How to Survive the Main Street Crisis – Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Wheelwright, Kim Kiyosaki

This is the rich dad radio show, the good news and bad news about
money. Here’s Robert Kiyosaki. Hello. Hello, hello. It’s Robert
Kiyosaki, the rich dad radio show, the good news and bad
news about money. Uh, the date is important today
cause it’s March 23rd, 2020. There is the dates important this because
things are changing so fast right now. Without that data, it’s a reference point. You know what we may be giving you false
information or things have changed the way we talked to you. So, uh, the reason we have the show is to keep
you up to date and it’s a good news and the bad news about money. And uh, we just got off the air with that one
with a [inaudible] radio show with guy Kawasaki. As you know, those Kiyosaki on
Kawasaki and we’re both entrepreneurs. You know, I always say he’s from
the bright side. He’s mr positive. I missed her negative. But
you’ve got to have both. And the other guy that came out of a
Hawaiian was an entrepreneur was a guy named Steve case of AOL and the shaft
at a couple of guys with that stock. But anyway, you got to grow up
today if you’re not [inaudible]. So I’d say it’s really a good time. And as I said with guy Kawasaki is back
in 81. When I was at, uh, when, uh, when the first meet post a person
with Bucky fuller and be a student, he said something that was profound,
his opening statement to our class, this is in Kirkwood, California by Lake
Tahoe, but a hundred of us, he says, we are the news. And I
didn’t understand it. I was about 30 years old as a witness.
We are the news means. And he says, what’s in the news today is
dead. It’s old. It’s the past. What’s new is what we were
doing in Kirkwood, California, listening to Bucky fuller about
the future. And so it does, did this radio program with guy Kawasaki
on the future of entrepreneurship and the message is with guy and
I that it messages the same. If you had this idea of go to school,
get a job or a card, save money, get out of debt, and invest in the
longterm of the stock market, that’s old. That’s your prison. It’s what was
what people have put into your head. And so Kim was saying she was driving
in today and people are standing in a parking lots looking for jobs, but they’re still operating on
the old. And so rich dad has been, it’s been really tough being chicken
little saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling as Kaizen while the
sky fell. You know, this Corona viruses, it’s the end of the world
as we knew it. We know it. And it’s about time people
grow up. You know, tra, you know metamorphis means
the transformation from an
inventory form to a motor form. So that means instead of trying to be an
employee and have somebody take care of you, it might be an opportunity to
grow up and take care of other people, to hire people, to provide jobs
rather than look for a job. And that’s my point of view. The problem is our school system doesn’t
provide you that education that’s still brainwashing you into becoming an
employee or a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant. Heaven forbid. And as,
I don’t know if you know this, but, and lawyers are obsolete, right? Cause you don’t really need them within
artificial intelligence coming along. So our school system is
obsolete, but so was the eye. Are the ideas in your head?
So people call me a pessimist. I’m actually an optimist because I can
see the future and the future is very bright. But you have to let go of all
the ideas and it comments. Kim. Well, it was interesting talking with
guy because we were talking about entrepreneurship and we think here
that this could be an opportunity. If you’re stuck at home
and you’re out of work, this could be an opportunity to start
thinking differently and to learn to start learning something new. And as guy said, you know, you don’t have
to be a big, it’s not a big business. You’re starting and you’re just starting. You’re going to make something
and you’re going to sell it. You’re gonna make it. And you’re gonna
sell it and you can do it in your garage. Robert and I started on
our dining room table. Um, it doesn’t have to be a big deal, but to start in this process could be
a very big deal and it just could be a huge game changer for you.
Become an entrepreneur. You know, Kim and I have been homeless. We’ve
had no jobs, no money, no pension, no income. I’m in for one week, shut
the live on $2 in Del Mar, California, one of the richest areas in the
whole United States. So she has $2. What’s you spend the $2 on to survive? How’d you eat case it is cheese case. Quesadillas from a little taco
stand. That’s a malicious, but that’s what it takes. And most people
don’t have it. I mean they have it, but they don’t need to have it because
they’ve all went dependent upon a job or somebody to take care of them or the
government to take care of them or you know, social security or
Medicare or a pension grow up. That’s really the message
from rich dad. Now. I know I pissed a lot of people
off when I say that. Well, you know how you have no
idea how hard it was for me. You have no idea how hard it is. I said you have no idea how
hard it is for Kim and I, you know we’ve been sued for $30
million. We’ve had people lie, cheat and steal inside our company. So it hasn’t been easy being an
entrepreneur. So if you want it easy, go get a job with the government and
get, get that pension if you can’t. So anyway, this is the birth of a new
and that’s the most important thing. So on our guest today is our, one of our most important
assets is Tom Wheelwright. He is our tax advisor because taxes
are your single largest expense. And if you go to school, you get a job, you become an employee or you
come on doctor, man, lawyer, you’re going to play the highest taxes
possible. And people get really upset. Oh, it’s not fair to the rich. Don’t
pay taxes. It is fair. What’s not fair? As you went to school and different
guys get this information. So Thomas, the author of tax free wealth and as how
to build massive wealth and permanent Loreal taxes. But if you’re an
employee, you can’t do that. But you can do that if you’re
an entrepreneur or this
is the message from rich debt. So Tom, the reason Thompson is because the
rules are changing really quickly. Now that Corona virus is hit
once again, this is March, 2020 things are changing really fast. They’re trying to figure out that’s
not the coronavirus of the Palm. I know coronaviruses real well. What is more real is that
the structure of our economy, we haven’t seen the worst is yet to
come. So if you think losing a jobs bad, wait until everybody loses their jobs. So, and rich dad’s been warning about this, the good news and the bad news for years. If you didn’t listen well you were
warrant. So Tom, welcome to the program. Welcome Tom. Thank you. Always great to be on rich
dad radio. Love it. Love it. Love it. Yeah. So right now they’re talking about how
they’re gonna bail out people and the taxes and all this stuff. And
the good thing about Tom Thomas, like I always say, Oh sir, I’ll
say, I’ll say the guy Kawasaki. I don’t know anything about technology, but I don’t because I’m an entrepreneur
and I don’t have to know anything about taxes because I have Tom and I don’t
know much about accounting cause I have Tom. So everybody thinks they have
to be smart. Listen to Kiyosaki. I am an idiot. I don’t know anything.
