59 thoughts on “Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec Battle Over Supply – Shark Tank

  1. Barbara: they replaced me with this some Hispanic millionaire that could be related to my garden boy and for that reason… I'm out

  2. I've got a 100 million dollar idea. Smart mirrors. The mirror is also a touch screen or there can be a control pad attached to it on the side that allows the person standing in front of it to customize how their look will be so they can see the results before hand and decide if whether or not they like what they see. I imagine that it would be much more popular with women than with guys because they care a lot more about their appearance

  3. I just don't understand why entrepreneurs hate the royalties? what is wrong with it anyway? I wouldn't mind taking it.

  4. Robert "ik you guys are gonna make it"

    Owner "Robert would you give us more for that equity percentage

    Also Robert "Theres an element of risk there"

  5. Unless I missed it, I'm surprised they never highlighted how long it lasts for (i.e. how many disposables it replaces)

  6. Does anyone respect robert? I hear him give people what they want and they still don't pick him. Good for him to get a deal.

  7. The problem with the tank is these companies make their numbers public. If there are any mis understandings, it could reflect poorly on the company. For example, did I hear correctly that the razor will cost them less than $10 landed? How is it so inexpensive to make yet it costs so much? I wish there was some clarification on that.

  8. These 2 minute clips are just spoiler alerts. I want to watch the whole bit from the beginning, now you just ruined it.

  9. I don't know why people don't go with Kevin more. He's always on the news. Saying something about whatever someone wants to question him on and is constantly name dropping brands.

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