How do I merge multiple sites into a single site?

Today’s question comes from
Dearborn, Michigan, where Ryan wants to know, if one wanted
to combine four different sites into one site, how would
you go about doing this? Well, let’s answer for
the easy case. Let’s suppose you have domains
A, B, C and D. And you want to combine everything on to A. So
in that case, what I would do is you’d use 301 permanent
redirects. And I would probably
start with the lowest traffic domain. So imagine that D had
the lowest traffic. I would send D to
be a subpart– that is go directly to the right
part of A. So maybe make a new subdirectory and put
the content there. And then, don’t just redirect
everything to the root of the new location, redirect
them on a page level. But basically, it’s absolutely
possible to combine the stuff. I would just start with the
lowest traffic domain, and then work your way up until
you’ve combined everything under one umbrella. Now if you’re moving four
domains on to a completely new domain, I’d make sure that
you’ve registered it, it been around for a long time in terms
of not just being a parked domain, or something
like that. And then, again, start by trying
to redirect using a 301 or permanent redirect from the
lowest traffic domain. And what you want to do
is don’t just move everything at once. Move it in stages as you see
the transitions go well.

1 thought on “How do I merge multiple sites into a single site?

  1. It's definitely the most viable thing to do. Using the 301 is the safest way to go about merging multiple sites. Just make sure that you DO NOT redirect all of your old links to your new homepage. It's makes for a lousy user experience.

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