How to Finish Making Multiple Certificates FAST with Mail Merge

Have you ever been tired of making a certificate? Just like making a “certificate” on a student, then another page for another student, then “copy-paste” the entire layout and change the names, or any variables. Then suddenly there were changes and you’ll have to change everything from top to bottom. I’m so tireeeeeed.. Oh no. It will not happen again after you watch this video. In this video, I’ll show you how to finish creating multiple certificates in a convenient way through the Mail Merge. What is the Mail Merge? Mail Merge is a Microsoft Word feature that uses “data source” to send a personalized letter or email to many customers, people, etc. without the hassle of doing the same letter for many customers one by one. By doing so, the process of making a letter or email will be faster for many customers. What differs are the variables like the Name, Address, Contact Number, etc. How to do it? First, make sure your Microsoft Office is installed, especially Microsoft Word because this is the application we will use. And if possible, download a Certificate template sample or create a custom layout. Once you’re done, Go to Mailings Tab and Click Start Mail Merge and click Letters. Then, click Select Recipients, followed by Typing a New List. And make some column changes based on variables to be used. The variables you will use depends on what information is required in the certificate. For example, in this template, I can add “Full Name”, and “Grade and Section”, as this is the only requirement of this certificate. If the certificate you want to take is from competitions like this, You can add rank, what competition he/she have joined, etc. variables that suit the needs of the certificate. To do this, click Customize Columns, delete unnecessary variables or columns and add requirements or rename some of them. Once you’re done, click OK. Then, type the information. After creating an entry click New Entry to add another and more until you finish typing all the entries. You may also press on the keyboard Tab after typing information on each column. In an event that the last column is and you clicked “tab” on keyboard, it will automatically create a new entry. In this way, the process of creating entries will speed up. Then click OK. Okay, moving on. A window appears where the data source file is saved. You can put it in “My Documents” Folder. Or you can create a new folder exclusively for “Data Sources”. Create a title of the Data Source File so you can not forget what the content is, and click Save. If you want to edit the list, you can do this by clicking on “Edit Recipeint List” click “Data Source”, then click Edit and you will be returned to the window where you entered of the information. Okay okay. What’s next? Highlight the appropriate area for the specified variable. Click “Insert Merge Field”, select the specific variable field and click “Insert”. It will be restored to other variables until you’re done. You can click the “Preview Results” to see the individual information based on what you typed information earlier on the “Recipient List”. Yes! We’re finally done. Wait a minute, how do we print them? The Printing Process via Mail Merge is somewhat different compared to normal documents. In this case, click Finish and Merge, and click Print Documents, then a small window will appear. Select a specific button to continue, if you want to try a letter, you can choose from 1 to 1. If it is, print everything or choose a specific entry range such as 2 – 3 out of 4. After that, a Print Window will appear. You can choose a printer, configure the properties if necessary, etc. Then Click OK to print. I hope you have learned the process of making Certificates in a faster and easy way. I’m Feel free to LIKE, COMMENT if you have any questions or feedback, SUBSCRIBE if you want to see other videos on this channel. And of course do not forget to SHARE for others as well to see the faster process of making multiple certificates. That’s all for now. Thank you for watching, until next time. Good bye!

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