LBCCD – Board of Trustee Meeting – December 8, 2015 – Part 2

welcome everyone to the December meeting
Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees happy holidays this or
is our only meeting in December we have nothing to report out of the closed
session from which we just came and so we are now in the open session and I’m
going to ask trustee kellogg two leaders in the Pledge of Allegiance in the
Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance just one second we’re having technical
difficulties ahead and call role that I’m unable to connect right now ok I’m Archuleta Virginia Baxter president Jeff Kellogg I don’t care send easy here and I would
entertain a motion to approve the minutes of the November 10th regular
Board of Trustees meeting discussion I Virginia Baxter I just calling him two
point six introductions and special announcement I understand we have a
number of individuals who work for the district that are retiring and that some
of those individuals are here tonight so president oakley thank you for president
Otto has our tradition we want to honor those individuals who have served the
district and who have decided to retire and pursue other more much more fun
interests so first let me begin I think some of those individuals here the first
individual has served the college for over 25 years now and as a senior
accountant Debbie cake I said she has basically kept us fiscally sound for
those 25 years both working in fiscal working in working with facilities and
is just been not only a wonderful person but tremendously professional employees
as well I know that she will be sorely missed by her colleagues in fiscal as we
will all miss her so I want to congratulate thank Debbie cake icing on
her retirement for many years when my kids were little
and I really appreciated being able to do that been great and I’m ready to go yes our next retiree has had probably
one of the most difficult jobs on campus having to keep executive vice president
al and Bynum straight but but Elena keith has been with the district for
five years working as an executive assistant to land Bynum it is a very
hectic job and she did it with grace and professionalism and really was just
wonderful asset to the entire Executive Committee as well as my office or want
to thank her for her service I know the way and could not be here tonight but I
know she is probably still recovering from the word that is retiring but we
want to congratulate her and thank her for her service Lena thank you thirty years and this is the next few
individuals i’m talking individual district for seventeen years
as a custodian both of us here at LEC and I believe also at PCC as you sure
you know these are the individuals who day in and day out keep our facilities looking good running
well we hardly ever have a chance of think so unfortunately is not here this
evening but I do want to personally take a moment to thank him for all of his
work for all these seventeen years and for all custodians and everything they
do for us so Pablo is retiring and please join me in congratulating him the next individual who’s retiring
really needs no introduction of anybody spend any time on campus you know this
person especially when he creeps up on you and been here for about half an hour
but it’s always good Elliott rock professor of political
science at decided to retire after 24 years of service and you know as usual
there are certain personalities and characters that really make Long Beach
City College what it is and Elliot certainly fits right into that mold and
I know I will miss him as I walk around campus was always a treat to talk to and
he’s not here to thank him for his service so please join me in
congratulating and then last but not least picky n
wells is retiring professor of registered nurses are nursing department
it is one tough bunch of faculty and she’s she’s a tough one as well and has
done tremendous work with our students in in the nursing program she served as
for 23 years I know she will be sorely missed by her colleagues as well as all
of her students so thank you again for all of your service in please join me in
a round of applause Ariz honor some athletic accomplishments this fall
semester is our athletic director of athletics Randy Couture period president board president Arturo and
members of the board I want to thank you for this opportunity to recognize our
student-athletes are coaches of our 2015 men’s water polo state championship team to better do so I’d like to bring up and
introduce our head coach Dave casa dave has been a part of our aquatics
program for 15 years during his tenure he has been a part of seven state
championships for with men’s water polo 3 with women’s water polo he’s been
honored ten times as South Coast Conference Coach of the Year and most
recently was honored for his performances by share as men’s water
polo coach and women’s water polo codes for the conference as well as State
coach of the year for his accomplishments so thank you Dave
wonderful team members here but these guys are just a tremendous group of guys
and I bring them up come up with at the college here are athletic
director ready to tour department heads and academics and it carried caning
Casey cook our athletic counselor working leary student success
coordinator counselor and everything for a team Mary Hegarty our training staff
marry off and many others are si te Chris Ruiz all those people made a
tremendous role these student-athletes to have his championship towards their
success so we are urging staff and student at Leeds really appreciate all
the help it was an amazing year for us if I had one word to describe this team
would be resilient no matter what was thrown at us highs lows objections referee trouble injuries they came through when it
mattered and these are the kind of guys that do that the classroom as well many of these members are members of the
I’m gonna marry the three C to A State Academic Team of the Year last year in
the swimming team and I think we have a great chance of doing that in the fall
as well this year these are guys that worked really hard
in the pool in the weight room and also in the classroom and I’m extraordinarily
proud and honored to be their coach their special group of guys they really
are a brief review of our championship game we were the number two team in
state going in buying the number-one dreaded Golden West and they’re our
rivals agreed program we had lost them four out of five times that game by a
combo of 12 goals and they they just went for it we came out 622 whatever I
said in the pregame speech I unfortunately didn’t write it down
because they responded dramatically and shocked shocked everyone there and
Goldenwest came roaring back and tied the game in the third quarter we were down two
goals in the fourth quarter with four minutes left and probably only had five
possessions left we scored the same gentleman scored 12 time when I’m sorry
122 tie and then we went to overtime in the only goal in overtime so lots of
highs and lows it was a real roller-coaster game but these gentlemen
just tremendous they fought for each other and what an emotional day for
myself and many other guys there was lots of tears of joy and to me there’s
nothing greater than do it so we introduce them and have them rather than
my dearest them what I thought were you this is a very diverse group of guys
from local on beach areas that remain to Bakersfield Italy Croatia Hungary New
