How to Avoid Foreclosure | How to Stop Foreclosure | Pre Foreclosure

How to avoid foreclosure? How to stop
foreclosure? and pre-foreclosure? Rob Sanders here with Quick Green Now at QuickGreenNow.Com First, let’s get a better understanding
of what a foreclosure is. A foreclosure is when a bank takes back a home after one
fails to keep up with their mortgage payments. Between days 30 and 90 of missing
the mortgage payment expect a drop in your credit score between 40 and 135
points! hmm! Which will be viewed as derogatory
on your credit score for seven LONG years . And destroy almost every ability to secure
any type of lending. Did I mention you lose all your equity? All of it! All of it! You keep none!
Then the sheriff waits until all your neighbors are watching because who wants
discretion? Who wants discretion? And they’re going
to tell you you’re trespassing! I’m trespassing? How I’m trespassing, this my house! This my house! And
you need to leave before you go to jail Why would anybody wanna go through that? Hmm! So
how can you avoid or stop a foreclosure? That’s where we step in! We’ll purchase
the property by taking over the loan, making up all the back payments, which
brings you current and stop the foreclosure! We’ll agree to a price and
terms and cash everything out once the terms are completed. It’s really that easy! Visit the website,
that’s Quick Green Now at QuickGreenNow.Com That’s QuickGreenNow.Com Submit
your information and let’s stop this foreclosure. Once again,
I’m Rob Sanders with Quick Green Now at QuickGreenNow.Com and when you’re
ready to save your equity, credit, and stop your foreclosure, remember Quick
Green Now at QuickGreenNow.Com “Get Cash for Your House Fast”

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  1. Very informative! I never knew how much of a hindrance foreclosure causes! I don't ever want to experience this headache! Thanks for sharing!

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