27 thoughts on “Identifying High Risk Situations for Borderline Personality Disorder BPD

  1. Hi Dr. Fox, I'm sure this has been asked before, and I couldn't find a video about it, but would you have any things to say to someone in a relationship with someone that lives with BPD? It's tough, and I'd appreciate any input.

  2. One of my favourite things about Dr. Fox is when he stutters 😀 each time you find a brilliant way to get out of the situation! We love you doc. Un abrazo from Barcelona.

  3. Hi, Dr Fox, have you done a video on the overlap between BPD and C-PTSD? It seems that these "high risk" situations are very much like the triggers of C-PTSD. Thanks for the work you do. Nobody does BPD info better than you.

  4. I love your videos and your compassion,and kindness so much..you have honestly been helping me so much!!! Thank you thank you! For just trying&believing we were more than what the original diagnosis' once thought we were& just being different enough to put this content out there that doesn't slander and hate on us!

  5. I am really grateful for the way you "get" BPD. As a patient seeking wellness for, gosh, 30 years (?) I've been in a pronounced state of progress for the last 6-7. I watch you choose your words according to what a borderline individual would be receptive to, counter thoughts before they happen in your dialogue… Just wonderful, your insight is truly appreciated!

  6. I have become so Numb I cannot even cry to release some of the pain…I cannot understand what happened to Me or How I got like this but the pain is so grinding….I just want to be free already…

  7. I am 44 but a child inside–emotionally stunted and paralyzed….My life passed Me by and I see absolutely no reason to continue—-I died before I died…God Please Help Me see some hope

  8. I am frozen inside–committed spiritual suicide and am just drifting along waiting to die…dead inside,hopeless,filled with despair,anxiety no purpose no reason to wake up…time just keeps marching on ….why should I stay here in this endless numb empty pain?I have been sucidal now for almost 4 years….what's the point of existing?why is God so cruel?

  9. BPD is wearing Me down and aging Me by the hour…I am on a path to suicide I just don't know how to get off…4 years of therapy and no progress….Don't You feel some people are just past the point of being able to live a worthwhile life?

  10. I was feeling a lot while listening to this video.. I have a love/hate with my bpd. I know it’s destructive and it’s so painful and I want it to stop but it also feels comforting and very uncomfortable to not do it when I feel urges

  11. Im surprised you don't have more subs, your channel is dead on. My last high risk situation was last year, when I had less than a week to move out of my mom's spare room because my little sister and her 2 babies had to move in. I was taking that sister to a doctor's appointment, and I missed my exit because my sister "didn't want to interrupt me," as I was talking with her. This pissed me off so bad, I only remember snapshots of that day. I was driving over 100 m/ph on the way home, and I apparently started punching a support beam as soon as I came in. I remember looking at my hand, a little bit of the ride to the hospital (which is when I made a demonic voicemail to my doctor). Then I remember walking in and yelling at the hospital staff at the desk. I ended up getting a surgery done on my hand, I got 2 pins put in. They said I had a boxer's break. Crazy things happen. I hope to be better someday.

  12. How do we go about distinguishing between our true self and our false self? How do we know the difference?

  13. Excellent vid! One of the things about BPD that makes it so confusing for other people is that BPD is a disorder that presents only under distressing circumstances. This means that the person/behaviors that an intimate partner, family members observe are very different than the person/behaviors that non-intimate partners, e.g., friends, etc., observe. Because BPD presents only in distressing circumstances people with BPD have friends who have no idea that their friend has BPD. Unfortunately, this allows the person with BPD to smear and blame their partners to their friends and the friends believe them b/c the friends never see the BPD traits.

  14. Hello there Dr Fox, i just wanted to say that i really love this format, the delivery and the back drop worked really well for me…..easy on the eye and didnt pull me away from what you were saying…..Packed full of healthy alternative ways to respond when triggered….Thank you for the time you take to make these videos, so very helpful….Thank you xxx

  15. "your bpd wants you to keep driving"

    I want this TATOOED on me.
    Any artists out there.

    This was it for me.

    This is the gold.

    Truth heals.

    This line held me.
    Thank you….. and I felt like I could hold myself.

    Thank you

  16. "give yourself reason to not fall into maladaptive behaviours "

    I feel and check in with myself for a moment..
    Even if it means checking in as if I'm an outsider.

    I feel/ask myself
    "how does this look"
    "what is driving this, what feeling"
    "what am I chasing"
    "what are my costs/ what are my gains"
    "how am I going to feel afterwards "

  17. Thank you very much for your videos.

    This one was beautiful.
    Yes "maladaptive behaviours "…
    I feel like I want to climb out of the pain with the same "material" that got me into distress and……

    …..i end up "chasing my own ghost"
    I end up chasing the thought of feeling that if only I do "x, y or z" that I will be helped, loved or saved…..

    Thank you for covering feelings of around emotional- freeze and dialectically/intellectually frozen .
    RE Terror/fear

  18. If I avoid the people who trigger me, isnt that also like giving in to isolation? Or maybe the bottom line is that isolating is better than putting myself in danger. Maybe it's just gonna allow for a clearing out of the negative people even if that means nothing is there to replace it. Yet… Thanks for all you do.

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