But I have smart people around me. That’s the biggest difference. So
Tom, what did you hear a on this? How are they going to solve
possibly 20 to 30% unemployment, no jobs, no money with, and they’re
gone print. Ma, what’s going to happen? This is sitting down
right, left and center. Well, yeah, I mean, here’s
the problem. I mean, I, I have a client who V this very morning, they’re meeting with their partners
and their, um, high-end, uh, uh, surgeons and they have to shut
down because they, uh, they’re, they’re letting go all of their
employees because they’re, um, the, you know, that everything
they do is considered elective. So elective surgery is shut down.
So this is true. I mean, I, I’ve, I’ve got a member of our, uh, CPA
network last week said that, uh, they’ve got a client just
laid off 300 employees. So people are being laid off right, left. And no matter what they
do in the short term, it’s not going to solve
a longterm problem. And that’s why I love the
rich send message that the
longterm problem is not the virus. The term problem is education.
And so I, I, I agree with you, Robert and Kim. I think that now
with the opportunity to get educated, because you get educated now, I mean, you’ve got a few months here where
you can defer your taxes. For example. You have at least till July, but
probably, you know, likely till October. But then you’re going to have taxes
come due. What are you going to do? Because you have no job. So now is the
time to start being an entrepreneur. Reduce your taxes on a longterm basis so
that it’s not a deferral but you never have to pay them. I mean to me
the education is so important. Let’s, let’s stop using
that word education. It’s really transformation we’re
talking about. Just so you know, we have a cash flow quadrant E S E S
employee self employed like a doctoral lawyer to B and I, which is big business. And I was tennis for a professional
investor insider investor. I don’t have stock spas, mutual funds
and ETFs cause I don’t need them. That’s an entrepreneur. So the point
here is this, that surgical center, well that is an orthopedic
surgeon, is that correct? Right. And his staff, are they highly
qualified, educated, good people? Of course, of course. And they still lost her job. So this is the point we’re trying
to get. Get to ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been lied to. Old information.
Old advise was go to school, get a job, work hard, save
money. Have a government pension, 401k IRA and pay taxes. If you still have those
ideas in your head, you should not be listening
to rich dad radio. Once again, I’m not saying the coronavirus is
in rail, Tom, man, I just had it. But the problem here is the damage and
destruction to the world. The economy, as I said with the rich dad radio
interview with guy Kawasaki, this is like nine 11 you know,
nine 11 was in two cities, Washington DC and New York. This is like nine 11 every city
throughout the world today, this is a million times
bigger than nine 11 and, and people are still trying to send
their kids to school to get a job, work hard, save money, and invest in a
welder, falsify portfolio stocks, bonds, mutual funds as obsolete, all
thinking as has fuller said. What is the problem? Is that what’s in
the news is a death of an old economy. Corona virus is a death of an old economy. What’s new is what rich dad talks about.
So, so Tom, could you go for what? What they’re trying to the Democrats.
