Investing in a Johns Hopkins Master’s in Finance pays off: Nnadozie Ekeocha

I grew up in Nigeria and I moved to the US when I was 18. I thought it was the best option for me for what exactly I wanted to study. Before I decided to come the Carey Business School, I actually took a visit to see the professors and talked to some of the students. I actually sat in on one of the classes and that was definitely what made me say, yeah this is where I want to be. I really like that most of my class was actually international students so we were all learning. Not just learning in the class we were learning how to be in this, just immersing ourselves in the culture. Although I have been here for like, I’ve been here eight or nine years in the US, but it was still a learning process for me. I actually made lifelong friends I would say, from the business school. The most valuable thing that I got from Carey was to believe in myself. I feel like I can do anything. Within the broad spectrum of business, I think I can fit anywhere. I’m an investment analyst at the Johns Hopkins Investment Office and my role is to report risk and form the framework for analyzing that risk. I had never thought about working in an endowment, but I was very interested in the job because it was working in the Johns Hopkins office as well and I studied finance and I felt like the requirements really fit the skills that I got. It’s a small team so really the work that you do is felt throughout the organization and I, knowing that my impact is being felt positively throughout the entire organization is great. So it makes me very, very proud and it’s also one of the things that makes me, that pushes me every day when I come in here to work is that I’m not just doing this for myself I’m doing this for Johns Hopkins, because they’re the ones who actually gave me these skills.

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