LA Trust Beneficiaries | Lawsuits Against Bad Trustees

Under California law, Los Angeles beneficiaries
have fundamental rights that are integral to a fair, timely and equitable distribution
of trust assets. While the terms of a trust should be inviolable,
there are still unfortunate cases when trustees abuse their authority and commit breach of
fiduciary duty. This can result in serious damage to the trust
and put a family’s economic future in jeopardy. When a bad trustee is in charge, all bets
are off – they could delay or withhold trust distributions to beneficiaries, conceal or
lie about the true state of trust assets, and even drain the trust of all its funds. In instances like these, it’s important
for beneficiaries to move quickly to prevent further harm and protect their inheritance. When the trust litigation team at Hackard
Law responds to a case of trustee wrongdoing in Los Angeles, we take concrete actions to
counter the threat and hold wrongdoers accountable. • First, we analyze will and trust documents
for a comprehensive review of beneficiary rights under a given trust. • We will frequently undertake a trust accounting
to legally compel a trustee to disclose the true state of the trust’s property, funds,
and other assets. • If the wrongdoer refuses an offer to mediate,
we can also file an 850 Heggstad Petition in LA’s Stanley Mosk probate court for the
recovery of wrongfully transferred trust assets. If the bad trustee contests the court order,
then litigation will follow, along with discovery and deposition. In addition, we work to prevent the trustee
from spending funds on litigation costs. • Alternatively, we have the option of filing
a petition for immediate trustee removal and the appointment of a temporary trustee. Hackard Law is committed to protecting LA
beneficiaries and their interests against trustee misconduct. Carelessness, negligence, and the wrongful
taking of trust assets cannot go unanswered – it’s time for accountability. Call us at 213-357-5200. We represent clients throughout Los Angeles
County in estate, trust, and elder financial abuse lawsuits, and we’ll be happy to see
how we can best help you. Thank you.

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