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Is your house not selling? “Why won’t my house sell?” Is that your question? That’s what we’re talking about today, and we’re gonna get started right after this. ~INTRO~ Hi, I’m Kim Ward welcome to my channel, I’m an expert at helping executors, administrators and trustees with homes in probate in San Diego.” House not selling. Why won’t my house sell? Let’s talk about that. These are the top five reasons for you to consider
#1 photos and marketing. A buyer’s first look at your house is most likely online and they’re looking at the photo supplied by your real estate agent. I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve seen sideways or really tiny or with the toilet seat or with the pets and the sellers in the photos. A poorly marketed property starts with bad photos. So, what’s important
is to get professional photos once the house is properly prepared. That way you’ll get
more buyers into the house to actually take a look at the interior. Now marketing, it’s
really important to have your property on the market all over the Internet, including
sites like Zillow, and trulia, and That’s how a lot of buyers learn that the
house is on the market, also having a well-placed sign with some sign writers giving information
about the property at the property is super important to! #2 pricing too high for the
condition of the property and the location. When determining the right price for the property
you should be looking at sold homes within half a mile of the subject property. You want
them to be relatively the same size, and condition. The selling prices tell you what buyers are
willing to pay for the location and the size and the amenities of the particular house.
When looking at a house that’s move-in ready, versus a house that was built in 1964 and
is pretty much a time capsule from 1964.There’s a big gap there. You have to look the photos,
you have to determine really what has been done to house number one versus house number
two that really needs to have a lot of updating and may have a lot of deferred maintenance.
These things affect the bottom line pricing, when pricing too high, you’ll have less buyers
come through the door. When pricing too low you’ll have tons of people come through the
door and possibly multiple offers, and that may give you a and a chance to negotiate up
from there, but pricing slightly below market value, I believe, is your best option. You
get people in the front door that are serious about buying the property and you get reasonable
offers in a place to start negotiating #3 accessibility to the house. And how
does it show. Does it show well? or does it show poorly? So the first thing is to make
sure you prepare the house as well as possible within the budget and time frame allowed,
I believe, in cost-effective repairs. When a property just needs some carpet maybe a
little bit of paint. I don’t believe in rebuilding kitchens and bathrooms. Quick story, I’m helping
to sell a property, in San Diego. And we determine that the market value if the home was in moving
condition. And I’m not talking perfect, I’m talking moving condition. The price would
be approximately$680,000 and for that $680,000, my recommendation is approximately $25,000
and repairs. This is the number that the seller asked me to provide to them. And I have done
that, I also provided them with the is number of $630,000. And so, after doing all the calculations
it turns out that there would be about a $20,000 difference. So, now the seller has to determine
whether they’re going to take the risk of putting $25,000 into the property to try and
get that higher price or sell as is at a lower net to the seller and the estate. So let’s
talk about accessibility. That means buyers need to be able to get in the front door.
It’s important that there be a lock box on the front door that is easily accessible by
licensed real estate professionals.If there’s someone living in the home, we have to have
a broad timeline of when people can show. Now the way we set this up in my office is
that we have the buyer’s agents, let us know approximately when they would like to view
the home and then what we do is text the person who’s living in the home and say, “Hey can
I be shown between 2pm and 3pm tomorrow afternoon?” as soon as we receive the text back saying
yes, then that is a scheduled appointment. What you don’t want is to have very limited
times that people can come and view the property. Remember, you’re not the only home on the
market and if buyers and their agents can’t conveniently see the interior they’re just
gonna move on to the next property, and you don’t want that to happen. #4 incomplete property
information, or community information. What does that mean? I’ll tell you a quick story.
I just called an agent yesterday on a house that I saw, I was in a really good price range
for one of my buyers. When I spoke with her, I asked why, had the property been on the
market so long and she said it was because the home had foundation issues, so I said,
“Oh so do you have information on that?” And she said “Yes, we do, we have a report”
and I asked if it was attached to the multiple listing service, which is how I do things.
And she said “No, I just send it to agents that have an interest” So, of course that
makes things more cumbersome and inconvenient for the buyer’s agent. But I asked her, Okay,
so do you have a price to repair the foundation issues? And she said “No, she doesn’t have
that” So, you know what that makes me not even want to start trying to show the property
’cause I don’t have proper information on what it would cost to make that home. So,
because I don’t have proper information from the listing agent who should have done her
research and got a price on how to correct the foundation issues to make the household.
Another thing is not having the proper information for homes that are in homeowners associations.
It’s important that there be information saying what the rules might be if they’re really
specific or how much is the monthly homeowners association fees, things like that. Giving
the buyers agents and their clients, your home buyer, the proper information is key
to getting people more interested in the house. And finally, #5 is having chosen to work with
the wrong agent. Sometimes sellers pick an agent, because they like them, and they think
they’re gonna do a great job. They don’t do the research that they should on how other
people have experienced working with that agent, or whether that agent has worked within
their community, how many homes has the agent helped to sell in the last year? What type
of communication does the agent have? Remember, what I just shared about the agent with the
house, with the foundation issue? That’s improper communication techniques in my opinion. You
want someone that’s going to work hard to get what you want, to find out what’s important
to you, and to give it to you. So, those are my top 5 reasons that your home may not be
selling. Thank you for watching. If you found this a value give me a thumbs up, and if you’d
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21 thoughts on “House Not Selling | Why Wont My House Sell

  1. Thanks Kim for covering the issues that sellers may encounter which keeps their homes from selling. Having the proper information, such in your example with the foundation issue or information about the HOA is really important to provide early in the process. You know buyers will want to know – so have the information available.

  2. Those online photos are so crucial, as the "first impression". (It's a shame that so many realtors don't do this first marketing step right!)

  3. We had one home that took a long time to sell and all of these tips are helpful advice. In our case- it was just a very specific buyer profile for a unique (and expensive) home. This is great information!

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