6 thoughts on “Hertz Files For Bankruptcy Protection Due To Drop In Travel

  1. Businesses have suffered a brutal bludgeoning from Beelzebub. Even at $2.00 / gallon the 24/7 Satan stuff & restrictive executive orders from Governors with pierced nipples hover like barbed wire over the bewildered masses. A surreal Satanic Kafkian damper is imposed on lighthearted dilly-dallying to diverse familial & business destinations. A macabre & garish theatre of "viral" Satanic madness worldwide. Avon calling? That was then in the good old days. Sylvester Satanicus is calling now. 👹(COVID19)

  2. Right because they're trying to get us to not travel and they're probably forcing all of these car sharing companies to drop their business, because of this human killing virus that's been exaggerated. This is ridiculous and after Hertz it's going to be other companies, you people better start speaking up before you're literally under Plato's rule!

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