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  1. 🍿Tell me your favorite lawyer joke! 
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  2. Great content as usual.. I am praying you will do a sovereign citizen breakdown video. Just to give us the breakdown of what they are arguing legally etc and the refutation of their main points

  3. That whole Free advice/facebook lawyer thing reminded me of my husband's axiom of "some dude"

    Do not rely on the advice of a person who has no skin in the game. You can look into that advice… Do not rely on that advice. That person is "Some Dude" and some dude will get you in trouble.

  4. There's a guy on Reddit looking for where you got that sweater check out r/helpmefind and help the guy out. Were all stuck in our houses anyway lol.

  5. Given that Clement Vallandigham was the leader of the Copperhead faction of the Northern Democrats, the pro-slavery Confederate appeasers, I think we can in this case that him killing himself through his own reckless stupidity was a positive outcome for all involved.

  6. That last one…I actually think the judge was HAPPY to deal with my case and my lawyer after the cluster f*** of two people in front of us. I had an arraignment for a misdemeanor (not proud but DUI and long story short I hired an attorney because what do I know). He works a plea deal out with city attorney (I wouldn't have known how to do that). We are waiting for our case to come on the docket in the gallery. I'm in my suit (pro tip: wear a suit as a defendant). Two cases in front of us: dude is wearing painter coveralls and arguing with him over payments to the court or some such. You can tell the judge isn't happy. Case in front of us was a guy who was told probation condition was he can't break any laws and he tested positive for the wacky tobacky. Argued with the judge for 15 minutes about how marijuana is legal in my state. Judge fires back "but it's still illegal at the Federal level." And revokes. You can see where this is going.

    Anyway, my lawyer and I are waiting our turn and he can see judge is getting peeved, and keeps reminding me to stfu and let him do the talking (I already know this that's why I hired him! But I can see his point). I see the clerks shuffling folders around for a minute and all of a sudden we were next. Get through arraignment and my lawyer confided he almost thought the judge was going to toss our plea deal with the city attorney. To be honest, I think the clerks just wanted to put a case up that had representation up so the judge could calm down…

    Note before anyone asks: no I do NOT know why the two idiots in front of me defended themselves instead of hiring an attorney or arranging for a public defender at the very least.

  7. "The cheese sandwich, it was literally just bread with cheese, salad, and dressing." – Well wtf did you expect?

  8. I still remember sitting across from my attorney and listening to him ask me for various forms of documentation. What I will ALWAYS remember is the shocked look on his face when I gave it to him immediately upon request. Trust me, if you have to go to court, bone up on what your kind of case needs as far as documentation from you, and get that BEFORE you have your meeting with your lawyer…it's a priceless experience.


  10. You should’ve asked Caitlin Doughty- she’s a mortician and I recall her personally knowing a few MEs

  11. Legal Eagle!!!! If i learned anything in school its that Wikipedia doesn't count as a source since it is not a reliable one and should never be used when fact checking!! Now looking at the Wiki article's sources and finding a credible one that also backs up the information, that is okay!

  12. Legal Eagle, how about a review of Netflix’s “Tiger King.” In between the guns, sex, amputations, meth, exotic zoos, music videos, explosions, political campaigns, and much much more there are legal aspects to the documentary series.

  13. I was in court with a bunch of people for speeding. The officer wasnt there, the judge had the first three plead not guilty. The fourth person plead guilty. The judge asked him 3 times :your officer isnt present how do you plead NOT GUILTY? Before (after a few of us whispering just say not guilty) did they catch on.

