LBCCD – Board of Trustees Meeting – September 13, 2016 – Part 2

like to call the meeting to order of
September 13 if I sound like I not all here i was in memphis tennessee this
morning at three o’clock so I’m here now so we’re going to have made one change
my pages here ok we’re going to do the roll call oh no no no that’s later okay we’re
reconvening and i called it to order and now we’re doing a pledge of allegiance
and mr. Kellogg since you’re standing up politically very pleased and don’t need
to do that and join me in saluting our flag and country I pledge allegiance with liberty and
justice thank you ok i will call Virginia Baxter
here Jeff Kellogg your Vivian malu here Doug auto your knees iya present all
right now we poured out on are closed session and that is the first session
the first item on the agenda is 2.4 and there was this settlement in closed
session by vote of five to zero by the board to authorize to settle potential
litigation in exchange for a monetary payment in an employment related matter
and then I’m to bring up that on march seven the board voted 4-1 to release a
faculty member during the probationary period so that was the decision of
closed session there’s nothing to report and the second session item except that
we will have another closed session after the regular session of this meeting okay during the page 0 approval
of minutes from the august twenty-third 2016 meeting second okay moved by trustee kellogg seconded by
trustee zia little please virginia baxter i jeff kellogg Vivian
malu I dug auto are incentives iya I ok and i will turn over the introductions
2.6 believe did president oakley yes and I I’d like to ask vice-president long to
make the introductions of our wonderful we’re not there yet sorry no other than
that I don’t have any other welcome our introductions I don’t they had one okay all right now
that we’re at 2.7 welcome new faculty okay see I was so excited to welcome you
again dr. long yes i would like to introduce our
faculty professional development coordinator to call up our new faculty
so Jerry Florence will you please come to the microphone good evening superintendent president
oakley board president Baxter members of the board lobby city college colleagues
my name is Jerry Florence and I am beginning my third year as faculty
professional development coordinator in this role I have the great privilege and
honor of working with our new faculty this fall long beach city college
welcome 28 new family members to the ranks of tenured faculty they are
enthusiastic motivated dedicated and ready to inspire the lives of the
students in their classrooms in mid-august they participated in two full
days of orientation both on the liberal arts and the Pacific those campuses many
participated in the pre-college state conference to learn more about the college’s new strategic
plan they will continue their professional growth by attending the
college culture friday program throughout their first year what an exciting time at long beach city
college in a little over three years the college has embraced and I mean that
literally you have embraced a hundred and eighteen
new faculty this infusion of creative ideas content expertise and passion for
student success can only signal great days ahead some were not able to join us this
evening due to their teaching schedules but they are certainly here with us in
spirit i’m going to ask those who could attend tonight’s meeting to please stand
and i will ask them to come to the podium and start with you and share
their names and the disciplines in which they teach i am very pleased to
introduce to you our newest cohort of faculty who refer to themselves as worth
the wait 28 hi good evening my name is Emily osito
me I work in the learning and academic resources department for the
multidisciplinary Success Center mostly a pc for basic adult education good evening everyone my name is Colleen
wall i work in the culinary arts department that’s a pleasure to be here my name is Don Trickett i am in the
Communication Studies department thank you hello I’m Paul it Baumgardner or not
each computer and office study hello my name is Chris Young and i’m in
the culinary arts department good evening I’m Gina Valentino and i’m
in the English department leaving Damen Skinner teach metal
fabrication in the trades industrial technology department good evening my name is Katie heat and
smith and i teach psychology and social sciences evening my name is Shawn
densest and I teach history and social sciences hello my name is michael robertson I
teach anthropology and social sciences good evening my name is Brian Garcia and
i’m in English department good evening my name is John Craig and
I’ve been placed in the computer and office Studies department good evening my name is Ted Thor DSPs
counseling is a pleasure meeting all of you evening my name is John hurry and I
teaching psychiatric nursing in the registered nursing program my name is Tamara fry and i’m also in
those three nursing department in medford hello my name is Megan compost
and I teach in the reading department good evening my name’s rich sticker
allied health medical assisting good evening i’m genie for countin and I
teaching the vocational nursing and the allied health department’s hi there my
