How to Use: Yet Another Mail Merge

– Cameron here to give
you the real-life examples and walk-throughs on
Yet Another Mail Merge, and how you can use it in your business. So the first thing we’re
gonna do to get started, if you don’t already have
Yet Another Mail Merge installed, is you’re
gonna need to go to Google and just Google Yet Another Mail Merge. Da da da, who’d have thought? So we click this top link
here, this one, and what you need to do is just click the install button right here. This is basically a
plug-in for Google Sheets is what it is, so it’ll just instal this in the background of your Google Sheets. That’s how it works. Now in terms of pricing, there
is a free option available which lets you send 50 emails a day. So every 24 hours you can send 50 emails. So if that’s enough for
you, then that’s fine, you can just do the click
instal and get going. If you think you’re gonna want to send a few more emails than
that, then you’re gonna need to look at some of their premium options. Now funnily enough, these guys, although their product is amazing, their
sort of process is terrible for giving them money,
it’s really difficult to find out how to upgrade
and pay for your thing from outside the plug-in itself. The easiest way I’ve found is to Google Yet Another Mail Merge pricing, and then scroll all the way
down to the bottom here, and you’re looking for this You just click that, scroll
down again and click pricing. There we go, wasn’t that simple? Not really. (laughs) So as you can see, you
can email 50 recipients every day for free or they’ve got business accounts and consumer accounts. Now their consumer accounts are meant for just individual people,
that lets you email up to 400 people every 24 hours, or you’ve got business
accounts which, you know whata business is, which is us, and that basically lets you send
up to 1,500 emails a day. Now the smallest package here is $24. It basically lets you
send 1,500 emails a day from one Google account. So for example,
[email protected] can send 1,500 emails a day. Now this is $24, not monthly,
this is billed annually, $24 a year, kind of crazy,
excellent value. (laughs) But this is just for one Google account. So if you want more than
one person in your business to be able to do this, to be able to send emails from them, then
you obviously want the Enterprise or Enterprise+ option here. That gives you 1,500 emails a day from an unlimited number of users. So I think we’re Enterprise+ just because we wanted that extra little
support if we needed it and it’s only $500 for the year. Either way, all you do is
you put your Google account email address in here,
or the domain in here, and you basically click purchase
and it all syncs up nicely so it’s very easy to do. So let’s actually use Yet
Another Mail Merge, shall we? So how this works is
through Google Sheets, okay? And it links in with the Gmail. So to get to Google
Sheets obviously you just click this little box even here, and you want to click
on the Sheets icon here which will take you to an
untitled spreadsheet, hmm. Now let’s give it a name, let’s call it Wednesday’s Email because why not? And what you want to do in this sheet here is import the contacts
and any merge fields that you want to send your email to. So I think I’ve got
mine here, there we go. So I’ve just done first
name, last name, email, but if you wanted to
merge different fields you could have one for
location or age or product or whatever you want in here as well. So as many fields as you like. So I’ve just used a
couple of my colleagues so that I don’t send
any unwanted emails to any of our precious list. Now what we’re gonna do
now, now that we’ve got our list imported, is we’re
going to write the email that we want to send to them. So to do that you need
to go into a Gmail inbox and basically just click Compose an email as you would normally. So here’s what we’re gonna
do, we’re gonna leave the To box blank and then we’re gonna put our subject in the box. For this one we’ll say, “Why hello there!” Obviously, use whatever subject
line is relevant or good, that is not a particularly good one. I don’t know, maybe we should test it. We’ll see, we’ll see live
right now in this demonstration if it’s a good subject line. So then I’m just gonna write, “Hi.” And now I want to merge my
first name into this field. So if we go to our spreadsheet you can see the first name column here,
it’s called First Name. So all I do if I want to merge that, I use a couple little syntax
here, and then I just write First Name, so it’s exactly the same First Name, First Name,
as it’s written here. If this was FirstName without a space then I would not put
a space in here, okay? It needs to be exactly the same. So I say, Hi First Name, I
just wanted to say hello. How are you doing? I miss you. From Cameron, with a smiley
face, because why not? So obviously this would
be an actual useful email and not just a test subject
and email like this. This would be a very strange email to send to your customers or your prospects. But we’re just testing it for now. So you basically you write the
email as you would in here. You can put as many merge
fields as you want in here. So I can put another first
name in here if I wanted to, I could put a surname in here, I could put any other fields I want
in here just using the same formula so it’s just a little syntax, column, header, and
then close syntax there. So once that’s done, we
leave the recipients box, the To box, empty, and we
basically leave that there so that it becomes a draught
in our Gmail account. We come back to our spreadsheet, make sure all the data is correct. Now what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna click on this little Add-ons box here and you’ll see everything should instal properly and Yet
Another Mail Merge is here. Ooh, hover over that, we can see here all these different options. So here we can start a mail merge, you can import contacts if you want if they’re in Google or if you use Salesforce, you can import your
contacts directly here. You can check your quota for the day, those 1,500 or 15 or four,
whatever package you’ve got and how many emails you can send a day. You can also upgrade your quota from here. This is much easier to do than that whole convoluted way we did it earlier. So let’s go ahead and start mail merge, and what this does is it just loads up, da da da, the little Yet
Another Mail Merge box for us. So here we go, I can still
email 1,500 recipients a day. Now it automatically detects
which column emails is so it is in column C, column C. If that’s wrong you can