And I thought, and I’m not Republican, a Democrat, but the DEMEC has tried to
save the employees but kill
the business or something like that. And what are the, what
were the tax reforms that discussing? So, so, so we’ve got this $2 trillion
bill that’s being discussed right now. And by, you know, by the time we air it will have been
passed and that the big conflict is do we give money to the workers or
do we give money to business? Then you have the Democrats say,
we need to give money to workers, which clearly there’s a
lot of people hurting. The reality is there are no workers
without businesses. So if you, if you ignore the business, you’re going to kill the workers on a
very longterm basis. And you know, yeah, you’ve got to feed them
short term, but boy, you better have those businesses going
so you better support those businesses. I mean, that’s my feeling and hopefully that’s
what we’re going to get out of this is some support for the small businesses. They’re the ones that are really feeding
the economy and longterm feed the economy and they’re just,
they’re getting killed right now. And one more thing about that as so
much, so many distinctions, you know, final ways of thinking. We had the CNN debates between the
democratic candidates and that’s when the Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg, a multibillionaire stands up and he
looks at all those other cartoons and not Republican, a Democrat, they’re all
good. But Bloomberg asked all these guys, Joe Biden, Sanders,
Buddha, judge Koba char, who else? He says, have
you ever started a business and of those other candidates, none had. And those are the people running our
economy that people like my poor dead. That’s why we’re in trouble. So you know, Tom, years ago, they didn’t, they like send $1,000 to all
these individuals, right? It really did nothing. Because all they’re going to do is spend
it and they’re going to keep them in the exact same situation
they were in before. Exactly. And it’s a little
like, you know, you’re, you’re solving your hunger problem
by eating a donut. You know, it’s, it’s great. Tastes good for about,
you know, a couple of hours, but then you’re hungry again
and it’s not nutritional. And that’s the problem is
that you’re saying, well, we’re going to solve this with
it at 1000, $2,000 payment. It doesn’t solve it. And
so, you know, it really, the only way to solve it is what
you’re talking about, Robert, is transformation. We have to completely transform the way
we look at life and the way we look at how we make money, right? And, and you know, Tom,
you can buy, you can verify this. I don’t know much do I, well not about taxes and
accounting. Let’s just say that little knowledge with you.
Robert is really dangerous. Give me a job, which I’m proud
of. You know, I’m so unemployable, but I had to learn something
different is what I’m saying. And the reason I recommend
Tom’s book tax-free, well, if you’re sitting at home right now
and you’re, you’re ready to, uh, have a conversations with your
kids about being a little past. So whatever you do with kids, it might be a time to order
Tom’s book tax free wealth. And find out how entrepreneurs think
about taxes because taxes are your single largest expense. And that’s also
Kenny McElroy’s book on real estate. You know, the ABC’s of real estate. The reason I say that is that we are in
for the biggest crash we have ever seen. You know, all those Lamborghinis and Ferraris and
Porsche’s and big homes and real estate, it’s all gonna come crashing down. Now it’s bad news for the guy that has
the big house and the nice Ferrari or the land Rover or whatever they
have on credit. It’s bad news. But it’s good news for those who think
like entrepreneurs and see opportunity rather than despair. And it comments. Kim. Well, I just wanted to ask a kind of a different
question of Tom because there you’re, you’re the one that studies all that’s
happening in terms of government and what they’re proposing. Um, are there any other proposals
coming forward that makes sense? Um, you know, they make
sense to some extent, right? So, for example, there was a bill last week that
was passed and it some benefit, um, tax benefit to
employers who get, you know, half who give people,
um, sick leave. The, the, the problem with that is that it only
gives it to employers who are over 50 and under 500. So small businesses don’t get it at all
and it only gives a limited amount and requires a large amount and
requires and has a big requirement. So the government’s
trying to do something, but because they don’t understand how
business works, they’re actually in, in many cases, they hurt the business
even though they’re trying to help people. Yeah. And other thing you talked
about, you know, before they, they got into the cat fight
between Republican Democrats, there was a possibility they were going
to issue loans that didn’t have to be paid back to businesses. But naturally
the Democrats jump all over that. So that didn’t get passed at it. Well, not yet. But we’re hopeful. We’re hopeful that that’s the one part
of the bill that has longterm potential because you’re talking about supporting
the businesses, letting them stay open. And then, then what they can do is they’re
actually required in order to do that, to retain their workers and
retain them on a livable salary. So that’s a really positive approach
to it as opposed to just giving people, you know, a donut, which makes a lot of sense
because with technology, as long as the employer
can pay the employees, they can work from home and
they can and in many cases, depending on the business of course, but that they can keep the business
operating, which is crucial. Well, well the worst thing about
it is if rich dad lost her, our employees they made originally
no to, to hire and you know, to retrain it and to find
great people takes a long time. Absolutely. And that’s, that’s why, that’s
why pushing this out with businesses, keeping business open as
long as, as long as possible. It’s so important because the virus
won’t last forever. We all know that. But as long as it lasts, it’s going
to continue to hurt businesses. And we’ve got to support
that in order. If, if we’re going to keep the economy
going at all cause it’s a domino effect. Once again, it’s Robert Kiyosaki,
the rich dad radio show. We’re talking to rich dad advisor, Tom Wheelwright is author
of the book tax free wealth, how to build massive wealth by
permanently lowering your taxes. The only problem with that is
you have to be an entrepreneur. Your employee can’t do it.
That’s the big problem. So while you’re sitting at home with a
wife and a husband and kids wondering what the heck happened to your life?
How did I get in this position? I’m worried about losing my job in
a, maybe as Tommy fad, sharp brain. So we’re talking about
more than education, we’re
talking about transformation. How do you transfer transform from
a small business owner to what? A real entrepreneur on the B and the
I side because a reason employees at richdad are well-off right now, no matter what happens is Kevin and I
been planning for this for years and we’d been talking about it and I’ve been
chicken little saying the sky is falling, the sky falling, the sky is falling. But only a few people
listened to this fact. Several friends have come up and
said, I should have listened to you. But now Tom is verifying that because
he doesn’t deal with employees. He’s dealing with entrepreneurs
and business owners and Tom, they’re going to go to a break. But
a lot of them are in trouble today, aren’t they? That small business guys? Well they are. They are for
sure. Because um, you know, and that’s why they’re laying
off employees now. You know, they’re laying out place thinking, well, I can stay open but I
can’t keep my employees on. So the employees are really the
ones, you know, the, you know, the small business owners get hurt.
