LBCCD – Board of Trustee Meeting – December 8, 2015 – Part 8

so let me let me make a suggestion after
listening to the discussion that we had here I think that there’s a lot of
misunderstanding about what this Corsa what this report is and what this report
is seeking to do and what it leads me to believe is that there was inadequate
outreach to the community to understand what these recommendations are and
what’s behind him for example I heard several comments about this is going to
keep trustees from asking questions about readings and that’s a violation of
their rights the report itself says the trustees always have the opportunity to
ask questions about agenda items of Board of Trustees meetings and I heard
comments about the social media appendix and heard people say you can’t make us
do that we’re not going to abide by that and itself says it’s important to
trustees understand that the guidelines are recommendations only so I’m going to
entertain a motion to continue this item until the meeting on January 26th and
then have a forum here at the college to inform people about what’s going on and
to have a conversation about what these concerns are moved seconded by trustee
backs during seconded by trustee Archuleta that had we continue this item
until the January 26 meeting its only more discussion about this yes I if I may I believe I second that
emotion but for what it’s worth I like to express some of my concerns for the
next meeting and I’ll bring it up again if it shows up quite a bit of of remarks and comments and questions
the last session and I don’t see any of them implemented I also asked for a
legal opinion on this guideline and I don’t have any knowledge of that was
obtained I think there are some good points in this guideline or policy or
whatever recalling this but I think it should be something we continue and if
the committee’s gonna meet up again this should be subject to the brown and so
the public can come and provide their information their import at the
committee meeting prior to the January meeting if there is going to be one made
but you know there’s there’s good improvement suggested here and I
appreciate the committee’s work on it for example you know the website heard
from students i hear all the time about the district’s website I have a hard
time with about seven the first thing I do is gone search and you know I’ve had
friends of mine that have been deterred from signing up with classes here or
scheduling meeting community meetings they’re always great ideas and I price
that I have to eat things about this this current guideline a lot of it was
shared tonight with the faculty staff community members that were here and
some of them have not been shared these these things that are bothering me or
one wow windows scheduling community meetings is a good one means we have to
make sure we must be or we must make sure that it’s not overly political in
our scheduling and execution of them amid I
was very taken back last week when I saw that we had already scheduled our first
community meeting in the heart of board members Archuleta’s area to district
literally days before she files with the city clerk for a challenging re-election
campaign in before the sport has even had an opportunity to formally approve
this agenda items smacks of politics and utilizing taxpayer dollars for a
campaign purposes and quite frankly looks terrible and future community
means should not be scheduled in board members districts right before their
re-election campaigns and I’ll be six months before their re-election
campaigns and second restricting board members in their communication on campus
with individuals and groups who might want to discuss ideas policy issues or
problems with administration or board policies could you say that again part
of that restricting board members in their communications on camp is with
individuals and groups who might want to discuss ideas policy issues or problems
with administration or Bart board policy smacks of micromanagement and big
brother government even in the individual or group wants to meet with
me to share an idea or concern I should have to work through the
superintendent’s office to schedule the meeting and be required to invite all of
my board colleagues to 10 that’s unfair to the group and the individual and
quite frankly goes against our effort here to maintain open communication and
third I have issue with the social media recommended guidelines as have expressed
before they restrict my first amendment and our first amendment right to discuss
opinions on matters pending before the board trustees should be permitted to
use social media as a way to measure constituent period house are we supposed
to seek out the community’s diverse needs and interests and encourage their
participation in helping establish policies as their elected
representatives this action also smacks of
micromanagement and big brother government by one is sent out a tweet or
email regarding my personal opinion as a board member and support or opposition
to something on our board agenda I should be able to do so or if my
constituents want to provide their input there should be able to do so this
suggests I’m sorry I believe I have the floor if
you don’t mind I’ll finish all your back to president Otto and has any questions
you may have all my comments if I want to send out as I mentioned in the
skyline really the suggested guidelines to force the board to all march lockstep
in the same direction at all agenda items is not realistic and quite frankly
way to controlling my constituents of District area three elected me to
personally represent that they did not like to team of individuals nor to
rubber-stamp the superintendent and board president on everything I would
while I support continuing this item I think it’s important that we do it in a
meaningful way and not disregard comments received by the public I’m not
