100 thoughts on “Find out why ‘Hardcore Pawn’ star left it all to chase her dreams

  1. I wish I could say to Ashley that compared to the people in the show “my 400 LB life,” she is nowhere NEAR over weight. There are actually people who can’t even get out of bed in the morning and have to bathe themselves with wet rags.

  2. She "walked away" lol? TruTV cancelled their show because they moved to almost exclusively comedy-centric programming. They don't even show RERUNS of hardcore pawn

  3. She's the perfect example of why its so difficult to work with women, her own family couldn't work with her.

  4. she's horrid to watch on tv…….horrible tv personality, since i don't see how she is in her private life, the tv show is what i base my honest and humble opinion lol

  5. These people acted tuff because they had someone to make sure they don't get hurt plus they new they where on TV I doubt seriously they act that way on real pawn shop they do make a living exploiting the poor but that is all pawn shops

  6. She does not have thick skin. A customer made a harmless joke about her and she refused to do business with him

  7. That woman is a dragon.Her voice is like someone scrapping their nails down a black board.She one ugly thing and she knows it and her family knows it.If she wasn't then why did she as a baby have wooden shutters on her pram.Oh and her father Lez admitted she was fed with a catapult because of her looks as a baby.Her brother once said of Ashley that she would scare a buzzard off a carcass she's that ugly.Glad the public arent forced to watch her horrid features every day.

  8. It’s shocking that so many people think who she was on the show is who she is in real life. The show was heavily scripted. So if you hated her character it doesn’t mean you have to hate on her personality.

  9. Love her and she looks amazing and the way she lights up when talking about her family. I was a huge fan of Hardcore Pawn and still watch it to this day with all the reruns being played and I always got a kick out of her and her brother Seth fighting because it reminds me of my family, we fight sometimes and at the end of the day we all have each others backs.

  10. She’s not rough or tough. She has body guards you can see the fear in her eyes sometimes… but in reality anyone can pull out a weapon and hurt her or something …..

  11. Ashley had to walk away from the spotlight because she was making a complete fool of herself. Some of those ugly ugly expressions on her face or so disgusting to watch and her Imbecilic attitude was disgusting as well.

  12. slagged her old man about Burmese ruby then stole his thunder………..you know fcuk all about anything rashley, stop making on you do, ye jumped up road sweeper.

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