100 thoughts on “How the Government Botched the Coronavirus Response (LegalEagle’s Real Law Review)

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  2. Sorry Legal Eagle. I was going to share this video on my social media feed but I thought against it. Whoever will benefit from this already know you’re right. The rest will just ignore it because it triggers their cultist Trumpist sensitivities.

  3. Fun fact: In California aerospace manufacturers are considered essential personel because of military reasons, this is an EXTREME biohazard risk because of the stealth period of the virus, pretty sure everyone at where I work has it by now.

  4. I hope someone reads this with more reach! This is the advice the US govt got from MITRE! They did not act!!!!!


  5. I'm not convinced that disbanding the Pandemic Response Office was because of budget reasons. Trump has been willing to waste plenty of tax money of other stuff. I'm pretty sure he dismantled it because it was something Obama created and reversing progress made under Obama is pretty much the Trump administrations primary motivation.

  6. The photo of Kushner you used at 12:00 makes him look like a Bond villain. Appropriate, because he is a Bond villain in a family of Bond villains.

  7. There was a term in Age of Sail naval law, I believe- "Hostes Humani Generis". It meant "Enemy of All Mankind". It was used to refer to pirates, as stateless individuals who could be attacked/killed by any country's ships. But I've always thought it was a good descriptor for people who willfully help spread a pandemic (or climate deniers).

  8. Well its the Democrats who are blocking actual aid packages to the American people. The Republicans and Trump have tried to help but they get criticized every day by the biased media and by the Democrats.

    Perhaps your own bias is interfering with your opinions here.

  9. It has changed from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks(on a surface).* See Diamond Princess inspection update, Folks this isn't going away. Especially not by April…

  10. Everyone's talking about Italy, meanwhile China's making well over a million body bags. But hey nothing to see here. They knew what was going on as well as how bad things are. Just a question of if we will really know what really happened.

  11. This isn't trumps fault, he isn't in charge of handling pandemics, it is a bunch of people who has to agree and get along for this to be stopped. No one could have predicted this trump was in the right, no one could have prevented this either.

  12. this is hardly objective, you're OBVIOUSLY a libertarian or liberal the way you talk about him and defend obama.

  13. Lol yes, Trump, we are all trying to destroy the country. We hate Republicans so much that we are rooting for the plague?

  14. Because you can't actually see your hands for most of your gesticulating, it looks like you're just kinda wobbling back and forth while you talk for no reason lol

  15. Just cut the mikes and cameras on tRump and his administration (excluding Dr. Fauci). They offer nothing but distraction and are a waste of time while others at State and Municipal levels are working to handle this crisis. We'll get more done without them.

  16. Can you do a video about how house arrest actually works? Like I’m pretty sure Ant Man and Wasp got it wrong since he literally couldn’t go onto his front steps never mind going to the store or anything….

  17. I have a question so tony stark was in the process of creating ultron when ultron awoke and killed thousands so my question is would tony stark and. Bruce banner be liable and face the consequences of ultrons actions @legaleagle

  18. Isn’t it ironic that Trump’s opposition accused him of overreacting, and racism, when his administration took initial steps to halt travel from China? I wonder if any of those people are in this comment section now?

  19. OBJECTIONS: Multiple
    1) Trump wasn't unwilling to do widespread testing. Back in February the CDC began making the first virus kits, though the first batch was botched. Then there were supply line issues with the first functional batch. As of today, the date of posting, our rate has exceeded korea's by a significant amount. Trump did not decline the test, his CDC did, after reports of false positives. This was not Trump's fault.
    2) The terrible reporter comment has context. The reporter was being accusative of Trump, implying that his reason for calling the virus chinese was racist. This question was an unfair gotcha. I am not saying trump wasn't out of line too, but being a political ass is something I also take issue with
    3) Objection with the titling of the video. You said this is a real law review when this is just your criticisms of Trump. As a creator you have every right to voice your opinion but I came expecting a review of whether he has acted consitutionally or not, and what is within his power as a president to do.
    4) His reason for not invoking such acts as the defense production act was a perspective of not invoking federal powers as much as he can avoid it. If he can talk to industry and convince them to do it, he would rather do that than force it. Sure enough, that is what he is doing. You may disagree but just because a law exists doesn't mean he is wrong for not invoking it. That is a difference in opinion.
    5) If you watch the whole speech, he clearly said "All of europe excluding ireland and the UK" in that very speech.
    6) As of the 25th, Insurance companies are offering free testing.. it was sooner but I dont remember precisely.
    7) Adding in side points like looking at the sun during an eclipse and shaking hands when he said "I am expected to do so," are nothing less than attempts to further paint a picture of trump that you want us to see. Again. You have your opinion and that's fair, but the one case at least has nothing to do with the virus, and the other one has nothing to do with the response, as is the title of this video

