Happy New Year….

Happy New Year here we are
January 1st and it’s become a bit of tradition for me to shoot a little video
and get it out to you on this day you know really to kind of frame the year
ahead so not only is it a new year but it is a new decade and you know I just
wanted to kind of talk for a minute about something and really kind of look
at you know like success has to happen between the ears before it can you know
ever happen you know in our business and in the marketplace right our business
can only ever grow to the size that we do so we have to always be investing
expanding new thoughts you know lifting our business maturity and a mental
maturity and when we do that of course it’s gonna mean that we make better
decisions smarter decisions and that’s going to be reflected in our business so
this is just a moment where I want to teach a bit of a framework to you to
kind of get you to self-audit to get you to think about how you think about and then if effectively I’ll put some thoughts on the end about some new
ways that you can think of do that’ll help you set up a better year you know I
meet a lot of people who kind of brag to me you know I’m 20 years in business or
I’m thirty years in business and when I quiz them and ask a few questions I
realize they’re not twenty years in business they’re 1 year in business
they’ve just photocopied it 19 more times they haven’t grown as a person
they haven’t grown as an entrepreneur they haven’t necessarily grown their
business and I think that’s a tragedy right I think you and I need to
go for everything God’s got for us and to do that we’ve got to expand the way
we think have thoughts more like his and then you know the outworking of that is
going to be a better business so in this video I kind of want to go back to one
of my favorites which is Matthew 10:16 and you know it’s it’s a part of
scripture where Jesus grabs his disciples together and he says alright
guys I’m giving you the you know the pep talk
before I send you out and he says to them I’m sending you out as sheep
amongst wolves now I don’t know that that’s not a particularly
inspiring statement right I’m sending you out a sheep
to an animal that eats you but he goes on to say so be make sure you are as
gentle as a dove but also as shrewd as a serpent and so I want to take that as a
framework and look at business through those lenses and then and kind of teach
the good and the bad in that regard you know you’ve probably worked out by
now if you’ve been in business that the business world is generally corrupt
self-seeking we call it Babylonian by nature it’s a model built on
self-interest screw everybody me over you I’ve just got to get ahead and I
don’t care how much collateral damage there is on the way through so that’s
the actual world that we are called to be in but not be called to be of and so I just want to have a look at you know the way that you think and see if
there is a way that you can improve so I have done just a basic X and a Y-axis
here you know in kind of like personal development world this is
called a Johari Window and effectively we’ve got the serpent down the left and
we’ve got the dove across the bottom my biggest apologies for that as a piece of
artwork I failed out at school and now you can see why so as I chart these of
course just to kind of explain what this is you know the people in this top left
quadrant they are high in their serpent but they are low in their dove because
they’re not past halfway across here they’re high in serpent but low and of
these people in the bottom left-hand corner they’ve got the worst outcome
they are low in their serpent and low in their dove all right and then on this
right hand corner here on the bottom we’ve got people that are low in their
serpent but they’re really high in their dove and that’s where most of you are
going to fit and then ultimately the name of the game though is to be in this
top right quadrant where we are high in serpent and high end of what do I mean
by those two you know the characteristics of the dove they’re
obvious right kindness grace mercy turn the other cheek you know almost being a
doormat to the business world and so forth and by the way there is a
time to be all of those things but he also says go and be the serpent what are
the characteristics of the serpent they are to be calculated right to have
almost that killer instinct to not be taken advantage of and you know to kind
of be on guard all times and Jesus says to his disciples you need to learn
how to be both of those because so many situations are going to come up where
you need to decide which one you need to be so I wonder if you were to chart
yourself here I wonder where you sit very few of you would be in this bottom
left-hand corner where you are not very good at either okay you would probably
index and default one way or the other you’re probably in one of these two
quadrants here you you’re either really serpent so you do the calculated driven
get it done you’re either more that way inclined but the majority of you guys
that are watching this would be in this bottom right-hand corner you are really
good at the dove you are you know you are always letting people kind of take
advantage of you you’re always taking that you know the humble road you’re
always you know kind of playing small not necessarily maliciously but just
kind of playing lowly and let me tell you that the world will fully take
advantage of you if that’s your default obviously the ultimate outcome is to
be in this top right hand corner where we are very high we know how to be very
assertive in the serpent we know how to flick that switch and become like that
have the killer instinct fight for profit but we also know how to be very
good at the Dove and and how to extend that grace and to allow
you know circumstances to arrive and so forth right that’s the ultimate game is
to be very very strong in both and knowing which situation you’re in
requires which trait so let’s kind of drill that down into well
what’s the downside of both of these the downside of this one is you should
probably get out of business if you find that you’re in this bottom left-hand
quadrant I reckon the best thing you could do is go find another vocation right you know one where you’re in a tight bubble
and everyone’s Christian would be ideal because then you can get away with
being like that ultimately we want to be up here but let’s kind of look at these
right the downside of being high serpent and
low dove is that very kind of person is so task driven that they kind of they
contend to put God off to the side actually and just say I need to do it
I’m doing it in my own strength and in a way it’s the end justifies the
means I don’t really care if there’s a few
people that got hurt along the way I don’t really care if you know if I upset
some people as long as I got my outcome that’s people that have over indexed in
their you know in the serpent what is a gift has now become something that is
detrimental it’s the downside of being like that but what about the downside
here the downside of being the dove is that you’ll never fight for profit
you’ll never have the hard conversation with a team you’ll never push
back when the market wants to you know take everything off you and you’ll
always have a hard luck story people will take advantage of you systems will
take advantage of you organizations will take advantage of you
and you’ll never actually get ahead because you don’t know how
to fight for what is actually yours that’s why we’ve got to have a beautiful
blend of the two you’ve got to have that humility and that grace and that
kindness but you’ve also got to have that drive and that assertiveness and
that killer instinct because when you put those two together you become
unstoppable so here’s my question for you January 1 where are you sitting on
the on the framework and what do you need to change I want you to think about
what you think about where you’re sitting and what needs to change so that
you’re 2020 is not producing the same results as your 2019 anyway if you like
this training there’ll be lots more of this coming up at Kingdom Business
Summit just wanted to put that on your radar two days of practical business
training if you can find out more by going to www.KingdomBusiness.com.au there’s
a crazy offer there at the moment for you but either way just take five
minutes now pen paper notepad however you do it and just think
has been my thinking up to this point and what needs to be my new thinking
moving forward because that’s gonna reframe the way you think which is gonna
reframe your actions which is going to produce a better business anyway I hope
that this was valuable put a comment in the comments below of your biggest
take-home I’ll read them and I’ll reply to you real soon
see ya did you know that this show goes onto facebook it goes onto YouTube it
goes on the Instagram it goes onto iTunes and it goes onto LinkedIn do me a
favor would you tell more people about the show so that I can spread the
message love you see ya

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year….

  1. Thanks Wez. Not being afraid to flick the switch into a HS when required would be a take home from this video. Love your work

  2. Thank you Wez. You described me to a tee….. It's definitely time for things to change! Looking forward to the summit!

  3. Thanks Wez. Great reminder and really interesting to actually write down what has been my thinking and what it needs to be. Feeling very blessed! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Refelcting on what you mentioned in Adelaide and here: Let''s aim high together being determined to having Prayer Base, (preferably with others), pressing forward towards fresh goals by faith, claiming the new clients before the enemy attempts to rob you, practicing wisdom in love and giving the glory to the Lord when prosperity is manifested. Thanks Wez for being a proven pioneer in the faith, I am using the Lord's principles and applying them in my business and it is actually working already and made a difference. To God be the glory and looking forward to hearing more at the summit.:)

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