13 thoughts on “How To Make Progress When Paying Off Debt

  1. I don't have debt and I still have a hard time working 6 to 7 days a week. I'm stilk having a very hard time. I save, but it's still hard. Don't listen to the hype about debt. Debt or no debt. It's hard.

  2. I heard canceling credit cards was a bad thing because it drops your credit . You'll also have less lines of credit which is a no no. Is that correct?

  3. If she's unable to move/get a roommate or pay the car off she should create another income stream 💰

  4. Great video again Chris! I remember what it felt like myself to be stuck in debt and not being able to measure the progress to a level I wanted to. The reality I found though is, and what I teach in my weekly videos, is that the small measurable steps we take consistently to win with money DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and you will look back after you are debt free and say ITS WORTH IT. Great video Chris!

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