obligations, which supposes an agreement of will between at least two people ”. To this extent we can therefore say that the contract is an agreement by which one or more persons are bound towards one or more others to give, to do or not to do. • The obligation to give: This is the case of the debtor who undertakes to transfer to the creditors, the ownership of property. Example: the sales contract in which the seller is obliged to deliver a good. • The obligation to do and not to do: This is the case whereby the debtor undertakes to refrain from such or such actions towards the creditor. Example: in the business sale contract, the seller of the goodwill undertakes not to compete. Thanks for watching this video until the end. If you have time, please follow our last video by clicking here or follow a random video by clicking here please subscribe by clicking here and do not forget to activate the notification bell to no longer miss our next videos.

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  1. Salut Monsieur avant tout je vous remercie a toute les efforts que tu fait avec nous , Monsieur notre prof nous a dit que le contrat est le contraire d'une convention , Est- il vrai ?? et avec toute mes respects

  2. Bonjour monsieur, je tiens à vous presentez ma reconnaissance quant au travail que vous faites par ce canal. Ainsi, j'aimerai si possible avoir un cours n vidéo du droit international pénal. Merci.

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