LBCCD – Board of Trustee Meeting – May 10, 2016 – Part 4

and I appreciate what what you’re
suggesting I think it’s very difficult because these projects are so dynamic in
any given year over the course of any project there can be change orders which
of course come to the Board for approval there are you almost have to read every
single board meeting give a report on what the status of everything is and I’m
not so sure that that’s what the public once if we can make a recommendation
that it be done a certain amount of frequency that’s one thing when I write
I know you have a plan and you try and execute your goal is to execute that
plan that the only thing you know with absolute certainty is it’s not gonna go
exactly the way the plan was done twenty years before but I just wanted to make
sure that it was in there where we’re doing things badly now it’s just that
you want more information thank you president Arturo I’m certainly not
suggesting there were doing anything there’s anything wrong here I’m
suggesting good there we continue our effort and make it even more visible on
the spending though we do here at our college district and demonstrate there
were being responsible for example if we have a change order this is just as by
way of trying to make a point in that change order perhaps having a line item
that discusses how we’re doing compared to the originally set budget or the
master plan is just a matter of a line item to track our budget as we initially
set out in this master plan or when the budget gets adopted for each project
that’s just the simple suggestion that I for not just our benefit as the more I
certainly would be interested and then also the public I think would be nice to
have that visibility to see how we’re doing compared to the original budget
was set for the projects as it leaves out in this plan to do that would be to
form a committee board to consider ways if necessary that we could improve even
use that word that we can keep track of how we’re doing these projects and and
and then come to the board with suggestions if he about would think so
that would be great perhaps the facilities oversight
committee would be fantastic that way to be more with ger just in the Oversight
Committee do we have board members participate in the know the the
Oversight Committee is established by code proposition 39 that was passed so
we have a a seven member board that represents various constituent groups
throughout the city so it’s very specific on that there is not a board
member on the citizens Oversight Committee couples subjects showing us
how come back to this document this one that runs till people may wonder insight
I just want to put a little bit of a plug not necessarily questions that when
when people ask us especially with you have a a ballot measure sitting out
there and to simplify this what are you going to spend that money on it is it may change a little bit in the
sequence in but this is what we do as far as a college on how we’re going to
spend the money now the question comes up about we have matching funds from the
state which does not really exist anymore I think the last time that list
of projects before the state of california is probably over 400 among
the hundred thirteen community colleges I’m speculating on that but I know it’s
it’s an unrealistic number that’s never going to be fulfilled the reason I
mention that is that is why you see the local community college districts where
the city california go out for a local bond this is the way the community
colleges are funny to the assistance of the property owners in the voters of
their their service area to upgrade their facilities our campuses because in
the old system where it used to be through the state of California would
allocate money doesn’t really exist anymore so its forces community colleges
they do want to modernize and upgrade they they do the local bars now
regardless of that is still required to do this planning document among others
and it was essentially is it out so that I think for the reason this discussion
has his time I simply because we do have a ballot measure coming out people do
ask you very good question how you want to spend that money some very legitimate
question I’d be asking it as well as we all do and so this plan essentially lays
that out and so people have questions looking at it and so on so forth and so
it was it’s well done there’s always questions and it’s a good question came
up at all push back on the building were actually
sitting in right now as far as the process this building when it was
referred to have one time in this community this is the driving range
remembers were used because the driving range but it was informal driving range it
wasn’t illegal driving range but many things about this place but during that
process of that that construction to the answer to trustees year and others about
issues that would come up during that process and it would come to the board
for to be addressed there were some issues with contractors and so on during the process during that time I’m
so there’s always a checks and balances obviously transparency issue and of
course every meeting we see change orders as it comes forward but that
example years ago when this building was under construction many times we did
have items come before the board to address issues that come up during the
construction process of it but again back to the original in this facility
master plan it does go out a long kurta time because hopefully this bond will be