name is Melanie leavey and I teach in the reading department hello aaron barr psychology and social
sciences before closing I would like to give special thanks to the senior office
assistant Catherine Conchata lovingly refer to all of us as Catherine the
Great she attended lbcc end up she’s attended
lbcc and served as a president’s ambassador prior to earning her degree
from UC Berkeley i am fortunate to have such a talented faculty professional
development teammate on behalf of the new faculty i would like to again thank
superintendent president oakley you join us the first morning event orientation
and you shared your vision for long beach city college and for the work to
be done throughout the state wide community college system i truly hope
that before you leave us in december that you will join us again during the
semester for more in-depth conversations they were well received and they’re
anxious to have you again for the many hours over the summer over the spring
semester and into the summer spent in interviews a huge thank you to dr. Terry
long vice president of academic affairs if i was going to vegas with her i bet
where she bet because she knows how to pick so I’m really grateful for the
outstanding selection of this new group of faculty lBCC’s comprehensive faculty
professional development program is due to the ongoing support and the
commitment of karen kane the press didn’t of the Academic Senate your
leadership and friendship inspire me finally I would like to acknowledge the
efforts of board secretary Jackie hon for her behind-the-scenes efforts to
arrange for us to be on tonight’s agenda as always Jackie thank you ladies and
gentlemen worth the wait 28 i’m gerry and would it be too much to
ask you to read the names of the people who are not here is that too difficult ok I just checking thank you i normally I would do that I
don’t I i have no cheat sheet okay very good oh this is Jackie Jackie
schedule thank you john wants us to the end I know and then Jana calling your
next ok so this is a team effort Jackie and I
know John is here which is here ok a patricia life sciences is not here
but she’s not here carrie Ann pike communication studies
Vanessa christman Peralta history and political science Walter hammer walled English journalism
Matthew atkinson history and political science ok he’s here Jonathan charette
kinesiology Thank You Damon oh no demons here Julie
schneider trades in industrial joy okay thank you very much for that Thank
You jackscrew favor on now John Pope how do you want to handle this you want the board to come down you want
to stand where he was yeah yeah yeah so you don’t astok crutch ok but maybe they need to know they got
away ok the difference I think do this yeah yeah moving around now yeah yeah thank you I just wanted to say
congratulations and i had the pleasure of meeting you many of you at the reception and welcome
to the college’s anybody else wish to make remarks I trust easier than I I’d
like to echo president back serious remarks and welcome you i like the way
Jerry put it welcome to the family we are a family
here and it’s a pleasure having you join us you’re going to love it here there’s
going to be a good a lot of good times i’m sure and congratulations to Terry
and Karen for being involved in the process and click hired one of the 28 as
well so congratulations greater said whoever was involved with all those that
were involved but thank you i present longer the obviously we’re thrilled to
have you here that I was trying to find I have a picture in the early 2005-6
somewhere in there where we had probably five or six full-time faculty members
and one with the old place we used to meet and to have this large of a group
and i think you said the number 118 new faculty members here that is a
tremendous influx of of new blood to the college and so that is people can look
good bad indifferent it is exciting and hopefully it’s exciting for all of you
only hope this to be nothing but everything you wish for hope for will
actually happen and so thank you all very much and it’s really a pleasure to
be here it is nice to see when we hire new to full-time faculty members and all
the courses that were represented very exciting and it’s a lot better than
having just a few i love to see that because that mean things are going a lot
better than it was back in the day so anyway congratulations you all and and
enjoy and none of you are having courses this evening so okay people are you are
well let you go again maybe at seven o’clock trustee Otto just very briefly
you represent with the colleagues it have joined you in the last two years
over a third of the entire faculty and it’s a it’s
inspiring and and makes me smile that we have so many new faces and we’ve got 850
million dollars to spend on new buildings and improvements and we hope
you’ll all be a part of the decisions to remove this College forward what you
will learn if you haven’t spent much time here before is that this community
loves this college and embraces it in ways that are very rare in the community
college world and we’re looking to to work with that and you and
congratulations a trustee my little to the worth the wait 28 welcome thank you
for being here I did have a great pleasure of meeting
some of you I i attended a couple of your meetings on those orientation days