But the employees take the brunt of it. Yeah. So once again, it’s Robert
Kiyosaki, the rich dad radio show. We come back by going more into
transformation or metamorphosis. The definition of metamorphosis,
which is the new word at rich dad, is that it is a transformation from an
immature form to an adult mature form. In other words, the lesson
is grow up, just grow up. Don’t go back to school and learn
to be dependent upon an employer, the government or the stock
market grow up. We come back, they’re going to more
how you can transform and
metamorphosize and the roads go from a Caterpillar to a butterfly. That’s where I talking about it’d be
right back. Welcome back. Robert Kiyosaki, the rich dad radio show, the good news
and bad news about money. And once again, you can listen to the rich
dad radio program anytime, anywhere on iTunes or Android and YouTube. And please let us summer leave
us review when you listen to it, but like to hear from you this what I’m
saying really pisses a lot of people off because I’m saying today on this blessing
roll up if he went to school and have a high paying job, that’s an obsolete idea for most people
investing for the longterm of the stock market. Very bad idea. Saving dollars
when they’re going to print trillions. Extremely bad idea. So grow up. It’s about metamorphosis or transformation
and you can listen to the stretch chat radio program any
time at [inaudible]. Listen
to this program. I can, because repertoire, we’re an education company would make
no recommendations of what to buy and invest. And so go to rich dad radio.
Listen to this twice, three times. And you’ll your increase in knowledge
twice or three times what most important to have. Friends, family and business
associates. Listen to this program. So the pod is sitting at
home doing nothing. Emails. I’ll listen to this program and get on
the phone and talk to each other and discuss what are you gonna
do next? Because as I said, in 1981 when I listened to
dr R Buckminster fuller, I was a student in his class.
He says, we are the news. What’s in the news is old. It’s
dead. So Corona virus is dead, is the death of an old empire. It’s
going to bring down the world economy, which is my concern, which I’ve been
warning people about for years as chicken. Little let the future is bright if you’re
willing to metamorphosize transform to go from a Caterpillar to a butterfly. So our guest today is Tom Wheelwright
his rich dad advisor on taxes and taxes are a single largest expense.
So in, in that regard, um, we’re talking about
earlier show with guy Kawasaki. We were talking about mindset
and, and Tom, if this is correct, one of the biggest problems we have is
the mindset of our politicians except for the Donald Trump’s and, and even our,
our governor here, governor Doug Doocy, who came from very successful business
that he built internationally, they have a different mindset. The problem is most politicians
have never started a business. They don’t understand business. And so they’re passing laws
and legislation that just
really don’t help or make sense to any business owner. Correct. Well, that, that’s the
challenge. The challenge is, is you can’t take care of the workers
without taking care of the business. Cause if you do that, you’re
taking, you’re talking about a very, very short term solution to a longterm
problem and you’re going to make the problem longer and more difficult if
you don’t support the businesses. This, the entire economy runs on business.
It does not run on workers. It goes back, Robert, to your, your biblical give a man a fish and
feed him for a day. Teach him to fish. Feed him for life. Yeah. Yeah. You want to be fed a fish, you
know, I have, I’ll pray for you today. You better grow up a solemn CRNA.
Say it upsets a lot of people. It’s a million on all hard. My
life is no. Talk about hard. Kim and I have been homeless without
work, without money, without any future. And so I know what it feels like.
Why don’t we get in, get successful. We’ll become successful feeling sorry
for ourselves and if you’re feeling sorry for yourself, enjoy it for a couple
of hours, but then get up, grow up, said I gotta do something. Well, it’s the epitome of, they thought
they had, they had a secure, safe, secure job and now they know
there’s not such a thing as a safe, secure job anywhere in the world today. And your pensions are toast.