able to take care of those type of issues for the next month or next few
generations and how it will be spent so talking meant well done the people that put together and very
informative and very helpful but most importantly it’s a roadmap that explains
how we’re going to spend taxpayer dollars and a very very specific way and
so so I can get one for up to it by the way that is also part of the interview a
planning process for colleges that they as was mentioned are certain type of
legalities that you need to do these things and but it’s even more important
for us right now so that’s why the timing was was perfect on how we move
forward and hopefully future how are you can upgrade and modernize the london
City college campuses so well done questions comments established facilities are coming out later time or is that something you like
to think we should we should confer with with our staff and figure out the best
way to do it and do it but plans can we thank you very much I think he’s a very
good rapport and thank you and timely I Q seven what’s going on on
June 7 ok 8.2 the president you need to take action and just easier second by
trustee Archuleta call vote Archuleta I Virginia Baxter
Jeff Kellogg Delgado said he’s here I unanimously a point to the 2015 1630
quarter budget performance report I think if vice president Gables going to
give this report to if she is one more report tonight we will arrest you for
loitering I think you that’s why I had other folks do the other two
presentations so you didn’t have to hear me all night long yes i believe i won that seeing it
though okay so it’s my pleasure to go over the
third quarter budget performance report and I was gonna bring it up so that we
can follow all those of you in the audience can kind of follow along when
I’m referring to so here on the first page this is as of March 31st 2016 and
we are going over the unrestricted general fund so you see there that we
have the adopted budget the current budget and basically what the current
budget means that is all of the budget adjustments that
have been approved by the Board as of March 31st the the dollar amounts are
reflected in the current budget we show the actual activity as of March 31st
2016 and then we’re trying to do a projection on where we think we’re going
to end the year at June 30 at the 2016 and then show the variances both in
dollar amount and percentage between the current budget in the projected year-end
amounts so kind of focusing there in the center of the page on state
apportionment this is the largest amount of revenue that comes into the district
is based upon our full-time equivalent students and so you can see there that
we’re currently projecting we’re going to receive a hundred and ten point four
million dollars which is about $475,000 more than our current budget the reason
for that additional revenue is just a change in the mix of the FTEs between
our non credit and our enhanced non-credit as the Board may recall the
enhanced nine credit is paid at a higher rate than our non-credit FTS and so we
have changed over and converted some of our classes to enhanced vs nine credit
to take advantage of the additional revenue there the next line item is
prior-year recalculation so what that represents is based upon our annual 320 report so
that’s our annual report where we provide our full-time equivalent
students we revised that amount back in November so that we can try to capture
as much growth as possible in our fiscal year 1415 revenues now this isn’t paid
to us until March of 2016 but this is the prior-year recalculations so weakly
and 367 additional FTEs in our 14 15 year and then there was also a decrease
in the deficit factor of about 0.3% so those two items combined are providing
the district with an additional 1.9 million dollars so overall we’re
projecting about two and a half million in additional state apportionment going
down to the bottom here if you can see right the next second to the last line
that says hers on behalf of payments this is something that is new this
quarter and this is the based upon the direction from the chancellor’s office
we now have to reflect the amount of money that the state is paying on behalf
of our employees towards their stores contributions and you’ll see that we
show this as our revenue but we also show this exact same amount as an
expenditure so it has no impact on our ending fund balance but it is something
that we have to reflect both the revenue and expenditures that something new for
this period and one was passed in this is the first time we’ve had to take that
into consideration I will be at Willoughby ongoing yes the chancellor’s
office advisory came out in March and so that’s why we’re reflecting it in our
March 31st financial statements this is the first time that we’ve ever had to do
it and it will be ongoing from this point forward we got another two and a half million in
state revenue and we’re having to the book 2.5 million more that they have
your relationship to one another in our unrestricted general fund in
expenditures yes yes ok so moving down to the next page froze up on me like a
ton of other changes in local revenue so overall our total revenue you see there
that we are projecting a hundred and thirty three point eight million that’s
about five million more than than what the current budget is in again
it’s the state apportionment as well as the stars on behalf of payments is the
