How to create address labels with a Mail-Merge with Excel and Word

hi everyone this is Brad in today’s
video I’m going to show you how to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to
make labels it’s pretty easy you’re gonna have to use first name last name
address city state and zip you have to have these labels going across the top
and you’ll see that in just a little bit make sure to save this on to your
computer somewhere you can find it I’m gonna bring up Microsoft Word I’m gonna
select mailings and I’m gonna select start mail merge from there I almost
like labels now in this case I’m gonna use the Avery 5160 you can select your
label vendors here and the product number that goes along with one the chat
I’m gonna select okay and now what I want to do is I want to select
recipients and use an existing list I save this on my desktop as example for
mail merge and then select open and select okay alright so now what we’re
gonna need to do is run it have to insert merge field this is where those
first name last name comes into play so I’m just like first name space last name
and I want to select enter address enter city space state space and then finally
zip now what I want to do is I’m gonna preview these results and you can see it
looks nice what you can do is if for some reason if you forgot a comma you
can put that comma in there and come back up
highlight where you’d like to and then you can change the font size the font
style so on and so forth to fit your needs now if you like the way that looks
which you can now do is select update labels so there you have your label
ready to go you now need to say finish and merge and select edit individual
documents select okay and there you have it you can now save this onto your
computer I’m just going to call this example so I and I’ll put it on my
desktop select save and there you have it and you can print these out and use
them as you need to if you have any questions let me know thanks for
watching take care bye bye

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