i was very happy to do that also I i would like to thank the board
president Baxter for asking that those the names of the faculty members who
could not be here also be recognized particularly because we we have one
faculty member who was hired full time to replace the a full-time position in
the journalism program that we haven’t had for many years so that makes me very
proud Roger and we have a female welding instructor Julie and I thought that’s
very notable so I commend this group I welcome you and I just want to give you
one little bit of advice you know a month from now when it’s tough to get to
class and you know students and you have a stack of papers to grade and a lot of
stuff to do just remember why you’re here remember this day carry the excitement
of the state with you and and just always be reminded that you’re here to
inspire students so welcome and enjoy thank you thank you for coming this
evening and thank you jerry Florence for doing an outstanding job ok 2.8 we are doing of the agenda
trustee baxter president master I’d like to propose that we hear from the
bargaining units first if we can reorder the agenda so they can be heard for
sooner than at the end of the meeting got appreciate that I just a one-time
request over now yeah okay the three unit representatives here or
maybe those who are present is your 1 margin a deer come on forward Karen’s
here is going on here okay so it’s the one that is not here shows up later yeah we can hear at that time ok i don’t
know what the time limit is our time with that took five minutes five minutes okay Jade would you like port or Karen
whoever gets here first you have little children you can walk i’ll have fast
evening board and president oakley administrators faculty staff students
everyone else in attendance I forgot my cheat sheet in my car
grabbed the wrong set of papers but anyway so let’s see thinking of my order well I’ll go out of order so we changed our name to lbcc fa so that
stands for long beach city college faculty Association rep council voted on
that last Friday so we have to complete some paperwork with CTA to make that
official so we’re transitioning to lbcc fa also a red council meeting on Friday
we voted to partner with trustees Baxter and Zia on the topic of the homeless
student population so if she has not already Emily gehrman will be reaching
out to you she’s going to be our a point of contact
so we were unsure about exactly what this entails so I said they probably
have some ideas of what helped you might need from us so we’re taking that on
with you and let’s see a prop 55 is on the ballot in November just mentioning
that one that’s the extension of the prop 30 funds and just want to make it a
notice out there to everybody watching that that’s something that LBC cfa and
CTA encourages us to vote YES on to support these continued funds and in
addition prop 58 is the proposition on bilingual education this is also something that states ETA
is taking a pro stance on so we encourage that so also the we have sunshine our document for
negotiations I see it’s on the agenda for tonight’s meeting and the district
has as well we look forward to working with the district through the
negotiations process we had a meeting today with our faculty and have another
one tomorrow we’re kind of reaching out to make sure that what we are asking for
at the table and is reflective of what our faculty desire so we also did a
survey this summer on basically questions connected to the contract so
we feel were ready for the negotiations process to convene after the next board
meeting hopefully and again I think the last thing i want to mention is that CCA
I’m sorry lbcc fa wants to you know be a part of the the process you all know
that we know we have a role in the screening committee we just you know 12
a trustee baxter remind you that we want to be involved in the process and
consulted every step of the way and including but not limited even to if
there’s going to be an interim president president we love to be consulted our
constituent groups would as well as reviewing the consultant list and the
search criteria for next president so without my cheat sheet i believe i’ve
covered it thank you thank you Karen average oh by
the way a million years ago of the union was known as the Faculty Association so
it’s kind of interesting there’s a that Fitzgerald who is up in heaven was a
long time ago good evening superintendent president
oakley board president Baxter and members of the board of trustees and
thank you for accommodating us i was i brought my my pajamas and my sleeping
bag i was prepared this way to the end wow I wanted just to give
a brief report on some of the things that have been going on with the
part-time faculty so we had a very successful orientation in August um probably had about a hundred and
sixty-five participants at the part-time faculty orientation this is probably the
fourth year i would say $PERCENT of the orientation and it’s a a perfect time
for all new and returning part-time faculty to learn everything that they
basically need to know about working here and to just really get in touch
with some great resources to help them along during the semester I really want
to thank Vice President Terry long for getting that organized and all of those
who gave presentations every one from John car and payroll you know so it’s