Mexico Las Vegas so it’s it’s a great group of guys I am captain and I came
from Lincoln High School here I don’t know Nick word I went to high
school I’m from Yorba Linda high school and I’m
trying to transfer to San Diego State Denison high school and shoes from
Albuquerque New Mexico more transparent to UC San Diego UC Davis when we’re done
mister sure if you see him limping has a boot on his foot he had a broken foot
the entire state championship game didn’t tell anyone he was afraid I
wouldn’t let him play and then after they gave you want to let me know his
foot hurt really bad but he played the entire game including overtime without a
substitution so very tough man from freshman Jaguars and I came from
Esperanza done in Yorba Linda Granite Bay California high school applications
get back to a local hero and also a member of the Lakewood Hall of Fame and
I were very proud of my whole coaching staff as well just a tremendous job
these guys did and really proud of these guys they’re truly really proud I think
a couple of them you know wouldn’t let it go for a long time so we’re really
proud to represent Long Beach City College and we really thank you for all
your support thank you at the last meeting in November there
was a trustee back secure gave each of the trustees a canned good and that was
the beginning of a drive here at the college that had to do with getting food
toiletries other sundries and other things for our neediest students and so
the drivers tremendously successful there were people faculty members
participated people from all over the community participated other members of
the Long Beach Community College community also contributed and among
those who did or something came tonight that would include Chris Alexander
friend Cahill maybe they should stand Trish would you please stand as I read
your name Madera noreen summit and then from the
community Walter Larkins and Joyce Feldman who I understand gave
25 boxes 28 ryan Russell and brand rosner and Michael Gould from the Port
of Long Beach so I’d like to give everybody for coming tonight and not
only did we receive can good good things like that we also got money which is
always important and so I want to thank the people who donated money because
this can help our students but I really wanna salutes and easier because she
took this task and she did a super job all I did was collect but she is super
job of getting the community involved and I want to defer to her thank you
thank you thank you President I don’t think you
just a posture for your kind words I just wanted to echo what is already been
sad such a tremendous honor for all of us to come together as a community we
have representation from the Jewish Federation and was gonna read it real
quickly local business leaders and members of the Rotary of Long Beach that
supported American Association of University Women frances was there is
here and also the staff in a suit we can’t forget this Associated Student
Body the students supported as well just wanted to thank you all for responding
to our call to action just really quickly tell you that also I don’t
forget that Councilwoman suzy price as well as been a great partner and
Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell has supported this effort has been something
that has been in the process for quite a while now and we have put together a
task for US Trustee Baxter an eye with a member of the board of governors Karen
Codman and some of the members are here tonight New York Times came up with this
article on December 4th that really shed some light on what’s happening
nationwide and it’s really heartbreaking that one out of five students goes
hungry one out of aid it faces housing instability and I’m proud that were
doing something about it of course it’s only a start and I’m hoping that we can
continue to support this with our community partners are internal
stakeholders no student should be facing hunger walk to school and furthering
their education becoming an asset to the community so I
just want to thank you for being our partners we look forward to your ongoing
support and really really honor you for stepping up to the plate thank you yes special guests education and for
that introduction of turnover dr. Eli Thank You President Oakley I actually
would like to introduce two individuals tonight and I’ll start with the one that
you just recognized I’m very very happy to introduce to you the new dean of
career technical education Molly Smith my will you stand place is wearing her
badge that shows that she works at Long Beach City College she doesn’t start
until January 11th and believe me we are very very excited to have her and very
excited for January 11 to come around so he comes to us from Palomar College 15
years at Palomar College and we are very very grateful and happy to have her so
welcome ollie also like to introduce our associate
dean of CT has not yet been introduced to the board so David Gonzalez David started September 21st he forgot
to wear his badge tonight but he comes to us from El Camino College he was
there for eight years and I do believe that we have a wonderful team
representing the school of CTE the faculty the staff and the students so
very excited for Mali and David to be together working together as part of our
team again my starts on January 11th and david has been with us and we’ve been
very grateful to have himself welcome to both of them one last introduction and I
would like vice president gable to introduce our new tenant who is here
today yes we are proud to have lieutenant
Darren Davenport with us who is replacing lieutenant Julie prior has
retired so you will see lieutenant damp or walking around both of our campuses
but we think he comes with great credentials and we hope he enjoys it as
much as we’re looking forward to having him here so everyone knows Equity Plan which is
an agenda is his reason action item on the agenda is now being placed right
after agenda item 3.3 and I think that’s the only agenda items 4.2 and 4.3 or out
of order in the agenda and we offered a prize to anyone in the audience who
caught that before the meeting started but no one did so we can all it is is it
the policy follows the presentation about the communications so that doesn’t
need to be rewarded we just need to we just need to go over the numbers are
appropriate 2.8 Associated Student Body President report to see you tonight
president president of the board members gallery first and foremost they would
like to thank you all and your continued support of our student by attending all
of our events supporting our crime and I and just promoting student success we
thank you on behalf of that we are saddened to see Raz ASV advisers
departure in order to take on a new role as a team but we are happy to welcome
our new advisory committee so we’re ecstatic for that and we look forward to
the spring semester thank you very much public comments on agenda items total of
three minutes will be allotted for each speaker with a maximum 20 minutes to
each subject unless extended by the Board our first group is on agenda item
four point to and there are eight and this all has to do with communications
sincere or eat I’m going to ask that we set this at two and a half minutes 44
each is it possible to do that but secretary in our first speaker is Andrea
donato followed by Minister Diane Phillips

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