  14. Engineer: Mr Laywer! I am an engineer! I sincerely recommend you stop this experiment at once! You must cease your actions immediately lest harsh consequences come your way. There are mathematics and there might even be some data! I must reiterate, you must stop right now and you should not question me! I will happily teach you the extensive underpinning knowledge required to thoroughly understand my current expert opinion on the matter, but I promise you will get so much more bored than me!
    Lawyer: Lol, you said Laywer. The rest of the things you said were boring and you promised some extra boring things. I'm going to play with this gun. Lol.
    Engineer: …

  15. @14:22 Curious, what are some advantages that a small/solo firm might have that a large firm might not have? 🤔

  16. Objection! You must give a WARNING if you’re going to be 1) outside and 2) in casual wear, dear LORD sir I almost fainted

  17. What does this guy mean Waze says you won’t know anything about the law or practicing law but you went to law school so what actually what do you actually learn in law school if not those two things

  18. It is perfectly possible to have a brain removed before autopsy. We had a few jumpers during my internship that came in with their brains (at least what could be recovered) in a bag and their heads uh, more or less still in one piece. XP

  19. Objection!! If Linus Sebastian has the cahunas to model his own on his YouTube page, so can you! #lttstoredotcom

  20. A man went to a lawyer and asked what his fee was. “$100 for three questions,” answered the lawyer. “Isn’t that a little steep?” said the man. “Yes,” said the lawyer. “Now, what’s your third question?”

  21. Giving out free legal advice, I totally understand that. Have you ever considered giving Linux Sebastian free segue advice? Because yours are mint

  22. God damnit Medlife Crisis I subscribe your channel and love your shit but I was about to leave a comment lol. Also I hope you're feeling better.

  23. the one about sprinkling latin terms into your paper, or whatever it was, reminds me of all the writing classes i took and teachers i had warning of "purple prose" and "word salad", which is just throwing a bunch of flowery language and words up in the air hoping it'll mean something when really, you could say more, or at least have more impact, by using less. lol

    i try to follow that rule and one thing i grew to HATE hearing in these stories we had to read for peer review is, "I let my hand wander…." or "i let my mind drift away to….", that sorta thing, and i kinda went off on it in one of these peer review sessions like….you don't need to give your hand or mind or anything permission to do something; just say "my hand" or "my mind". lol

    Also, hearing "my mind's eye"…..not really into that one. :p

  24. This channel went from "fun advice from a practicing lawyer to all you hard workers in law school!" to offhanded "I hate the blue book, it's stupid and I wish it would die" lmao

  25. 7:00 brain in a jar. What if someone was riding a motorcycle without a helmet fell off and the head hit a pole? Maybe the jar was uses to hold the otherwise unheld brain?

  26. For #18, reminds me of that lawyer who wanted to prove that his client's windows were safe, by leaning on them…..and ended up "bungee jumping without a cord" (the windows were not so safe)

    Also, up here in Canada, we have the Red Book for our citations. And yes, many actual lawyers do not 100% follow it, I should know as I'm an administrative assistant for one.

    Also, #30….OBJECTION: Also a reference to how, for very famous case that's in the news, you'll now have all kinds of people on social media acting like they're now lawyers when they've never even been to law school. Most recently with the whole Trump thing, you have people acting like they're constitutional law experts.

  27. Legal Eagle are you sure you are not hiding out in a doomday bunker in the mountains with the elite? 😉 @CORONA 2020

  28. Objection! Are you in the southern Washington state area here? (I once served you tea at a grocery store in the greater Vancouver area)

  29. I visited my friend at law school. We had a couple drinks. We went back to his place (separate cars). I was pulled over and given about a million sobriety tests (passed all). I got to my friend's place with all his law school buddies. They proceeded to tell me all about how illegal it all was for 45 minutes.

  30. As an IT nerd… ALWAYS double check yourself. The more confident you are that no mistakes were made, the more likely it is that a mistake was made.
    The only way to not fully doubt yourself is to doubt yourself at all time. (or so I currently believe)

  31. I believe the "brain on the desk" meme was a murder case, wherein the defense was trying to establish that actual death did not occur until well after the incident in question; which allegedly involved some head trauma which resulted in a part of the victims brain being ejected from their skull.
    However, this violates one major rule of questioning; don't ask a question to which you don't already know the answer.
    Pretty sure it's fake, but if someone could dig up the record, that would be amazing.

  32. What does it take to change the general rule to include exceptions and exclude unintended inclusions?
    As Linus would say ~ coding with taste means taking the exception and making it not the exception.