primary reason for the increase in revenue so now moving down to page three
on the expenditure side you’ll see we have the academic salaries as of March
31st we were projecting a savings of about $186,000 academic salaries I will
say that this projection does not include any estimate for the tentative
agreement that was just signed with CCA today so when we get to year-end these
numbers will increase for the academic salaries looking at the classified
salaries we are currently projecting a savings of about 1.1 million dollars as
we know the classified staff both on the management side in the staffing stymied
is more influx and so we do generate savings throughout the year for vacant
positions that come up and just the link the time it takes before we get those
positions filled so we have a savings there on the benefits I’d typically when
you have salary savings you’re gonna see a savings and benefits however due to
the stores on behalf of payment that two and a half million dollars that we
already discussed as well as a change in our actuarial valuation of our retiree
benefits obligation that went up by two point two million dollars and so the the
two of those combined are the result of why were showing an increase of just
under four point two million dollars for benefits on to the next page working very well on
the supplies and materials we’re currently projecting a savings of about
$171,000 this is for the most part in the other supplies and it’s just based
upon the fact that the departments aren’t finding everything that has been
allocated and so we’re showing a savings they’re the same is true for the
services contract services and operating expenses at this point in time we’re
projecting about a 1.9 million dollar savings in that line item and again this
is our best estimate at this point in time we took into account purchase
orders that have been entered as well as requisitions that had been entered and
anticipating what is going to be spent but you see that we will have some
savings now a lot of the money that isn’t contract services and expenses
will carry over into the next year cuz that’s part of our one-time mandated
costs fund allocation so you’ll see later on that were set aside about 1.2
million there that will carry over into the 16 17 fiscal year so then moving on
to the next page on page five again the total capital outlay at this point in
time are projecting a savings of just under one point for just over one
million dollars the majority of that is going to carry over into the next year
and will be spent in 1617 so there towards the bottom total expenditures
and other outgo we have a savings of 209,000 or projecting to spend a total of the
hundred and thirty 1.5 million dollars which will create a surplus or an
estimated surplus at this point in time of 2.6 million dollars bringing the
ending balance to 28.2 million as I said on the reserves you can see here we have
reserved for one-time mandated costs carry-over that’s what some of the
savings were in the fives and sixes it’s about 1.2 million dollars the other thing that will be in the
budget in 1617 is this line item here the hiring the 25 new faculty and again
as I mentioned previously these numbers do not include the cost for the
tentative agreement that was signed today so that concludes my report any
questions questions from members of the board I i have a question so I know and
were you touched on the five million dollars more in revenue with student per
shipment that’s pretty nice I call it nice found money and I wanted to see
what we’re gonna be doing with these savings are you proposing to do anything
with these found dollars well it’s two and a half million of
additional revenue remember two and a half million of that was the stores on
behalf of payments which is also part of the expenditures so even though we have
five million more in revenues you know we only have to 9,000
expenditures and so they will be spent part of that is the additional amount
required for the retiree benefits at 2.2 million will be spent on that we’re also
hiring 25 new faculty which costs about 2.6 million so so is it five point some
million or is it net 2.45 million the the overall projection of a surplus is
2.6 million dollars right at this point in time ok end of which were going to hire new
faculty and then there was the other we’re gonna hire new faculty and then we
also provided the faculty with an ongoing increase ok so all of that will
be spent on faculty in 1617 ok thank you and also you know I know you touched
other classified salaries was budgeted and their 1.1 million dollars less than
what was budgeted the projections of the negative 4% I really be positions
unfilled or vacant or we working on bringing more classified on board how
why is it that were now we’re not leaving or not intentionally leaving
positions unfilled you know I think when a position becomes vacant we are looking
at it to see do we need to replace the position with the position that left or
do we need to do a reorganization to better meet the needs of what’s needed
at the college at this point in time but we are hiring classified employees it just takes you know three to six
months to fill a vacant position with the hiring processes and getting
everything going so so we propose a to hire those classified the originally
budgeted classified stuff up to 1.1 million dollars within the next few
months are proposing that or how are we gonna be making up that deficit of the
four percent was budgeted versus their projected or the year and it’s really up