That’s why we wrote the book, who’s told my pensions are gone and
then you have a 401k. It’s gone. You’re saving money. Why would you say when they’re printing
it and it’s really obsolete thinking. That’s the problem. So I
guested it right now as Tom is. I would get his book tax free while Tom
Wheelwright because from tax free wealth you read that, you’ll see how an entrepreneur looks at
taxes because it don’t see it from an employee. Cause Tom cannot help employees
because your mindset is too obsolete. It’s too secure. You know, most cool
teachers, what they want is tenure. That means job security. Why would
you listen to a school teacher about money? And let’s see, schools are
closed for indefinitely today, right? And Tom, if they shut the economy down
for 90 days, which I’ve heard now, what’s the future of America? Oh it’s, it’s bleak. It’s very bleak because if you don’t
support the businesses, if you’re, you’re telling me lb, everybody stay home and nobody
shopping and Amazon is only shipping, you know, basic necessities,
then you’re, I mean, you’re killing any economy
potentially for a very long time. You’ve got to support the business,
you’ve got to support the economic. And if you look back at 2008, I
was just watching a podcast. Um, if you look back at the,
at the crisis of 2008, it took 10 years for the
economy to come back from that. And this is much more severe than 2008 w w well and, and the one other insistent, much more severe is that was a basically
a banking wall street crisis where this is a main street crisis. And so you’ve got to support main
street and putting money back in. The banking system’s not helping main
street because the banks aren’t going to lend to businesses that have just
laid off all their employees. Oh that point Tom has a couple of things
is that they were there talking about a tax holiday or something lower our
payroll tax. What happened to that? Well that, that died. Um, cause it doesn’t help anybody
who’s unemployed and the
problem is unemployment. So it, that was not the best of the ideas. The better idea is something like let’s
support the businesses through loans, through government
guarantees, things like that. Let’s keep the businesses going because
then workers can stay in their jobs. But that’s what the Democrats
attack list. I said, if you’ll watch that CNN debate
between Bloomberg and the rest of those Democrats on stage, none
of them are entrepreneurs. They’re running the like
port ads running the economy, the federal reserve bank full
of port Ed’s academic types. They’ve never started a business.
They’re really think like employees. That’s the problem. They are employees.
So I’ll appoint Tommy, here’s this. And worse than that, and worse
than that, Tom and all those, all this stuff about these senators
and congressmen insider trading, you know this, I’d dump on the stocks way I had them
and anybody knew those coronavirus was an issue. But people don’t know that. Insider trading for a Senator or
Congressman legal. Well you and I, it’s illegal, but for a Congressman it’s
legal. And that’s why the golden rule, it’s the golden rule. You, it has the
gold, makes the rules and people, Oh, so the insight, well,
it’s legal. And when I, when you read Tom’s book on
tax free, well it’s legal, but not if you have the mindset
of an employee, it’s illegal. If you do what Tom writes about in
tax free. Well, so get his book, get the cash flow game and understand
that resubmit income, expense, assets, liabilities and statements of cash flow. That gel never teach you in school
and they’ll politicians have no idea. What is our balance sheet?
The U S use continent, U S government balance sheet is toast.
It’s gone. We have no assets less. All we have is liabilities piling
onto the U S government balance sheet. I debt the debt to GDP ratio. This went to 1.15 we’re a
bankrupt at 0.9 debt to GDP ratio, and it’s only going to increase
the more they print money. So Tom, one more thing is hereby
talks about student loans.
What a stupid thing that is, but you don’t learn anything about money. But people are now talking
about get an SBA loan. Was it just for an SBA loan and
a student? Low, small businesses, administration loan and an S th th th they’re pretty similar. You’re basically pledging your
life for the next 30 years. Um, because an SBA loan requires total
guarantees of everything that you do, every asset you have. Um, they,
they have really good terms. I mean, 30 years, you know, less than
4%, but at the same time, Oh, we have a, by the way, update and the
Democrats have again defeated, um, the, uh, the, the Senate bill, so unbelievable. Unbelievable. Um, but the issue with the SBA long is that
you are pledging everything for a long, long period of time and it’s going to
interrupt what you do down the road. Now it may be the only solution you
have, but at the same time, it’s the, the terms are very onerous. Well, Tom the worst thing about an small
business administration loan is still securitized to something.
And if you have nothing, if you have no real tangible asset,
you don’t get the loan anyway. So that’s the problem. And that’s why when you go to school
and you learn nothing about money, I’m not a Republican or Democrat. I really
agree with Bernie Sanders. You know, people are screwed and you’ve
got to help out the poor. But when you keep going to school and
you’ll learn nothing about money and you’re taught by idiots, I mean teachers who want tenure and
job security, that’s what you pick up. And those are obsolete ideas. As I said in 1981 when I was telling
him with Buckminster fuller, he said, ladies and gentlemen, we are the
news and what’s in the news is dead. And so when you hear it time, you
hear about coronavirus as the old. It’s the death of the old. And
we’re into the birth of the new sir. Rich dad is into the new right now. And I highly suggest getting Tom’s
book and changing your mindset, how you look at the world tax free
wealth is a very important book. Only if you’re an entrepreneur and a
real estate investor and those things. But if you want job security and
tenure, Tom’s book is worthless to you. And, and talk, talk about,
go to school, get a job, look at all these college seniors
graduating and there’s no, there’s no jobs. I mean there’s a whole nother marketplace
of employees coming out and they will not be able to find jobs. So that’s, that’s why the rich dad company
was formed that I may be pessimistic. I buy us all. You’re so dark is
so negative. I’m not negative. I’m always looking if I’m looking at the
death of they all and the birth of the new. So Tom and I and Mona and Kim
were talking about this, you know, Amazon is the big a hundred thousand
pound gorilla in the room at rips us small guys off. So as entrepreneurs, as I saw the discussion now at
rich dad is let’s take on Amazon. Are you up for that, Tom? Absolutely. Yeah. I mean,
thank goodness my, you know, thank goodness our books are
available in ebook form. Right? And get them on I books because Amazon, Amazon is having a tough
time shipping stuff. So you have completely change
the way you think right now. Not only that, Amazon just keeps raising
the, how much they take from us. Now, I love Amazon, don’t get me wrong, I’m not [inaudible] this. I’m just
telling you as an entrepreneur, I can get upset with Amazon. Or
I can say let’s take them on. And that’s the entrepreneur’s attitude.
