How to Save Time and Money on Telecom Network Merger & Acquisition Processes

The costs of mobile network building
and maintenance are growing. This is why many telecom operators decide to join forces to optimize these network costs. However, this kind of decision needs to be approved by regulatory and competition authorities. The approval process is often very long, which delays operational tasks resulting from the merger or acquisition. This is because the operators involved are formally unable to exchange any information until the decision is officially approved. In turn, the moment that the expected benefits from the M&A are achieved is delayed. Fortunately there is a way to speed up the process – Let’s go back to the operators. By getting involved as a trusted third party, Comarch can gather information about both networks in one safe place, without any direct communication between the operators. In this way a plan can be created for the target network, even while due diligence applies. Thanks to non-disclosure agreements signed with both parties, the information on each network is migrated into a central database managed by Comarch, to plan the target network as soon as possible. This means you are able to quickly establish and implement the rules for base station selection, in order to design and optimize the common network architecture easily, in advance, and in a unified manner. In this way you can speed up the target network planning and rollout and, most importantly, reap the benefits of the merger & acquisition process earlier as soon as the decision is officially approved. Save time and money on your next network merger with Comarch Network Consolidation for M&A.

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