saying we will I’m not questioning anybody’s intact I just like to bring to
your attention let us make this a meaningful process and truly it take
them what the community has given us an act from there on out if the policy if
we end up going with this policy I will not supported and I think it is
absolutely a risk to our district and I’m hoping a mark of my colleagues and
this board will not go forward with the anti democratic and not so transparent
policy and guidelines that really violates the First Amendment thank you
trust your children but I don’t address individual trustees
just I’m sorry I have to respond but you know we’re all entitled to voice our
opinion and every board meeting that I’ve been at your opinion is poised I
think all of our opinions are voiced its just really disheartening how here we’re
working on communication for improving just resting communications and I
continue to hear is how you utilize your constituents and you utilize the faculty
the staff this institution to personalize your agenda again always
forcing your personal agenda without disregard 44 the overall concern of the
institution and it’s it’s amazing to me how I think that is positive taking the college to the community was
a positive effort to place a lot of time and I would say that the reason why it
was taken to Midas trick was because this was an idea that I percent it just
as the idea that you percent it in terms of serving the homeless community you
brought that it was a wonderful initiative we all supported you didn’t
come to us to ask for approval for consent you did it because it was
something that you felt was important to you this activity that was held in my
district was something that I felt was important to my district no different
than what you have done but yet you continue to plant that seed of discord
and this board no matter what more does to try to improve you will always find something negative
to bring forth so I don’t know how we can function with an individual that
continues to make everything negative and in terms of these recommendations
that we have put forth these are recommendations and if you look at other
community college districts they have very similar guidelines in regulation so
what we have presented here show you ok we we can find other you know community
colleges but no as a matter of fact my own district that I came from we have
the same practices in fact yes it is a courtesy to inform the president of the
college that a board member is coming to the institution it’s a sign of respect
to the position of their individual it’s good business practice maybe something
you’re not familiar with but that is what it is but it’s just amazing to me
how you continue to always plan that distrust and and put things out there
that this institution is is doing something wrong if there’s wrongdoing
going on basically because you want to make a
point and I it saddens me that you be continued to behave in that manner month after month item in this agenda and you would
probably start and I i would support that motion the lady Adam over what I i
just want to apologize but sometimes people come in during the process and
they me they say well you know your grade antidemocratic no I’m not I want
to highlight your first too many rights no I do not really don’t want to put out
this information when this was at these stages of college address last January
when I requested that day at ad-hoc committee led by then vice president
supported by because that was the only other existing incumbent and then they
asked us the archer letter because of her background as a vice president at a
community college it was to take a lot of issues my apologies if you don’t want
to hear this historical but there is no importance to it because it was a
communication was very broad one trustee was looking at the communications
internally among the trustees some of us were looking at how we communicate
externally with our different constituents groups that’s where the
social media or other ways that came about from the past few years about how
we can do a better job in the traditional way of communicating in the
bygone here had changed dramatically so this document really has many things in
it and it was a challenging document I have no problems later over to get more
but I two more information to get more information out to people to give them a
comfort level because the comments about and sometimes at a college you don’t
sometimes see what other colleges do many of these what we talked about here
as was mentioned by trustee Archuleta is that it’s just entering best practices
it does not violate your first met right it does not say that you is
elected official cannot speak and I think that’s probably have yet to come
across an elected official that I’ve had the ability to say you’re not gonna talk
elected officials are elected by their constituencies they are going to
communicate but we’re trying to have to wear people understand what what the
practices are how we can communicate better more efficiently because if you
have for example not the years trying to limit individuals comments but to have
from the board a communication flow through a person this case the board
chair that will help communicate probably just more effectively but it’s
not intended ever to sit there and violate any one or first amendment
rights free speech eccentric center so here people trying to connect those dots
it sometimes is unfortunate it happens but if we come back in January I hope
some of the answers Can Can some of the questions can be answered but I also
don’t want to overlook the good work that many people in many different areas
the weekend people have even forgotten or maybe they haven’t forgotten we did a
large survey out in a community how we can better communicate so the whole
intent was better communications from this board to the to the greater