    On the general, criticisms of the narrative are fine. But if you look at their actions, they have been on the ball of the virus since the end of january with the travel ban. The only thing you mentioned related to the virus response, as is the title of the video, was the initial testing issues which were mostly fault of the CDC and not trump. His prior cut to the CDC is worth noting, but there is more nuance to this. In that the exact job of the pandemic department was the handling of foreign aid in overseas epidemics- not a direct detriment to our own resources. Ebola was also never really a pandemic risk

  20. Objection: Your video has too many facts and not enough gut instinct, irrational optimism and conspiracy theories.

  21. Objection: The President and Vice President said two weeks ago there would be one million tests, and the following week that it would be expanded for four million tests.

    The defense calls Pepperidge Farms as a witness. They remember.

  22. Incorrect data on testing. As of 21Mar the US tested 173k now do not clap your hands, that was yhe numbers to date 2mon after we knew it was coming. That is less than .01% of our population. Still unacceptable by any measure.

  23. We are going to get through this or die. Thats the outcome. Think of the virus as an invading army and that army will either let you pass, beat you up or kill you. You know it doesn't like older people but it might not "like" you, or your kid. You dont know who its gonna kill or beat up. And our government…think of their steps if it was an invading army, one you could see. You feel its actions or i should say lack thereof, sufficient? Exactly.

  24. We all need to stick together. By staying the heck away from each other. Brush off your antisocial tendencies. Shun your neighbours and start giving each other the cold shoulder. United we fall divided we stand!

    Also go out and give blood when you have the time. They still need the blood but nobody wants to go out and donate in the current crisis. And if this continues to get worse they are going to need a stockpile.

  25. Think about what you are saying. The President attempted to prevent panic because this virus is not as serious as it has been portrayed. What has caused issues is the damage that panic has caused; What happens when you scare people and get everyone to storm the grocery stores? Ask yourself who caused the panic.

  26. I love how polarizing China versus the United States handling of this Outbreak.

    China was squashing the medical experts speech to keep it quiet, I'm guessing because the communist regime running the country would see it as a sign of weakness?

    The United States has literally everyone else in the world yelling at them as well as medical experts yelling that the CoronaVirus is indeed a thing and the Trump administration's response: Lalalalalalala I can't hear you! If we don't hear it then it'll go away!

  27. Yesterday, I saw that Trump has the highest job approval rate. I wish that I could get the hardcore Trumpers to watch this. Not that it matters; I've heard some Trump supporters already making an excuse for him: "How was he supposed to know what was going to happen? He's not psychic! He's a good man and the best President ever!" Dumbasses.

  28. The president can definitely let other decide for them, letting someone else take the lead on a particular issue is itself a decision. However, if the person left to make that decision turns out to be incapable of making the right decisions, that's ultimately the president's responsibility, because the president appointed that other person.

  29. If you are going to be this critical, you should consider being accurate e.g., WAPO did a comprehensive article on changes in the NSC including the reorganization and who made the decisions (Bolton), the way you frame your sound bites may fit your narrative but it mischaracterized what took place.

  30. not exactly sure why america isnt nuked already unless the conspiracy of there being a one world government is true then it continue to commit its atrocities as it always has

  31. This is a biased attack.

    For example, while I blame Trump for the lack of testing, his fault was in not checking, not the lack of test kits. Laws required the CDC to make the tests, and when they failed to make the tests, they didn't ask for help. Finally a national emergency was declared to cut the red tape. The president should have checked on the bureaucracy. But it is understandable that he expected the bureaucrats to do their job, or at least cry for help when they failed. Still, the buck stops at the president's desk.

