Fresno councilman will propose end to shelter-in-place law

Ten weeks ago,
we started this whole issue with COVID-19. And it led to the shelter in place
what we’ve called the lockdown. At this point we’ve called house arrest. But we were under the shelter
in place in order to make sure that we didnt
overwhelm the hospitals. And that was the purpose,
that’s what we were told. Wanted to flatten the curve and
show we didn’t overrun the hospitals. Well, we didn’t overrun the hospitals. We basically had a hotspot in New York. Certainly didn’t have
anything here in Fresno and in fact, Saint Agnes furloughed
doctors and nurses, about 200 of them. Now that shelter in place wasn’t removed. In fact, it’s continued to
be extended here locally. Now as a result of the lockdown and
nonessential businesses being open we have seen 33 million
Americans put out of work by government. We have seen 20.6% unemployment and at the Great Recession in 2008,
the highest we had was 10%. There’s going to be furloughs
there probably will be layoffs. There was in 2008 and
we’ve already doubled that number. There will be reduction in services. Right now, we have people that
can’t answer the 911 calls, sometimes from five to ten minutes. Now, Fresno’s shelter-in-place. It’s been extended a number of times,
most recently till May 31st. It’s been arbitrary, it’s been
irrational and its caused tremendous confusion of residents and
people in neighbouring cities. As I said the mayor extended
the shelter in place May 31st and it caught others completely off guard. It caught council members off guard
because they expressed they didn’t want it extended to May 31st. It caught his task force off guard
It caught the incoming mayor of guard and we’ve also seen
very Draconian code enforcement actions taken place amongst a lot of
businesses almost 40,000 dollars in fines. We saw what took place at one
business the Waffle Shop where a patron who is expressing
support was put in handcuffs and eventually his threaten a pending lawsuit. We’ve seen tremendous anger and
frustration across our city, and this is what it’s about. It’s about our citizens that we represent
people who just want to go back to work. Make a living. Put food on the table. We’ve seen pet grooming
stores here closed. But ENVI, Salia and Clovis, they were
open, auto showrooms closed in Fresno. They’re open in Clovis. Gun stores closed in Fresno. They’re open in Los Angeles. Golf courses closed in Fresno. They’re open in Madera,
Fresno County, Sacramento. Parks are open and many other communities,
they’re closed in Fresno. When the mayor and
the council, with their support approve the May 31 extension in place,
they put in some additional orders. One of the orders that again is
very arbitrary makes no sense is that one customer per person. For 500 square feet in a business
that makes absolutely no sense. It doesn’t exist in Wal-Mart,
home Depot, Lowe’s, go check it out. People are shoulder to shoulder, and yet
that’s a mandatory requirement not being enforced as was being enforced
with the owner of Waffle Shop. But it’s not being enforced. And yet, it’s on the books, it’s
mandatory, and the new businesses have to figure out a way that are opening to
allow one person per 500 square feet. It’s arbitrary and
it’s not being enforced. The mandatory wearing of masks
subject to misdemeanor penalties You’re in jail or thousand dollar fine. There is no science to back
up making it mandatory. The CDC does not make it mandatory for everybody to wear masks if you
wanna wear a mask, that’s fine. But if you don’t want to wear a mask. You should also be fine. The county of Fresno
does not make mandatory. The CDC does not make it mandatory but
in the City of Fresno it’s mandatory and it creates tremendous confusion and
concern for people. Now what we need to do is
we need to continue to do what others have done that
have been very successful. We need to continue to isolate the elderly
and those at medical risk with problems. Particularly those in nursing homes and
those with compromised immune systems. We need to end that end
the unconstitutional lockdown and house arrest of healthy people. The arbitrary unconstited decision making
of which businesses live or die must end. And by the way the quarantining
the lockdown of healthy people for months at a time has never ever
happened in this nation’s history ever. So I’m gonna be bringing
legislation forward to repeal all the city of Fresno emergency orders. All of them. It’ll be on the agenda for next week. What that will mean is that if
the council supports it, and I encourage them to do so,
the shelter in place will be removed and we will be like every other
city in Fresno County. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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