community that would this College serves and so I just am a bit disappointed in
some comments because as we heard something about during the during the
political season that suddenly things stop because I heard all those great
buzz words and political in today’s political environment big brother is
really not a new term it’s an old term but how we do things with government I
would just say to that I’m elected official I’m gonna speak i cant stop
speaking because I’m going into a re-election that’s not my choice adjust
the election cycle I deal with but I’m still do the business I have as a
trustee elected to do the job and to suddenly tried to manage those areas i
think is just as as inappropriate as trying to say that to an elected
official you can’t speak your consistency but I just don’t want to
have it lost on people making a jump to suddenly these larger issues that I
think are just trying to probably he gets into political season I understand
that but I should we try to stay away from that as much as we can I think
we’ve been actually very good job as a governing board and so in January when
come back hopefully these meetings which it is intended to have community come
out have some interaction with them on trying to answer the questions but made
the comments I heard here today are just not true now you may feel it and that’s
why we’re gonna lay beside him over but your information is lacking on what
we’re trying to achieve here and what’s actually doing what we’re actually
trying to accomplish but again we’re not trying to be anti-democratic and nothing
in here really will point to that unless you want to and it’s not trying to be violating the
first amendment rights and I never will and again I’ll leave it with this trust
me I’ve never seen anyone successfully tell an elected official they cannot
talk that’s always going to be the way we communicate with a constituency and I
don’t think anything in here was trying to limit that we’re just trying to as I
started a very complex issue with many different opinions from many different
members of this governing board on how we can better communicate and this is
what they came up with his committee and I commitment for that and I support
leonard over but I want people to get suddenly that this is something that
it’s not and I heard that many times and I would love to be a 2011 where you came
up with some of those information system you in the public the jump to that I
felt confident that there would be easy debate on when we are trying to
communicate better with the community not worse think president I have some
comments just easier thank you as I stated in my opening remarks I don’t
think this is a bad guy line interest has three flood areas I think there was
good portions as I mentioned about the newsletter about the website all of
which were in the recommendations of our communication consultant I want to make
it better that’s the in timed and to go against
what we came up with it or board retreat to treat each other with civility and
respect I think you clearly demonstrated his Archuleta that you didn’t do that I
wasn’t attacking anybody I’m not using personal politics is and as I said it’s
not questioning anybody’s interned I think we need to make this better and
more meaningful that’s why I welcome the public participation in January and it’s
really distaste for I have to say to hear your remarks and you know it’s that is discouraging you write this
document professors and broadcast that its winning highest emphasis on
transparency now if somebody can to share their criticism of the talk about
what does that say about the author III really questioned that and I welcome
input from the public we should make the dish is called it democracy matter of
course I’m going to reach out to my constituents and not only willingly but
gladly I of course I’m gonna get the internal stakeholders input if they want
to share it with me which they have and with the rest of this board it’s called
the democracy welcome to America not solely have their comments present my mind is not a cabin I miners
asking a favor when I reread this several times today referred to this
study that was presented at the April 15 2015 board meeting and I looked all over
my office and i cant find a copy of this study could is it possible before I
re-try to receive that copy the electronically or some other way so that
I could reread it absolutely sure that that happens ok but neither can we get
it before the January meeting not the retreat as the regime maybe next year it
has been moved and seconded that this matter be put over to be january 26
meeting and that we have a forum public forum on this subject before that
meeting all in favor color all I did not have the information but the form you
want that in the restoration so I heard that the Board of Trustees layover the
recommendations submitted by the Board of Trustees ad-hoc Committee on
communications and a public forum and then a public forum be held before or before the January 26 meeting to
discuss these issues just to clarify what are we saying that we’re gonna have
two meetings or we saying we’re going to have a forum during the board meeting
before the board meeting again have a form before the board meeting so we can
get input and then we’re going to have a board meeting on the 26 schedule though the forum in and widely
publicize it I’m sorry point of order just to clarify and this this this
meeting because with the Brown Act etcetera this is going to be the ad hoc media
savvy just form trustee area needs to be noticed it can be noticed we know how to
do that we do that on a regular basis and so is it of the ad hoc committee
that will be leading this or is it we were talking about having a meeting of
the entire board of trustees that was my question I might my assumption is this
was going to be a meeting of the ad hoc committee can we make it subject to the