    LegalEagle doesn't like the president and doesn't include exculpatory evidence. He pretends the president is responsible for a virus when God is the responsible party.

    LegalEagle is very good at presenting his (or presumably his client's) position, but seems to have trouble seeing other people's positions.

  32. well thats true, there are tons of freakin old people here that keep shopping while they should stay fuckin home… hate them so fuckin much for ignoring the rules

  33. It's a cycle: (1) Trump gives a speech to charm people; (2) Health Experts, Reporters, State Governors and individuals complain he's not doing enough or acting quick enough; (3) Trump turns to the wrong people.

    And it goes on.

  34. Not defending Trump and I don't think the guy is a bad reporter but a question like "What do you tell people who are scared" can be kind of baiting and nebulous. I don't see the question's relevance to the material circumstance. And, it seems as if the question is posed with an intention of leaving room for spin.

    What sort of answer does the question illicit? Probably something to the effect of "Hang in there with us America. We have top people working on this." Essentially answering an immaterial question with an immaterial answer. An immaterial answer leaves one open to interpretation and typically critical public spin.

  35. Buddy, I have never seen cleaner or smoother transitions to sponsor information than in this channel. You are an absolute master. I love your content, and I find that you're almost always dead-on, but the segues are your real genius.

  36. That's because America is well known for ignoring other countries and their methods, believing that Americans are the only ones capable of making the right and wise decisions. Well, turns out… not really.

  37. I think we can all agree that the response from this administration has been unprofessional, but, what would qualify its response to be criminal? Could it be considered criminal?

  38. I like how when Trump says he say he knows nothing about it at about 4 minutes in, Pence just winces and turns away.

  39. Given how many Americans clearly want the world to burn… i watch this feeling that i am clearly watching bravery… 'See Something/ Say Something' … The elected American President is a moron and the US is about to become… … … (looking for the right way to say this) … a footnote in history… Please.. if you… if you can… fight this Moron/Dictator with every fiber of your being. For now that means ignoring Potus and instead doing what the rest of the world is doing… so you can live to outlive the poor saps that follow him. Mr LegalEagle … you are a true journalist Sir… I salute you.

  40. "Not one man in a million could do what you and I have done. Command a starship. A hundred decisions a day, hundreds of lives, staked on you making every one of them right." –Commodore Stone to Captain Kirk, ST:TOS, "Court Martial"

  41. "What would you say to the millions of Americans who are scared right now?" "I would say you're a bad reporter."

    …seriously? I mean, I'm not surprised, but… seriously? That's not even just deflection, that's a totally disconnected non sequitur. It's like, "What would you say to the woman whose house is on fire down the street?" "I would say I like apples and am wearing a tie."

  42. Objection


    Creation of a Material Fact.

    Improper Character Evidence.

    Downside risk for trump? minimal. wont be arrested for anything

  43. Trump can't even tell the truth about trivial matters . He lied about where his father was born and thousands of other silly things . Why in the world would anyone believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He has an illness called being a pathological liar . He needs professional kelp . The intelligence level of the average American is still on a rapid decline . They could use help too .

  44. You should do a story on the legality of these "stay at home" orders vs. Cerfew vs marshal law. Also explore the legality of how long they can enforce these rules.

  45. "I'm not a fan of keeping people around when we don't need them"…. But Trump would never have the balls to say that to the US Military complex.

  46. I like your legal videos, but here you go well out of your expertise. Your information about budget cuts to the CDC are inaccuate, they were merely cuts Trump wanted, not cuts he got. The coronavirus lives on hard surfaces well past 2 days. Etc etc.

    I say this as someone who is very much NOT a fan of how Trump has "handled" the situation, I've just double checked most of the claims I've read or seen.

  47. I am LITERATELY in pain from witnessing the complete and utter level of fking stupidity and shortsightedness of trump and his moronic administration.
    I'm going to go and take a pain killer…

  48. Objection! Lack of Foundation!
    Hello there, Social Studies teacher who teaches a Trial Advocacy course and would like to use your video for my distance learning, BUT I wanted to know where you got all your information, where are your sources? Thank you, Mrs. Z.