to the individual department on how quickly they get a class right position
filled when we create the budget we are budgeting for all of the positions that
have been approved for the an entire district and we’re assuming that those
positions are going to be filled twelve months out of the year so any given
point in time if a classified employee leaves you know in July or August that
position potentially cannot be filled until January and so you have budget
savings that is what we’re showing here on this projection would be budget
savings I i understand that and what i’m saying is that we’re going to be filling
those positions is to the point of 1.1 million in the next few months for the
next quarter as it does get carried over to the next quarter or is it doesn’t
work it’s a point in time so it doesn’t get carried over so when we close the
books that will be the next report that were showing 2 you’re basically the
financial statements as of June 30th we very likely will have savings from what
the budget was compared to the classified salaries that were spent but the
positions will be rolled into 16 17 as a position that is available to be filled ok great thank you thats all I had other
questions from anyone so we’ll move on to 8.3 which is third quarterly
financial status report which is submitted to Sacramento I would
entertain a motion by trustee kellogg secular trustee argue that any further
discussion please virginia Baxter Jeff Keller and Sony’s I a point for
resolution this has to do the student representation fund back in March we
approved and implementation of a $2 student registration $3 of that stays
local at $1 because to the statewide student group do that we have to
establish the student representation fund that’s what this is about we need
to adopt a resolution to do that I would entertain a motion just chill out a
second largest d-backs hear comments discussion question i dont no interest
is not here ASB representative do they have do we
know who does their lobbying and is it possible to get up get a
report on our students are focusing their effort and how they’re it’s been
there spend the student fee on I don’t think they have a lobbyist so they they do do their own advocacy in
Sacramento and certainly am sure the student trustee can bring back a report
to the Board once or twice during their term but they publish you know their
their advocacy talking points so it’s it’s it’s pretty easy to get out so I’m
sure you can bring back a report at some point anyone else please I Virginia
Baxter Jeff Kellogg I i unanimously reports 9.1 Academic Senate President
yes thank you board president Otto when I just backtrack real quickly to items
6.5 it was an informational item I just want to make sure that everyone
understands that this list is a comprehensive list of our programs of
study certificates or degrees and it represents months of work on behalf of
Dean Michelle grams tell men and curriculum church in Helmand in the
curriculum committee painstakingly going through to make sure that all of our
programs of study are in alignment with the cricketer with the chancellor’s
office and this now will be published in our catalog and it may be the first time
in a long time that we have an extremely accurate cattle so I want to compliment
them on the work that they’ve done in the last six months to make sure that
this is accurate and good and also I’d like to point out that you know we’re
still here little remnants of we don’t have trades programs clearly you can see
we offer many many many programs with interests in industrial as well as CTE
programs so I just do a shout out to all the people who put all of that effort
into that document also at our meeting on the Senate meeting on May 26 in
response to the text book affordability act the senate has been talking about open
education resources most of the year and you’ll be getting a
resolution coming forward from the senator was too late to put it on this
agenda but the Senate has overwhelmingly endorse and support open education
resources and now the next step will be for the college planning committee to
form a task force to go forward and figure out a plan for implementation of
OER concludes Maryport president to yes just
briefly i want to congratulate the men’s volleyball team for capturing the state
championship and think the coaching staff student athletes and of course
athletic director who used to be the men’s volleyball coach so this is our
second state championship of the year in addition you know I think the entire
athletic program for just doing a tremendous job this year I think we’ve
been in the playoffs about just about every team this year so it’s been quite
exciting year for LBCC athletics oh my thanks to the entire coaching staff then
just briefly when I think the negotiating teams for CCA and the district in particular our chief
negotiator and Mary gable was done double duty this year but as always you
know we we try to move through negotiations in a responsible way we
don’t get to go up to the podium and make comments about what we’re doing and
not doing but as always we very much respect our employees we try to do the
best to ensure that every group is well represented and fairly compensated and
we will continue to do that and I just want to thank the negotiating teams for
game 2 through this year and reaching a tentative agreement and we look forward
to next year

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