That’s the future. We take Amazon on. Guess what rich dad gets richer now he
says, Oh that’s you’re so gritty. No, you’re idiot. So we can keep our doors open and pay
our employees and hire more people. And so all this guys who get upset with
Kiyosaki, a specialist saying, you know, like, cause I’ve been calling
coronavirus virus a fake. I’m not saying it’s not real. I’m saying
it’s a smokescreen for something else. And that’s something else.
If the destruction of the
U S and the world economy, and if you can’t see that and
the something wrong with you, I don’t want the coronavirus. Tom
might’ve had it, Garrett might’ve had it, but if we survive the world economy
might not. Is that correct Tom? That’s, that’s what we have to do. I mean
we, right? I mean we have to survive. And the great thing is, like
you were saying earlier, it’s a, it’s an amazing time to be doing this
transformation because you don’t have anything else to do anyway. Let’s do it. Let’s make this transformation
in our lives now. What a what a great opportunity
and not pay taxes and you know, legally and and do things differently,
have control over our lives. I just think it’s an amazing opportunity or, or it could get pissed
off. At [inaudible] I posted, you know what I did was I posted
from Nicole, my a student doctor, all the stats on coronavirus and diabetes
and car accidents and gun accidents and all this. It shows that
Corona virus is a hoax. I got more hate mail. I have to take it
down from Twitter because people get, they get angry at me that
then looking at the numbers, it’s just look at the numbers and that’s
all we’re saying to people. Wake up, but what’s in the paper? What’s in people’s minds is my port
has additive Gado school can a job or a card, save money, get out of debt and invest in long
term for the stock market and it bodily following that advice is toast. That’s the problem
that’s inside your head. So take the time when you’re sitting at
home with the wife and kids were husband and kids or wherever you
sit at home with and study. But don’t read, you know,
national inquiry. Tom’s
book. Get the cashflow game, teach other people. So
Tom, my, my big thing, is there any going to be any relief for
employees and taxes where the good news and the bad news? Where’s the good news? Well the good news is they are going
to send out checks, that’s for sure. They are going to extend unemployment,
that’s for sure. Okay, so, so that’s good news. The
better news is if they were, these guys could get together and support
small business and understand that that’s where the real good. But the real
good news is is now we got [inaudible]. We’ve got never a better chance,
an opportunity, like you say, to transform our lives, transformed the
way we think. And, and take the time to, you know, whether it’s my
book, whether it’s your books, it’s Kenny’s Kenny’s books.
These are all opportunities, completely change the way we think
about money and about our lives. So, Tom, let me ask you this question. Do you think there’s going to be massive
bargains and real estate and housing and car? Oh my heavens. Yeah. Yeah. Everything’s going to be
on sale. And I’ll tell you, I talked with a mortgage broker yesterday
and she’s telling me that all these loans that were, all these mortgages that were about to
close have all been pulled off the table. Um, they’re looking at
people’s portfolios. The people that want to want to
buy a house today, it’s almost, she says it’s almost
impossible to get a mortgage. Plus, please hear mag cause you’re gonna, you’re gonna get pissed off at Kiyosaki
for being Darth Vader again. You know, I’m going, Hey, there’s a lot of great real estate coming
on the market in the next couple of years. That’s what we did
in 2008 is that correct Tom? Oh yeah. I watched that. And, and,
and, and the great news is, you know, real estate, great tax, great tax benefits
with real estate if you do it right. So, you know, there are
opportunities if you’re, if you’re, if you’re transforming, there are
opportunities. If you’re not transforming, you’re, you’re going to
be scared for a long time. So if I buy, if I, if I
wait to buy an SUV on sale, is that a good news from a tax wise too? Yeah, of course. Of course. As long as
you’re using in your business. Yeah, of course it is. It’s greatness, eh, LA Livia, eh, LA LA Jolla.
