How to track your email campaign with Yet Another Mail Merge

Hi! My name is Andrew, and I’m here to show
you how to track your YAMM campaign. This video is for those who would like to
know how many people have opened your emails and clicked on the links. YAMM tracker also records bounces and unsubscribes. To be able to track your YAMM campaign activity, you must ensure you have checked the box to ‘Track emails opened, clicked or bounced’. You do this from within Google Sheets when you start your Mail Merge campaign. YAMM will track how many people have opened your email, clicked through to a link included within your email also known as a click-through rate, or which email addresses have bounced, which means the email failed to deliver. This is typically because of typos in the
email address or because the account has been deleted. To open the latest report, I open my Google Sheet which I ran my YAMM campaign from. Click ‘Add-ons’>’Yet Another Mail Merge’>’Open Tracking Report’. Note that this tracking report is updated
in real time. On the right sidebar, you’ll see the main statistics that are useful to measure your campaign performance. Everything from the total number of emails sent, how many people have opened your emails, those who have clicked on links from your emails, if you have included some, which emails have bounced, and who unsubscribed from your mailing list. By clicking on the individual options, the spreadsheet automatically filters the corresponding rows. If you click on a mail merge status cell, you’ll be able to see how many times your email has been opened or clicked. All of this data is summarized in a pie chart to help you assess your campaign success at a glance, and improve your next mail merges. If you click on ‘Previous campaigns’, you’ll be directed to the YAMM web app where you can retrieve stats for all of your former campaigns. Tracking your email campaign made simple thanks to YAMM! Thanks for watching and bye for now! Want learn more about this feature ? Click this card in the corner to visit our Help Center article. And check out our other videos for more amazing features in YAMM!

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