How to Leave Your Job and Eliminate Your Student Loan Debt! (For Millennials)

– If you’ve already
gotten a college degree, you have some student loan debt, and you have a full-time
job, then you’ve already been screwed over and most likely,
for the rest of your life, you are gonna be in debt unless you do this one simple thing. How’s it going online
entrepreneurs, my name is Ryan Walsh and welcome back to my
channel where I help you master social media in order
to build a business online. You see, this right here is
the average student loan debt that most college grads have
after graduating college within the United States. It’s about $38,390 and most people repay this student loan debt within 10 years. So it doesn’t really seem that bad, especially when most
college grads get a job that pays them about $40,000 a year. And yes, on the surface,
this definitely seems like it’s doable and you
can definitely pay this off within 10 years, and not have any debt for the rest of your life, right? Well a lot of people
actually completely forget about a little thing called life. Now we’re always taught
by our parents that life gets in the way sometimes,
and you’ll get some unexpected expenses down the road, eventually. Because most of the time,
you can’t really plan for those things and
you’ll have to just save some extra money on the side to actually have money to pay those things off. Except, I’m not really
worried about those expenses, I’m actually worried about
the ones that most people generally have and it
is expected to happen one day within our lives. Say you just got your brand new job and you have to make sure
that you can actually get to your job, so what are you
gonna do for that commute? You’re gonna go out and
you’re gonna buy a car, which is what most people do
right when they get that job. Well guess what? That car is most likely
gonna cost you on average of $33,560, and this
isn’t including insurance, gas, or just overall
maintenance of the car. That’s stuff that’s gonna
happen later down the road. Then maybe you’re a year
into your job and you say, “Hey, I actually wanna move
out of my parent’s house. “I wanna go and get an
apartment for myself.” Well guess what? The average cost to rent an
apartment in today’s world is actually $1,400. So you can really say that
that’s about $16,800 per year. Also, you can’t forget about that wedding that you’re gonna have, maybe
in your late 20s or early 30s, that’s gonna cost on
average about $30,000. Then you both are gonna
wanna get a brand new house, and you’re gonna wanna
move in and guess what? That’s gonna cost you about $289,000. Then you’ll have some kids
and you’ll have to be able to afford all the stuff that
they’re gonna need to succeed, along with saving for
their college education. Also, by the end of all this,
you are suppose to be saving for retirement, because if
you don’t have enough money, then you can’t really retire anytime soon. And you’ll be working until
you’re probably 80 years old. And this is why I’m saying
that we are actually screwed and most likely, you and I
are probably gonna be in debt for the rest of our lives. Now I don’t want you to be
scared or anything like that. But I do wanna make you
aware that the American dream that our parents were talking to us about our entire lives just
isn’t really there anymore. Instead, the opportunity to go to college and get that degree and
then you’ll have a great, full-time job and you’ll
be extremely successful and financially free down the road, that just isn’t real anymore. However, that doesn’t mean
you’re completely screwed, because there is another
way to get out of this. And yes, you can leave the
job that you absolutely, can’t stand anymore, or
there’s an opportunity where you can work to make
your dreams come true, instead of somebody else’s. And this may shock you a little bit, but the first step to really do this, is to not quit your job. Yes, I know that sounds
a little weird to say, but please do not quit your
job without a backup plan. Listen, most likely you’re already in debt and the worst thing that you could possibly do is quit your job. Because not only are you gonna
put yourself through hell financially, but also the
people around you are gonna be affected by this as well. This could be your parents,
maybe your siblings, maybe your husband, wife,
boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever. You’re most likely gonna be
putting them through hell, because how it works with
the student loans is, if you can’t pay for that,
then they go to the next person that co-signed on that loan with you, and then those people have to pay for it. And that’s not fair to those
people, because guess what? They didn’t sign up to go to school. Instead, you went to school. You got that education and now it’s your responsibility to pay it off. And I don’t want anybody
pointing the finger and saying, “Oh, it’s this person’s fault, “they told me to go to school.” Guess what, it doesn’t
matter at the end of the day. At the end of the day, your
name is on the dotted line and you are responsible for that debt. So what you really needed to do is actually stay at your job. Yes, you have to push through hell in order to get to the
place you really wanna go. And when you get home from
work, you’re actually gonna have to work on a skill that
can actually bring you money. So what you really need to do here, is actually stay at your
job, and whenever you get off of work, or maybe it’s the weekends, you’re gonna have to work on
a skill that’s gonna be able to bring you money further down the road. You need to invest in a
course, or maybe even a mentor that is gonna teach you
to a high demand skill that is going to be able to
solve a problem for someone. Basically, it’s just a skill
where you’re gonna be helping high ticket clients and
you’re gonna be making a lot of money doing this. But exactly where are you
gonna be finding these people? Well, it’s gonna be through social media. Imagine that Instagram or
YouTube is like a town. And then your channel or
your page is basically, just that small business within a town. Now imagine that these towns
have 100s or maybe even 1,000s of people that need your
help to solve their problem. And these people are gonna be paying you 1,000s of dollars for your services. Well guess what, now the
sky is absolutely the limit because not only are you
gonna be able to payoff your student loans, but
you’re gonna be able to payoff all that debt that
you’re eventually gonna have down the road, but also,
you’re gonna be able to create the life that you’ve always wanted, where you’re gonna be making
other people’s live better, and your own at the exact same time. If you’re lookin’ for a purpose
or maybe financial freedom, most likely you’re not gonna be finding it the traditional route anymore. Instead, you have to think bigger, and you have to become
an online entrepreneur. This is exactly why I started my channel because I wanna help people get out of their nine to five
grind and actually create a business online where
they literally cannot wait to get up every single morning and live out their day
and live their lives. I want people to feel
like they’re on vacation every single day, and that’s
just the reality of their life instead of waking up every
single day and just feeling like they don’t wanna get
out of bed because they don’t wanna go to their nine to five job because it’s just a huge
burn on their lives. For a lot of people, it feels like they’re just on a treadmill and there’s no end to this nine to five job,
and they feel like they can’t get to the place they really
wanna be within their lives. Life is short and I know
that you want a life that’s better than the
one you currently have. The only question is, are you
willing to put in the work to actually attain that life? If you are, then be sure to
check out this video right here that talks about exactly how to build a strong personal brand on social media. But thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in the
next video, bye bye.

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