LBCCD – Board of Trustee Meeting – October 28, 2014 – Part 1

See okay but call to order the Board of
Trustees meeting for the Long Beach Community College District
September 28 2014 madam secretary do we have to call roll officially no we do that all rights charges will call to order is
our any public comments meant sector that we have items listed for a
closed-door session no the record record there are none so we’re then going to the items will be I’m I think a session peak
complies with their state negotiations pursuant to Government Code section 5 49 by 6.8 los coyotes diagonal properties and
negotiation pursuant to Government Code journey a
hefty negotiation update and CC a negotiation update question comes from
to the board we will recess to approximately five
o’clock worthy for trustees for you can thank
you me is recessed at this time

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