How to merge cards – Prime Timetable

How to merge cards? Let’s say a Physical
Education teacher is to combine two grades at the same time instead of
having only one in the Gym. I will drag 7A over 5B. That will create conflicts
and the notification panel shows errors. Instead of having two conflicted and
therefore rotated cards what I need is a single merged card. I will right mouse
click the rotated card and choose merge. Merge allows combining two or more cards into one thus avoiding conflicts. I will switch the class master view, unpin unscheduled lunch cards for the 6th graders and drag them into the timetable. Now,
there is an empty slot here so this shouldn’t create a conflict. But how come
the Notification panel shows that I’m creating conflict in the Cafeteria, OK,
let’s open the rooms extra view to get a better overview. There it is.
Conflicts are not always easy to spot because one view might be error free
whereas others might show conflicts. Of course you can start the generator to
resolve the conflicts. Well, no errors now, but clearly that’s not what I wanted to
achieve. Lunch cards are all scattered around. That is because resolving
conflict is a top priority for the automatic generator which results in
moving the cards elsewhere. So I will do it the proper way this time round. I will
undo the last change, right mouse click any rotated card and choose Merge. All
conflicts are resolved now, plus I have taught the generator that these activities
should go together. Perfect! Next, let’s switch to the teachers view to schedule
a teachers meeting. I will unpin the unscheduled cards and drag them to the
empty slots. Again there are conflicts reported and I
can see them in the rooms view. Another way to resolve the conflicts is to make
a rectangular marquee around the meeting cards and pin them. Pinned cards are
excluded from the Notification panel as the software assumes that you know why
you pin them. Better yet, I will unpin the cards, right mouse click and Merge.
Generally, when an activity requires two or more resources it’s recommended to merge them into one activity with more classes,
groups or teachers involved whenever possible. The other option is to pin the
conflicted cards. Cards can be merged into one if they are on the same
position have the same subject, length and rooms, but different teachers, classes
or groups. Otherwise, Merge will not be visible in the context menu. Split is the
opposite of Merge and if for some reason you want to change the grades involved
in Physical Education you can split the card into several ones. Right mouse click
and choose Split. Finally, I’m going to add a different grade and choose Merge

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