  33. medical meme malpractice? but Dr., what if it was a special circumstance? what if the victim already has his brain removed by other means, and the coroner simply had it on hand for inspection? maybe the person that removed the brain placed it in the jar to begin with?

    hang on, if this isn't true, i think i just came up with an idea for a novel.

  34. Objection on #12 if they had some sort of incident where the autopsied person's brain left the body. Accidental death from cars, blunt force trauma, falling down stairs, and / murder. When the body parts become separated some jurisdictions have separate autopsies on the separated parts.

  35. As a engineering student who is taking business classes to finish a minor, I can agree with that fact that business students have the easiest time in college.

  36. 12:01 Yes! Please do more Better Call Saul, there are so many interesting legal questions in that show, it also happens to be an amazingly well written show!

  37. definitely do your own legal research, but only so you have some idea of what's going on, not to try and do everything yourself or act all high and mighty about it

  38. At 19:44 "Friends don't let friends give legal free legal advise". … is that in and of itself "legal advise"?, hahaha

  39. I would LOVE to see you react to the Law and Order SVU episode that introduces A.D.A. Rafael Barba, "Twenty-Five Acts" Season 14, episode 3. He pulls an interesting stunt in the court room that would be fun to hear your reaction to. SVU obviously covers some sensitive topics so I understand if that's something you might not be comfortable reviewing here.

  40. See I'm a physics major, we hate ourselves too and have a superiority complex. But the thing is, is we really are better than everyone else.

  41. Number 31, I really wish lawyers were better paid / hired by the state. As a citizen, it shouldn't cost me to figure out property rights. I wish I could get free legal advice, maybe paid by local taxes or something.

  42. I took a parenting class as an elective in high school because I liked little kids and thought a good grade would help me find more babysitting gigs. The teacher there came to me very concerned after I took my first test and asked if I was in the right class. Then she brandished my paper and said "Why would you be here when you could be a *lawyer*?" To this day I have no idea what that meant, but it's about 35% as funny as a joke.

  43. Question. As you may or may not know, lawyers are hecking expensive. Suppose I ever need a lawyer, I want to use as little of the lawyer's time as possible in order to make sure I don't go completely bankrupt. What are the real pitfalls with doing your own legal research and what would one do in order to use the lawyer's time as efficient as possible? I'm assuming that researching applicable laws is probably something a lawyer is better at than me (especially if it's a specialized lawyer), but some studying up and meticulous documentation should go a long way, right?

  44. Looks like Stone is still salty about his favorite president of all time getting easily acquitted. Get over it kid.

  45. Re: I have to argue with anyone all the time.

    A friend of mine went to (and graduated) from law school. She would argue or debate anything with anyone. She would make me crazy with challenging everything I said. I like discussing issues. I hate arguing. In law school, she said she was surrounded by people "just like me"! (Scary!)

  46. 8:20 sounds like he got inspiration from Bob Loblaw: "Why should you go to jail for a crime somebody else noticed?"

  47. Perhaps if the case involved a movie worthy serial killer who kept his victims brains in a jar, that might be how it could happen.

  48. Would evidence such as shooting yourself be automatically entered into the record, or do you have to live long enough to argue for that?

  49. I might have missed this brought up already. Supposedly the transcript in regards to the medical examiner and the autopsy is from a real trial. I know various sites have posted it among list of crazy things said in trials. Best I can find at the moment is a few people claiming they read it in a book, one saying the book was named corpus jurus humorous.

  50. "Good lawyers should generally not [use the kind of language that is not going to resonate with most people]" – 10:15
    "preponderate" 6:20

  51. Your comment, 'First-year associates are the worst,' so true. Not a lawyer but an honours graduate in Computer Science (4 years) and I can assure you when I hit my first job, yowsers. University only prepares you for how to go about tackling problems, not how to actually do it. Forty years later, the 'how' is everything, but, without knowing how to find out how, you literally have no hope. So, very true, and very hilarious.

  52. I don’t know where you look for suggestions for videos but I have one. Episode 5, season 8 of monk. I hope your vacation was nice! Take care!

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