So all your pessimists out there, it’s because you went to a school, you’re probably has student loan debt
and he probably have a mortgage and you probably have 401k and you’re looking
for a job right now as in those guys, salts and stilts salts and Nathan said, and GU and a Gulag archipelago. He says, hit to ask himself,
there says, how did I get here? How did I get here? Why am I
unemployed? Why don’t I have money? Why am I broke? Why am I looking
for another job? Why am I afraid? What caused you to get here? And the what caused you to get there are
all the times you took the easy route. You just want it easy. And I understand
I’m as lazy as anybody comes. But when you take the easy road, that’s
how you get here. You want job security, what the government that take care of you, you want bailouts and all that rather
than shifting or transforming a mindset from employed or small business to big
business and professional investor. Very big different mindsets. That’s
what rich dads towns for. Any comments? Tom? I, I, you know, I, I love
it. I mean, I, it, it, it’s a tough time. We don’t want to
deny that it’s a tough time for, uh, for everybody, including
businesses at the same time. It’s a great time because it is an
opportunity to transform and to change and you have to ask yourself,
how’d I get here? Yup. And about the easy road, you
know, the government’s talking about, Oh well we’ll just have more and
more and more people dependent on the government. We’ll just know if you
become dependent on the government, that’s a big, there’s going to be a
big price to pay for that. Personally. That’s a huge risk. Huge risk. So Tamina thank you very much for
your contribution to rail financial transformation. Because when
you talk about tax free wealth, you have to transform or you just
get pissed off at the wretched, don’t pay taxes. And it’s, and
the thing is, while it’s not fair, it is fair because the tax laws are
available for everybody, right, Tom? That’s the good news. You
know, all you have to do is, is change your life and uh, you can change your tax situation and
it’s really simple and you can do it in a matter of a couple of months. Another thing too is to know Tom and I
travel the world together and they always say, well, you can do that in
the U S you can’t do that here. Is that true or false?
You know, like we’re, it’s true and it’s true in every country. I mean everybody’s tax laws are similar. Every country has tax laws that benefit
business, that promote business. They promote vesting, they promote
real estate, they promote energy, they promote, uh, investment
in research and development. Every country has those same laws.
They’re different in detail, but the, but from a mindset standpoint,
they’re exactly the same. Correct. And so the biggest palms, you
went to school and you wound up on the, in the S side, if you want to make a
change of life is called metamorphosis, which is goin from an immature form to
a mature form on the B on the eyesight. But that takes a financial
transformation. So thank you Tom. And then when we come back, you know, Kim and I will be talking about
how we plan to take on Amazon. All you often that Tom sounds great. Kind of fun,
huh? It’s David and Goliath. David and Goliath, man.
We’re going to take them on. I can complain that Amazon’s
on fair to me. Thank you Tom. Thanks Tom. Take care. And, and, and
Tom’s website is wealth, ability, wealth, mobility, and get his book Tax Free
Wealth off. When we come back, we talking more about our attitude I’d
taken on Amazon is a classic David and Goliath or Caterpillar to butterfly. There’ll be right back in the back.
Robert Kiyosaki, the rich dad radio show, the good news and bad news about money. You can listen to the rich
dad radio program anytime on, on iTunes or Android and YouTube and
leave us a review whenever you listen. And the last thing is that all
of our programs are archived. We archive them for one reason is we
don’t sell, we don’t sell anything really. We don’t sell edge investments,
but we do sell education. And that’s why I have a cashflow games
and books and tapes and all that because your greatest asset is your mind, but
it’s also your greatest liability. Especially we went to school
so he can go to rich dad, all of our programs are
archive. Listen to this program again, you’ll twice as much, but more
important I share with friends, family, and business associates, especially
if they’re sitting at home right now, hoping that the government’s going to
save them because the government can’t save them. As I said this, I don’t
doubt this Corona viruses, rail, I don’t doubt as deadly, but I think as a smokescreen for
something else going on and that’s, and that something else going on
is to crush the global economy. As I’ve said before, this coronavirus is like a nine 11
going off in every study throughout the world, especially here where
you live in Lincoln, Scottsdale, and we have the same problem,
same problem in Japan. It’s the same problem and I
think it’s a hoax personally, but I could get killed for saying
that and it comments killed. Well, we’re talking about entrepreneurship
and we’re talking about all this change that’s happening. And so one of the
things as an entrepreneur, we always ask, okay, if something is happening, what
can we do about it? What can we do? If there’s something negative
that’s happened in our business, how can we turn this negative into a
positive? Um, so we’re always looking, so with the Corona virus
right now, you know, all of our staff is working out of
their home, but we’re operating pretty, pretty well. Very well actually.
Um, but we’re always asking, what can we do better? How can we make,
how can we turn this into a positive? Where’s the opportunity? Cause we were prepared for it in a look. Our staff knows and
they’ve seen our accounts. We have enough money to keep us
staying for the five, six months. Even nothing happens.
But being entrepreneurs, we see disaster as opportunity. We see it as the biggest opportunity of
all. And that’s how entrepreneurs stick. So Kevin and I are thinking about, wow,
let’s take on Amazon. You know, there, every time we sell a book, let’s
have a sell a book for 10 bucks. They take 55 cents. Now I think that belongs to
me. So rather than say, Oh, Amazon’s a big crook, you know, the
rich dad company is now figuring out, well how do we take on Amazon?
Why let them steal from us? Why bitch and complain? Why be a wimp? Transform metamorphosize stop
going from immature to mature. The same thing we did with rich dad years
and years ago, 20 something years ago. Why would you go to school when
they teach you nothing about money? I took him on, we took them on. Of
course we got criticized. You know, and when I take on financial planners
for investing for the long term, I’ll welder does a fight portfolio,
stocks, bonds, mutual funds. I get hammered by those
guys. I get hammered by them. They think I’m the biggest charlatan
going [inaudible] they’re the biggest charlatans. And people see that today
cause their 401k is a disappearing. Their pensions are gonna
disappear. So the question is, what do you do now? It’s not
easy being chicken little, but you’ve been warned. The question is,
what do you do now? What is the future? So we had guy Kawasaki on it and it
was the future of entrepreneurship. The future of onshore entrepreneurship
is keep your daytime job but a part time business. Then you get tax
breaks. Oh no, that’s crooked. The rich aren’t shitting
us. Now the people cheating
you are the school tuition, so don’t teach you this stuff. So
that’s what the transformation is, is he bought a change that
garbage they put in your head, which is industrial age garbage.
