15 thoughts on “LBCCD – Board of Trustees Meeting – September 12, 2018

  1. As usual the the wall of silence over my students discipline case resulting restraining order extension stay away order
    With lack of due process protection of rights as a disabled student in hearing process lack of investigation of details and background of the case that could reveal intentional or unintentional wrongdoing by english department professors department head dean of language arts student discipline affairs support services president and board of trustees of long beach city college no discipline problems exist on my record in any other department than English and no student discipline violations at any other college i have attended think about that so board get off your bums uncover your your hands from your eyes ears and mouths thanks to long beach city college i have little desire left to succeed and find it almost too stressful to mentally function in class but still do though it may seem as emotionally harsh as french foreign legion boot camp
    Long beach city college has lost the fun joy passion and imagination that once existed at this campus it is too regimented
    Never threatened anyone did yell twice code of conduct is outdated reflective of high school not university standards details of complaints never investigated or verified if lucky enough to get a class with miss hund or mcmurray there is no reason to be a douche mental health behaviour intervention team might have helped in my situation in m207 and p building i was in the right of the issue of being legally allowed in the classroom but my way of dealing with it might be questionable for lack of judgement

  2. Board member ntuk put your money where your mouth is and get me reinstated to long beach city college or bringing community back to community college is bullshit
    Sunny zia is always hot

  3. Since i am no longer a student i can say what i want about all of you
    Lgbtq until recently were never feeling totally welcome transgender students are still treated poorly by lbcc but situation is improving

  4. Travel budget savings if part of austerity to reduce deficit makes,no sense in actual context may not be connected you should be frugal whether or not there is a deficit austerity never works stop using conservative narrative community colleges are more socialist than capitalist institutions to serve societal not the agenda of corporate interests the deficit is more the fault of the state and not the college

  5. Lgbtq professors and students have always had a difficult time at lbcc lgbtq history month is a good idea but lgbtq acceptance should be a constantly vigilant pursuit not just one month and you have long way to go in support and acceptance of transgender students keep working at it

  6. Long beach city college foundation gave me $500 scholarship when i was about to be suspended so i did the honourable thing and returned
    If i become famous dont consider me alumni but i would donate anyway

  7. I have issues with college
    But facts numbers beat animosity amd political disagreement any day foundation appears to be doing well

  8. Small donor numbers should be easier to display from foundation accountant and it should work on this
    Scholarship diversity good question ntuk

  9. Rent control no hard credit checks affordable housing = less homeless students
    More help from homeless students from all levels of resource foundation could address this issue more but it was not part of its original mission but could add this on

  10. Salaries for foundation employees are based on long term timeline of week month etc. So would not be paid for time specific to event so would not be on expense for event salary is not a wage zia if wage employees iy would be an expense item related to event

  11. Lbcc needs mens and womens wrestling team if reinstated i will volunteer
    If i had a choice it would join a league that wrestles free style
    I would probably be only one attending matches

  12. Since i cant attend games due to not being allowed on campus youtube the games live please beer hotdogs will be ready to watch on my roku

  13. I will make more detailed comments about lbcc athletics when i see all 3 presentation but i like presentation which demonstrates inclusiveness and overcoming illness and disability

  14. When board leaves time to speak on budget would 2 people draw shortest straws then flip a coin to debate different sides for 5 min each no response was pathetic

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