Kiev is tightening the economic blockade of Donbass | Eng Subs

– Another breach by Ukraine conditions which were agreed in Minsk,
and which is proved in Donetsk and Lugansk, is the social-economic links. In three days it will half a year since people in south-east of Ukraine live in conditions of blockade. Today it was not only removed by Kiev authorities, but it was toughened. – There are no people, only terrorists. Who is normal came to our side. – Now to go to that side is impossible. In that side – Lugansk People’s Republic. Gennadiy Moskal, the head of military civil administration, signed today a special order. Not a single car or truck will cross the contact line between LPR and Ukrainian territory. There are tens of trucks with food stuck at the only checkpoint. – That side is seized by fighters. If you feed terrorists, then you support them. – Nobody announced any martial law. – I prohibited by my order… – Only within several days about 200 trucks with goods were returned here. Because of shortage of food, local citizens have to buy it twice or three times more expensive. The same situation is in Donetsk region. All these measures are called by Kiev as ‘reconstruction of the territories’. – But we call for toughening of pass control along the contact line. We insist to create the agency for reconstruction of Donbass. It must stop first of all the trading with occupants in the Crimea and Donbass, to stop social payments those who cooperate with fighters. It must organize the control of people who got the status of refugees. – The retired payments and social fees in
Donetsk and Lugansk regions were not paid for several months already. By the way, the agency which the leader of Petr Poroshenko bloc told about,
has already been created in September 2014. However, it didn’t start to work indeed. The head of the agency, Andey Nikolaenko, held his position only two weeks. After that he resigned with a scandal. He says that Ukrainian authorities don’t fulfil their obligations. – For Slavyansk in September 2014 there were 10 mln UAH given. It didn’t reach Slavyansk. And those objects which Yatsenyuk personally visited,
for which he promised to give money and restored, are not restored. The same situation is for Kramatorsk and Mariupol. There are a lot of bureaucratic reasons appearing… Despite Minsk agreements which envisages removal of economic blockade,
Kiev authorities try to financially choke Donbass by all means. It is out of question to restore the region. – People are in fact put in ghetto. And thus, the central authorities show
that this is not their territory. And the fact that some politicians continue to say about the united
and inseparable Ukraine, is indeed disproved by their actions. And they do everything that Donbass will continue
to be far from Ukraine, so that Donbass will become independent. Verkhovna Rada registered the project of the order with a complicated title: About acceptance of the statement about denial by Ukraine duties determined
by the Convention for the protection of Human rights and fundamental freedoms. Behind this long title there is a simple meaning. According to the opinion of Victor Medvechuk,
leader of the civil society organization “Ukrainian choice”, MPs propose to limit rights and freedoms of people on the territory of Donbass, as well as to abolish the right for freedom, personal inviolability and social protection of old people. – In fact, the law makers want to legalize social blockade of Donbass at the international level and to transform it into a reservation where international norms could be neglected to deprive citizens of the region of civil, social and political rights. In other words, following transport, social and economic blockade of Donbass,
Kiev prepares the ‘blockade of rights’ of the region. – Today Verkhovna Rada accepted the order about the legal status of martial law. According to this law, military administration will have the right
to prohibit the activity of political parties, to introduce the labour duty, and to take forcedly private property in the state’s favour.

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