How We Paid Off $40,000 of Credit Card Debt I Americor Debt Relief I New York

Hi this is Mary and Dell A., we
just wanted to say that we found Americor online. We found them to be
very helpful we ended up in trouble because I was out of work for a while, I
ended up with some health issues and we got behind in our bills
and we ended up with like I don’t know 10-15 credit cards over $40,000 in debt
and I gotta say right from the beginning of talking to Americor I felt like
they were there, they made it feel like it wasn’t our fault, they made us feel
like we were going to be ok and they helped us to figure out how to manage
and keep up. They’re always there, we call they’re there. They helped
us get through some of the things that we’ve had to do and I can honestly say I
don’t I don’t know where we would be without them right now.
I’m so thankful that they were there to help us you know get our feet under us I
feel like we’re gonna we’re gonna be alright. I thank you Americor, thank you for
being there for us I don’t know how we would do it without you.

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