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anytime during the past four years i’ve
had desperate people call me to say thatthey were in need of a Fairfax Bankruptcy Lawyer Chapter 13 their house was facing foreclosure just
a few days we save their home and put them back on
the path to stability through chapter thirteen bankruptcy filing chapter thirteen typically will last for
three to five years there’s numerous reasons where someone might file one east of the more popular chapter seven one reason like a pointed out is to stop
a foreclosure through chapter thirteen you can propose
a plan to get caught up in your mortgage Fairfax Bankruptcy Lawyer Chapter 13 and take up to five years to do it another reason apollo thirteen might be the make too much money to
qualify for chapter seven or perhaps you have a lot of property that can be
protected and the chapter seven and would be taken by the trustee reminder of the i_r_s_ a lot of money in
those taxes wouldn’t be discharged in stone of thirteen will be a way to make
payments to the i_r_s_ or discharging on your other debts whatever the reason
chapter thirteen can be very complicated and it’s not done right even cost
yourself a lot of money or worse have your case thrown out Fairfax Bankruptcy Lawyer Chapter 13i’ve been found chapter thirteen xfer
clients from last ten years now and like to change the topic you about
your case call me today for a free consultation and let’s sit down to discuss what needs
to be done to preserve your property and give you a fresh start call or email me today Fairfax Bankruptcy Lawyer Chapter 13

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