really quite great information is so very helpful many part-time faculty were
invited and included in the pre-college day event on the strategic plan
organized by karen kane and even bag and Karen approached me and said she would
like to include some part-time faculty how could we sort of strategize around
that so we looked at those part-time faculty who have been serving on
committees who had shown up at some strategic plan meetings already have
been in the leadership academy and got invitations to them to attend the
strategic plan event and that was great very successful we had some very
positive comments on college day at our constituents meeting from those
part-time faculty and the ones who hadn’t been included where were kind of
like wait we want to be included too so we’re working together to see if there’s
a way that we can make that happen we’re in negotiations we had our first
negotiations meeting this is successor negotiations so we’re going to be in bargaining for a long time but
practically every topic on the contract i expect that we’ll all be able to work
together really well and I’m sure you know this by now but Jeanne Durand in
really loves candy and chocolate and so he brought in chocolate peanut covered
chocolate Eminem’s which was that’s my favorite I don’t know how we knew that but so I’m
sure as the months go on probably get a little bit larger pic look there
hopefully not just have to keep doing my walking anyway that’s all i have to
report on behalf of chai so thank you thank you okay too . on asp president’s report hello good evening so this past week we had joined a club
day was a major success both at LACC and pc i personally witnessed a lot more
student involvement than usual as the three years that I’ve been here I
haven’t seen that much student traffic we were happy to see trustee malu trust
the auto president oakley and vice president Peter for coming out to
support we passed our water bottles sunglasses as well as sure to promote
our new and prevent website called nordic sink formerly known as or think
we also tried something new with our social media by having a jail filter on
the ESPYs snapchat account and we plan to keep using it to promote other ASB
events though the Geo filters kinda like a thing based off location I it’s like a little filters as long
beach city college join the club day but yeah it’s really cool you’re talking to the wrong group go see
a lot i felt the need to explain a little bit so we’ve pc what we have will
be observing constitution day on sep tember 15 they’re gonna be passing out
pocket constitutions as well as free ice cream so we’d appreciate it if you
stopped by special election for treasurer will be held this week I’ll be
students can vote online on the fourteenth and fifteen applications for
a new representative representative of athletics are also being accepted this
week and we hope to interview and make an appointment with the next two cabinet
meetings charging stations for students are being installed at PCC thanks to
barnes and noble grant from the last semester and I believe they’re starting
this week on that the cabinet approved the SB budget for 2016 2017 school year
primary item changes within the budget is the application of a line item for
spirit rallies at viking athletic events and one year increase for athletics as
well as signage improvement for the LHC’s college center which has already
increased in traffic in the Student Life area mostly providing signs that make
the e building look attractive so students can come in and get more
involved and that’s in my report okay thank you is your constitution
meeting the US Constitution or the HP Constitution it’s okay and it’s tricky i
think the students should be congratulated because they ate 575 hot
dogs in and our that was a record ok 2.1 public comments either no zero ok
there are no what card for public comments so we will continue on 3.1
Student Success a long beach college promise innovation award and dr.
Peterson and dr. long will give us the overview please yes board president Baxter as an
introduction this is again the series of topics that were bringing to the board
on student success it’s been well over a year since we last talked about the
college promise and the progress that we’re making as it relates to the 5
million dollars of investment we got through the award for innovation higher
education dr. long and dr. Peterson have been working with the team from long
beach unified and cal state long beach and ask them to come here today and talk
about their progress they’ve made tremendous progress and some some
wonderful developments that will continue to smooth the pathway for
students coming from k all the way through long beach state
so with that alternate over to the dynamic duo thank you president oakley
so we’re going to give a little bit of an overview of what the problem is and
then talk a little bit about the promise and then specifically about the award
and what we did for the last year since we received the innovation award so the
problem is nationwide but as far as California goes we are on track to have
a shortfall of bachelors attaining college graduates the forecast is that
we will be 1.1 million workers short by the year twenty thirty

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