  49. I love how Trump never takes responsibility for the wrong decisions he makes, not! All I can say when it comes to Trump is “let them eat cake.”

  50. Frankly my family is braced for longer than A month, and Costco has been handling this better than the other stores, so I would say go to them.

  51. Buck stop here except when it's about responsibility.
    Trump and his supporters shine the brightest when they're passing the blame to somebody else.

  52. Trump is correct in saying that our nation's response is unprecedented.

    It's unprecedented for there to be no response.

  53. The information about CDC funding cuts are false, he proposed it, but it haven't been approved by the congress – https://www.factcheck.org/2020/03/false-claim-about-cdcs-global-anti-pandemic-work/

  54. I would love you to review this: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-lawyer-larry-klayman-sues-chinese-government-over-outbreak/

  55. @LegalEagle Quite a partisan attack for someone that is telling it "straight". Listen I get it you prepped your speech to the jury conveniently "keeping it straight" while avoiding discussion of positive steps the government has taken to only highlight negative aspects.

    TLDR: Essentially you are acting as though the means justify the ends. Trump is acting on the basis that the ends do not justify the means. That is why Trump has stated "We can't let the cure be worse than the problem"

    Cities and states taking the lead: yes that is called localism (republicanism) why should Trump in Washington tell California what is best for a specific location? Generally people on the ground and closer have a better idea of what response to take…

    Part 1: preparing to fail… you mention much of Muh cuts" to funding caused pandemic is terrible reasoning as there is no evidence the pandemic would not have continued similarly if cuts were not made. All this does is highlight a bias that is believe that money solves all problems.

    "cut all the people that wouldnt be surprised by the epidemic" Um are you not going to mention that CPP was lying about the CPP virus and managed to have WHO saying there was no person to person transmission into late February?
    Are you going to mention that the President was also under a partisan and merit-less impeachment effort during the start of the CPP virus beginning to spread. Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) would have been crying dictator if he attempted to prep for virus.

    Part 2:
    Again local is better than far off as EU is learning right now (as nation states rise out of the over bloated corpse of the ineffective EU)
    Complaining about Pence: Smoking doesn't kill you right. You are attempting to equivocate prolonged smoking causing lung cancer (and other such diseases) to saying Pence says smoking doesnt kill. You are being extremely dishonest/disingenuous in your reading to score a "win". Yes prolonged smoking is not good for you, but you should also be free to do so. Furthermore, smoking a single cigarette will not kill you anymore than pretty much any other activity. By your logic breathing is deadly because eventually you will die from breathing (cellular respiration can lead to mutations via free radicals in incomplete oxidation of water and cancer…..). The point you appearing to push Pence is religious and therefore cannot be scientific. Either way you have made an extremely weak argument when you could have just stated that he wrongly stated that anyone could be tested.

    Questionable method of obtaining information, did they work or not? Did they get used or not? Its a nice story and set up to try to establish a background of incompetency and chaos but it doesnt actually prove anything in terms of policy. This is irrelevant information unless it was used and did not work…

    Part 3:
    So now if senators or congressmen/women leave DC its trumps fault?
    Should it be classified or not is a discussion, I hope you are not falling on the side of declassify everything? To what purpose?

    You seem to be latching on to uncertainty and blaming Trump for not having all the answers right away. It is expecting too much… Why would Trump know how to operate a drive through testing clinic? Obviously (as with any president) they would have someone to plan that… its reaching mate.

    Conclusion: But some how the dumb american just dont agree with you on the presidents handling of the the China's People Party virus/ commie virus. Please spare me the "narrative" as you dress in a suit and wear your make up… You are operating on the leftist top down approach that the government can solve most/all problems. Furthermore, you are operating based on a belief that Lock in place is the way forward when other research has suggested that more people have been infected and that herd immunity will be better.

  56. Hi there, long time viewer, first time commenter! I would like you to break down the CARES act that the senate just sent to the house. CNN posted the bill, and I trust you to break it down for a line dog (chef) like myself to understand! Thankyou!

  57. I think Trump "tried" to cut funding from the CDC but was not successful. https://www.factcheck.org/2020/03/democrats-misleading-coronavirus-claims/

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