Get into the information age thing. Maybe I should be an entrepreneur
and play the game as a rich play. And it comments Kim. Yeah, well we, I mean we talk a lot about mindset change
and so as entrepreneurs we talk about Amazon. So, so the problem we saw with
Amazon, Amazon’s done a great job for us. They, we, we love Amazon and they keep raising the
Mount of money that they take for every sale of our product. So they’re
different. So we’re just saying, okay, this looks like this is a trend
that’s going to continue on. This is not going to serve us. So what, what other options do
we have? What else can we do? And we have that power to change. And
as, as Sarah said earlier, to pivot, so this may be a pivot. We have to go,
okay, this may not be working anymore. What can we do? So it does work. That’s
the mindset that we operate by. Yeah. Or you can sit in the parking lot
and look for a job, you know? I mean, and then bitch about the economy and
we’re Corona virus. When it’s a hoax, it’s a hoax. I, in my opinion, that’s
why I read bucket Fuller’s book, the grunge of giants. This is the grudge. This is how they’re going to steal
everything from us. They wrote the book, who was told my pension man, those, that idiot in the saddle
times attacks me for that. It’s like I’m being a fear monger. Well, I wish it’d be track his
stupid statement that’s happening. Listen to a financial planners
because they work for wall street. Why don’t they tell you the truth?
Their money comes from wall street. Then I’ll work for you. You know they’re
not fiduciary. They work for you. Just follow the money. I’m not
against financial planners, but they’re not honest. That’s
what I, I get upset about. But the problem is the biggest polymer
is a biggest crux on the world is the education system. How can
they keep raising, you know, student loan debt and bankrupting
young people. That’s criminal. That’s usury. You know, when, when Christ went into the temple and
threw the tables away of all the money lenders, well that’s what the, that’s
what the education system has become. You know, they’re a bunch of
guys working for wall street. That’s what I got said about. Well, we’ve, I mean we’ve had so many guests on our
show that talk about the economy coming to a, uh, a fiasco in a crisis
and it’s one of many things. It’s going to cause it, but there’s no doubt they are going to
blame the Corona virus as the cause of the economy coming down. When the
economy was going to come down any way, by some means in the year was
coming down in September of 2019. If you pay attention,
it’s not the stock market. What was going down was the
Ray Paul market and the uh, commercial I commercial
finance, my CFC P market. Anyway, commercial credit
markets, something like that. And then they corporate credit
market was coming down in September. Nobody could see it. It was coming down. The commercial credit markets were coming
down as the stock market was going up and all the guys who knew were getting
out and all the guys investing for the long term would piling in
stupid, stupid, stupid. That’s why you’re saying it
looks like the virus is real, but it looks like it’s definitely going
to be an excuse in a smokescreen for the economy collapse that’s coming worldwide
and the, and the, and what I would say, my rich dad was said to me, so
effin what you being screwed. You know, we’re all being screwed constantly by
our leaders and our government and people will own trust and all this stuff.
So what grow up, just grow up, not amorphous may is that
the transformation from an
immature form to a mature form. That’s what rich dad stands
for when it comes to money grow up. So I thank you all for listening
to the rich dad. I’m on. Thank you to Tom Wheelwright. Please get his Vox tax free
wealth and his website, his wealth because you want
to find out how the rich are getting a retro during those crisis. You’re going
to change the way you see the crisis. Thank you very much.

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    Accountants,financial experts,doctors,entrepreneurs have all failed us with their ego=
    (Edging God Over).
    It's time for the bottom to be the top all you people with BS,PhDs have failed us by believing in your fake letters,fake promises.

  48. The thing about all this is our rulers who are perfecting this system to where we all live on their spread sheet from cradle to grave do not want entreprenuers anymore , they want most of us to die and leave them with sheep they can control forever with a pen. They have all the real history and viable technologies to solve and make life easier locked away and no longer need 90 plus percent of us to do their breakaway civilization.

  49. I get that "We´ve been lied to" but "Why?" , "What do they get from Lying?" I wanna hear it from you guys.

  50. I think a big problem with this show is how they really downplay employees. On one hand Kim says they want to do better so they can hire more " employees". Tom Wheelwright says economies are run by businesses not " employees". Tom, then how come you don't run your company all by yourself? Last time I checked when I called your very pricey accounting firm, there were a slew of dispatchers. Who are you kidding? Who will actually roll their sleeves to hands on work so you can make your company run? Who is delivering the crap you order on amazon,?Jeff Bezos? or amazon's employees which you belittle? I hope you understand you sound like an aloof wannabe oligarch.

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