always just change it here. Now you can change to
sender name if you like. It will still come from
your email address so I could put from Sarah at
the EC if I wanted to but it would still come from
[email protected] and all the replies would
come to me and stuff. You can use this, we like to keep it as realistic as possible
so we leave this blank. And then here you’ve got Email Template. So here, da da da da, oh
my goodness, so these are all the draught emails I have in my inbox, and they all get pulled through here and this is the one we were
working on, why hello there. So I click that and that is the email that we’re going to use. Now if you want to be a bit
more creative with your emails, you can click this button
here to browse email templates and Yet Another Mail
Merge have actually got a few snazzy-looking templates if you’re into more of like a
newsletter kind of vibe, a bit more graphical, then
you can do it this way. Obviously we prefer plain text emails, plus they’re proven to convert better. So why would you do anything else? So, why hello there, we
choose our email here. And then obviously we want to
make sure we track the emails opened, clicked, or bounced, we want to make sure that’s ticked there. And then if you want you
can set up a different reply to address, you can
set up different attachments, different filters, all sorts
of stuff there if you want. Now I always like to
send a test email first because I like to know
that my first name field’s gonna merge otherwise it
makes us look a bit stupid. So you just click that,
send me a test email, (pop) there we go. So we can check our
inbox for that, da da da, (gasp) and look, here we go. So what it does is it
pulls the name from the first one down, so in
this case it’s Joanne, so this says Hi Joanne, I
just wanted to say hello, how are you doing Joanne,
I miss you, from Cameron. Aw, isn’t that nice? So that’s all good, I’m
happy, the merge is working. I can either send the emails
now or I can send them later. I’m gonna send them now. Depending on the number
of emails you’ve got this can take up to like a minute. All emails have been sent,
little palooza, sweet. Okay, now, as you can
see here, what it’s done is it’s add a new column
here called Merge status and it tells us here
that all of the emails have been sent. And if you hover over
them it actually tells you when they were sent,
exactly what’s going on. Now it’s also opened up
this tracking report here. So this tells us how many of
our emails have been opened, how many have been clicked,
how many have bounced and how many you have sent. So eight have been sent, all 100% there. But opened, none, none, you can see it filters them all out there. So now, ooh (gasps), oh
my God, Lisa Sergeant just opened her email,
ooh, did you see that? How exciting is that? (gasps) Oh my God, Paul Finnegan
just opened his email. So as people open the
emails, and as I’ve said in this little intro there,
you can see in real time people opening their email. If I put a link in, I should
have put a link in the email, but it says email clicked and it goes a darker shade of green. So this is really great if you want to… Oh my God, Emma just opened
her email, oh it’s exciting. This is the best thing
about Yet Another Mail Merge is getting excited seeing
your marketing emails get opened in real time, wow. It’s really great for
follow-up, obviously, if you want to follow up with people if you send and email
about a quote or something, this is a great way, oh Rob
opened his email. (laughs) Because if you’ve got their
phone number in here as well you can basically call someone as soon as they’ve opened your
email or a minute after so you know that you’re
sort of top of mind and they know who you
are an all that stuff. If you were at the last
national, Nigel was talking about how important
it is to follow up with people and call them
as quickly as possible after they do something,
so this is a great example of how you can do that. I like to test it to see
who’s checking their emails at work and who’s not. So for example, Nathan Bradley, I bet, will be the last one to open his email because he’s terrible at
opening his emails. (laughs) So this is Yet Another Mail Merge. It’s really really cool. It just works so well
because it’s coming from your Google account and
not from a CRM system, so a lot of email providers
basically automatically whitelist and let in Gmail emails because a lot of people use
Gmail for personal things so it’s sort of like a
mini loophole in the system of email deliverability. So your email won’t get
swept up in any spam philtre or anything because it is a real email from a real person, because it is. So it just helps with that little bit. Deliverability, it
looks like a real email, it looks personal so it looks like you’ve actually written it, it doesn’t
look like it’s automated. The more personal an
email feels and looks, the more effective it’s gonna be because people think it’s for
them, so that’s all good. You can actually follow up directly in Yet Another Mail Merge, you can
actually send another email. You can follow up email to people who have opened your email or
people who haven’t opened it or to everyone if you want. So you just click the Follow-up button, it’ll add a new merge status column here and you can basically send another email whenever you like to whatever people and whatever group of people you want. So that’s Yet Another Mail
Merge, it’s super cool, super easy, super simple,
super fun, super exciting to watch these go green (laughs), maybe I’m just sad, I don’t know. (laughs) But there you go, that’s
Yet Another Mail Merge. I hope that’s helped. If you’ve got any
questions just let me know. You either post them
in the Facebook group, the EC members Facebook group, and I’ll help you out there so then everyone can see the answers and we all learn from
each other, happy days. So I hope that’s helped. I’ll see you later, bye. (“Aaron’s Therapy Session” by Aaron Malik) (lively rock music)

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  1. This asks for a heck of a lot of permissions when installing. Access to all docs, contact lists, etc. Is this safe?

  2. Not sure if you'll see this before I figure it out myself.
    It keep telling me that I have no emails when I go to add ons and choose yet another mail merge, yet I have 98 of them.
    What am I doing wrong?
    It gives zero hints, just asks me if I want to start a new page. I don't..I just want to send these dammit, lol

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