How to apply for Mortgage Deferral Program?

Who qualifies for mortgage deferral program? How to apply for the program? Is it interest free? How skip payment or hold payment programs are different from the deferral program? Today I will give you details about government emergency programs implemented to ease financial impact of covid-19. Subscribe to my youtube channel to get the latest updates and put like if you find this video relevant. The first and foremost DO NOT miss payments intentionally until you are approved for a program by a lender. Remember, It’s your legal and contractual obligation to pay them back Not only the large six banks are managing this program. Other lenders also have their offers in place. So far the mortgage deferral program is applicable for insured loans only It is approved on a case by case basis not everyone will get deferral Only people who are facing financial hardship will be eligible for this program If you don’t qualify for this program but still interested to improve your cashflow watch my video on how to benefit from low interest rates The deferral program is announced with an eligible period of Up to 6 month term not necessary mean all 6 month Deferral is not interest free. It comes at cost During deferral process borrowers required to pay their tax portion The interest will accrue and will be added to mortgage balance That means your mortgage balance will increase interest rate will be calculated on the new balance which will result in a longer amortization and higher cost of credit borrowers need to qualify under their lender’s internal guidelines first In it’s turn, The lender will gather confirmation from mortgage insurer There is a process behind this type of application and it takes time Eligibility for this program is on case by case basis The deferred amount in total with current balance can’t be higher than original mortgage Application deadline – September 30th 2020 Once you get an approval for deferral program get confirmation from the lender that no missed payments will be reported on your credit bureau See also the list of phone numbers for lender customer service hot lines in this video description Leave a comment under this video what is your experience reaching out to the lenders right now Skip or hold mortgage payment programs are similar to the mortgage deferral program with the difference that they do not require insurer approval and have different amount of payments a borrower can postpone They also come at cost and need to be approved by your lender Katie Shen Your trusted Mortgage Consultant

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