Fisher Futures: Preparing finance leaders

Students need a competitive edge to get
into the investment banking industry. Fisher Futures is that competitive edge
for Ohio State business students. Instead of having these students compete
alone against some of the top students from universities across the globe,
it creates the power of a group to truly leverage everyone’s knowledge and
everyone’s support to have each student become an extremely high-performing
top candidate for the investment banking or private equity industry. Banking interviews are extremely
technical, so, it’s being in that cohort but also just the class — it’s always
kind of quizzing you on it. Students in the program receive access
to financial modeling certification and are also enrolled in a program to help
them understand the concepts of valuation and financial analysis. The
Fisher Futures program also relies on peer networking, for example practicing
technical interview skills through mock interviews with seniors who have
completed the program. So, the Fisher Futures class is a great
way for you to reinforce your technical interviewing skills. Not only do we go over
questions in class, but it also gives you an opportunity to meet with other students
in the program so that you can plan practice sessions outside of class to feed
ideas and practice questions with them. In my internship this past summer,
a lot of the compliments I got were how far advanced my technicals
were beyond these Ivy League schools who don’t really have that training. The Fisher Futures program develops and
encourages networking strategies essential to landing an investment banking
internship. The program also coordinates trips to New York and Chicago where
students visit 10 to 12 firms and have the opportunity to connect with
alumni working in the industry. I would not have been able to become
the top tier candidate that I think I am and perform at the highest level
without reaching out to the alumni. The trips to New York and Chicago really
helped me connect with Futures alumni in person. I’d talked to a few on the phone
before or through email and it was nice put a face to the name and really have
a conversation with them that wasn’t separated by a computer screen
or telephone. Ohio State stands out because we work
harder than anybody else in the industry and that’s how you really prove your
name. So to get into Fisher Futures you really need to have that grit and
that drive and I think that it’s really cultivated within that cohort. The Fisher Futures program has been
successful with students accepting jobs and internships with
over 60 different companies while we’ve expanded the alumni base within
the investment banking industry.

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