pope the the Brown Act without saying yeah Brown Act ad-hoc committees are not
subject to the ground in this case because you receiving input on an action
item it must be agenda and noticed my recommendation to the board would be you the public forum and the same days
aboard being but that’s up to you all because we’re going to have to have a
quorum of the board for the form player for Asian this ad hoc committee is not
subject to the brown that because it’s not a standing committee like the audits
thats what trustees year was saying but I think that it is if it concerns in an
item that’s already before the board before the board for any further input
must be received by the full board then it should not be under the end that is
correct it should be under the full Board Secretariat Thank You their
answers my questions and that’s fine it’ll be properly noticed as a full
board meeting are you in favor of go again take a look should I read the ad I
don’t know can you that the Board of Trustees layover the recommendations
submitted by the Board of Trustees Committee on communications until
January 26 2016 and hold a public forum before the meet this meeting and that
the board will hold a public forum board of trustees so we identified the
difference between the and that’s what ok yes the rockingham yes we’re marching by
Jeff Kellogg I don’t answer Necia I okay I think that moved four point three so
we’re moving on to the consent agenda item can be removed from the consent
agenda and considered separately if a member of the Board of Trustees so
requests are there any requests to remove any items from the consent agenda
here in an entertaining motion to approve the consent agenda so moved by
trustees seconded by trustee or chill at any discussion on March 11 Virginia
Baxter I Jeff color and easy I we going to 6.1 which is approval of new board
policy 1005 and the deletion of board policy 5005 a very quick report as to what this is
what I know I believe we skipped I don’t four point three board policy you know i i think that by continuing
this that moody’s said its offer it was a first reading only but we’ll make that
note also come back is that correct as actioner first reading since it is a
separate yeah I mean it’s it’s ingrained in it but it’s in the company he would
come back as a as a first reading because we didn’t consider it s ok so we were 6.1 the approval of new board policy
1005 in the deletion of board policy 5005 presidents who pretend president
can you just give us this day just version of what we’re doing here yes foreperson other readers digest
version is after examining our freedom of speech policy and can carry it to
challenges that have taken place at other colleges and universities we
wanted to make necessary revisions to ensure that freedom of speech procedures match those which most
colleges and universities are having to adapt to ensure that the public has
every opportunity possible to express their views on the public college or
university within the parameters that as long as it does not disrupt teaching and
learning and the operations of the college and I think I heard you say cuz
this was the right thing to do it is always the right thing to do that’s why
we’re here it is an action item can entertain a motion kellogg seconded by trustee Baxter to
approve a new board policy and delete the old board policy they have different
numbers already read any discussion or March 11 Virginia Baxter Jeff Keller 2722 Academic Senate items what a treat
to be dealing with things that have to do with horses and help kids get through it students
get through this is an inactivated forces reporter something from academic
senate President we have three items that are coming before you tonight for
your approval the new an inactivated courses addition to the ger general
education plan and then double counting areas and again I want to just let you
know before you vote that the curriculum committee under the leadership of Kim
hellman has done excellent work this semester in following the call to action
that our president laid out trying to increase efficiencies and streamline the
process and make our curriculum process more nimble and flexible entertain a
motion and 7.1 new and inactivated courses so the trustees yes sir second
second by trustee Archuleta discussion roll call vote police are marching
Virginia Baxter night Jeff Pilon I 7.2 the addition to general education
plans entertain a motion by trustee back serious economic trustee kellogg
discussion roll call vote in March 11 Virginia
Baxter Jeff Keller I sent item 7.3 the double-counting area
C&D with the CSUS history constitution and American ideals graduation
requirement entertain a motion Archuleta trustee kellogg any discussion roll call vote please Archuleta Virginia
Baxter I just moving on to Jenna item 9.1 this is the 2014 2015 district in
Measure E financial and performance audits recommended action action is that
the Board of Trustees receive the following 2014 2015 audit reports first
the district financial audit second the bond financial audit and third the bond
performance audit I see we have our auditors here today is there a
representation that we’re going to do as they would like to introduce our
auditors but first before I do that cuz I know forget at the end of your
presentation I want to thank the staff that work with the auditors on a
day-to-day basis and that’s mr. John Thompson our director fiscal affairs
listen to Baker who is our deputy director finance and accounting and Mr
Barboza our internal auditor so without them I don’t know that our audit would
be a clean audit so I kinda just took your thunder away Gemma and Renee but I do want to
publicly thank them for all their hard work towards so with that I would like
to introduce first to june ski with recently learned Stutzman who will be
giving us the presentation on our financial audit

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