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Hi I’m George Peirson and in this Photoshop Elements panorama video we’ll be doing a panorama here, but a vertical photo merge instead of a horizontal photo merge. I have these three pictures over here and we’ll merge these into this one vertical picture over here on the right hand side. Okay let’s get to it [Music] Sometimes you have to combine multiple images together in order to get the shot that you want. In this particular instance I was at the Huntington Library their Chinese garden and that’s in Pasadena California it has this real nice waterfall here it’s got a rock feature waterfall you look right back here there is a little bit of a railing right there in the walkway the walkway goes in behind the waterfall and then comes out right where I’m standing on this side. So you can actually look behind and look out of a hole in the rock which is kind of right in here kind of hard to see there, but there’s a hole in the rock right there you can look out and look through this waterfall at the gardens outside now the problem with this is that there’s almost no room inside here I have my back pretty much up against the back wall in order to get this shot and it’s too tall for me to turn the camera sideways and get a nice shot I would but cut off the bottom of this and cut off the top a little bit so what I had to do was to take three shots. Do the top and then I did the middle section and then also I did the bottom section. So I had to combine these three together. You know the best tool to do this kind of photo merge panorama is of course using one of the guided edits a photo merge got it entered here inside of Photoshop Elements it takes a lot of the work out of that but there’s a problem the photo merge doesn’t do vertical photo merges so we have to solve that little problem first let’s see how that works this close this one down now the problem with that is that when I move the camera to look up here and then tilt on to look here and then tilt down to look here there’s a slight parallax ship it’s like in the perspective from cooking the camera up to tilting it down and that slight shift in the perspective gives us a bit of distortion in the images now Photoshop Elements do the best that it can to adjust that Distortion okay now to make a vertical panorama since it the program it only does horizontal panoramas we have to do is to turn these images on their sides easy to do click on our first image and then down here in the options way down there at the very bottom click on that one again there we go let’s click on rotate I have two options here you have rotate left or rotate right I’ll do rotate left go to our next picture same thing rotate left in next picture rotate left now for this to work you have to save these pictures first and then you can do the photo merge the photo merge panorama tool won’t work on an unsaved image so you have to save your images so we’ll go up here to file save and I’ll save these has a different name do file save as I’ll put them into a different location and give them a different name so I keep the originals untouched ok let’s go ahead and do that and I’ve already done this once of course to give you that sample at the beginning so I have these with a dash one after lemierre’s one there’s one and there’s one so for this new set I’ll just give this a dash two numbers I know which ones I’m working with there’s a dash to choose save these are JPEG images so I’ll set this at the largest file size maximum file size and cheese okay first one done through our second one same thing if I’ll say the house they save as guarantees that I’ll be renaming this file it is important and in putting these into their own folder here vertical panorama folder again just for organizational sake there we go and our last one file save as back into that folder and then add the two at the end here – two and save and again go clear the top on that and she’s okay alright so they’ve all been saved now and I can go ahead and do the photo merge now it’s underneath the guided edit right there and then under photo merge over here and then when you want to see photo merge panorama which is right there the bottom one now to do this come down to the photo gun at the bottom click on the first one hold the ctrl key down and click on your next images so they’re all selected and then click on the photo merge panorama now it’s only going to show you one image it actually puts these together in the final product so you’re not gonna be seeing anything here you could do for and after like that eyes are showing them vertically on the screen you won’t see all your panoramas so you know don’t worry about that this will work out fine on the right hand side over here you can choose the kind of panorama that you want there’s an auto perspective cylindrical spherical collage and reposition I normally let it go for the auto and it usually picks the perspective as the option that it tries on that and that’s normally okay it will put in potentially a little bit of distortion on there you can try the other ones if it doesn’t look good sometimes these will give you a better more realistic look but in this case the perspective worked out fine which was the auto obviously that tap auto and there’s some settings down here you can choose to blend images together then yet remove I’ll leave that alone geometric distortion correction we can try that to see that helps in a little bit and content-aware fill transparent areas this can also help to extend the image a little bit now you may need to tweak this afterwards but this should get us pretty close notice down here that the panorama will be created in the expert view so take over to expert view when you’re ready to go just click on create panorama and it’s going to go through the process now of making this panorama image now it does quite a few steps as you can see here it takes all three pictures puts a minute repositions them and then it’s going to figure the whole thing out once that’s done in Italy sideways you’ll need to rotate the image again because of course the images are sideways as well but use it as a very good job in aligning them right now and it filled initial areas and there we go there is the panorama you can see the area that it filled in up here that’s that content-aware fill and that looks really nice and I think we’re okay on that one so looks like a good job if you’re happy with this you can go ahead and click on save or you can just take it over to expert mode right here there we are expert mode let’s now rotate this around I want to rotate this to the right this time little arrow right there and to the right and there’s our rotation okay let’s get this thing down to a size we can actually see it a bit better in here yeah that’s whatever zoom tool we can close these down now we’re done with those files in there close that down you know the zoom tool is pull out a little bit until I get this zoomed out and let’s just float that window if this is large as we can just about there you know a little less zoom okay that just about fit that’s close enough all right now what you want to look for in here notice here’s the original three images and they have these mats placed in here and it goes through it finds the parts that are overlapping and tries to adjust the geometry tries to adjust everything to make it all work it then combines those or merges those into a new layer up here and that’s where we did that content-aware feel that gave us that new layer if I didn’t do that we would only have these layers and it would look like this we’d have you know pretty good but we wouldn’t have this combined merged content-aware fill ishes and as it saves us a couple of steps in there now you want to do is want to take a look at this and look for any problems in here along where the images might be overlapping sometimes this works out great sometimes it doesn’t work out quite as well it depends upon I don’t know how it’s feeling that day but I have had this come out where they’re just off a bit and needs some tweaking keep out real nice list I came by real nice and Clint’s I think we’re going to be okay on this one so there you go that is how you do a vertical panorama inside of Photoshop Elements and the whole trick is to rotate your images first save your images the rotated images you can then do that photo merge panorama and then rotate it back again once you’re finished and to get the best result here I don’t really like to do those couple of steps the adjust geometry which helps a lot and also that content-aware fill for the edges kind of just finishes things off now if you liked this video make sure you hit that like button and of course share with your friends and also subscribe as well and if you want to learn all about how to use Photoshop Elements not just the one tool I showed you here but all the tools over here left-hand side all the panels on the right hand side all the menus everything then take a look at my complete training course and there’s a link for that right down there in the description thank you for watching my video I hope you found it useful if you like this video click on the like button below to let others know you can click the subscribe button so you don’t miss any of my videos in the future and frequently uploading new training videos don’t forget to check out my website at houck aguru zeng calm

