4 thoughts on “LA Crescenta Couple Finds Relief In Gov. Newsom’s Mortgage Relief During Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Lol giving Newsom credit for nothing. Trump is the one freezing mortgage payment. These schmucks are going bankrupt regardless.

  2. So sad, this couple might actually have to dip into their savings fund, or perhaps even the 401K? BIG F*CKING DEAL, THAT’S WHAT A SAVINGS ACCOUNT IS FOR! This couple looks like they are in their 70’s, at least, how can they not touch their 401K without penalty? These people are retired, and this B&B is just supplemental income for them! They don’t live off this income, it pays the bills for them. So they miss a month of guests, so what, they have a savings to dip into, a 401K retirement to draw from, & they should be collecting social security by now anyway so they’ll be fine!

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