Google Keyword Planner Tool – How To Merge GAKP CSV Files Free

if you’ve seen the previous videos in the
Google Adwords Keyword planner training series you know that we’re now getting
four times as many keywords back using the very same input terms just by
understanding exactly how the Google Adwords Keyword planner works but once you click this download button here and you downloaded the csv files what do you do with all these files
because they each contain about 700 keywords a piece there’s some overlap
between the different terms and so you gotta work through that so what I’ve gone ahead and down this I’ve asked my developers here at MarketBold go ahead and create a tool that will
merge and remove the duplicates from the csv files that google adwords gives you
so if you head over to i’ll put the link below in the description and you’ll see a tool that looks just like this all you need
to do is click on this browse button here and you’ll need to navigate to the
folder where these files are that you downloaded from the Google Adwords
Keyword planner you can just simply click and select them all the same time and click
open you’ll see here now says 12 files selected because I tell me i selected
and then I just simply click here to process and download as soon as I click
that this tool is taking all those files taking all the keywords to search volume
cost-per-click that all the information that you got back from the Google
Adwords Keyword planner and it’s actually removing all the duplicates and
putting into one single file so you can actually work with it and then you
simply just need to save the file to your computer and once you do that we’ll
go ahead and do it here for a second and then once you save it you can open it up
and you’ll see here we now have a file here opened up in Excel and you’ll see
we have all these keywords that we got back there’s a total in this list of
3,796 just because i only downloaded 12 files from Google Adwords Keyword
planner you can download as many as you want to put it through this tool is just
going to save you time and from there you might want to take it into a tool
like keyword grouper pro and break it down into the individual groups i hope
this has been helpful for you if you like this video and you appreciate the
tool we’ve made for you go ahead and give us a thumbs up or subscribe to the
channel for more videos just like this and if you haven’t seen the other videos
will walk you through all the steps on how to use the Google Adwords Keyword planner
you want to check those out as well so go ahead and use this tool to increase
the profits of your business and help it grow

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  1. This free tool will merge your Google Keyword Planner Tool .csv files into a single file, and remove the duplicate terms while still retaining the search volume, cost per click, and competition data in tact. You can use it free at

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