11 thoughts on “How to Make a Photoshop Elements Panorama Merge – Vertical Photomerge 2019 2018 15 14 13

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  2. Great tutorial.. I tend to forget about the built in guided edit features, so this was a good reminder for me. As always; Thank You so much for your hard work with these tutorials, they definitely makes my editing life easier.

  3. George, great job on the photo merge especially the rotating on the side to create a new perspective. That can be a really big help in a lot of situations. If you are in a smaller room, you never can get into a position to take a shot of the whole room, it just is not big enough. Same goes for a car interior, you get a much more inclusive photo using this method. Thanks for the idea and the run through, just helped create a lot of new ideas putting pictures together. I shot a nice picture of a cow the other day but really wanted to include all the cattle in the background. This would be a good way of doing that.

    Unlimited potential, thanks for all you do!


  4. Excellent tutoriel as usual, George. I have never considered vertical panorama – not sure if I have ever felt the need for it! But, the technique you used to overcome the standard horizontal panorama, together with using.the content aware tool, worked so well. Many thanks.

  5. Hi George and thankyou so much for your great tutorials. I am having a number of issues with elements 2019. Recently I tried to do a photomerge as you have instructed but it crashes out every time it gets to the stage of putting the pictures together. I have now lost my editor workspace altogether and it will not open for anything. It is not the first time that the programme has crashed and I have had to start over. Have you any suggestions as to how I can get the editor workspace back and what may be causing the crashes?

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