ENG SUB《全世界最好的你 The Best of You in My Mind》 EP21 | 林兮遲找到工作 卻又生了病

♪I’m hesitant to say it♪ ♪I still have something to tell you♪ ♪And what are you laughing at♪ ♪ Do you already know what I want to say ♪ ♪I pretend to not care about it♪ ♪and get rid of your sadness♪ ♪But I don’t want you to know what I want to say♪ ♪I suddenly become speechless♪ ♪You’re talking about your dream♪ ♪and crying so hard♪ ♪Missing you is like bird migration♪ ♪Birds who fly for so long
but never notice each other♪ ♪You’re like the summer sky♪ ♪and I’m the stars♪ ♪With you can I only shine♪ ♪and be important♪ ♪ I hit your shoulder on purpose ♪ ♪Listening to your reprimand♪ ♪It’s really sweet to care about you♪ [The Best of You in My Mind] [Episode 21] [Harmony Veterinary Hospital] Dad. Chi Chi. I heard you wanted to
work at a veterinary hospital. I’ve asked around. There’s an internship. The pay isn’t that bad. And you’d become
a formal employee after graduation. Really? Where is it? It’s nearby our place. A ten-minute car ride. Chi Chi, are you listening? Yes. Then what do you think? I think it’s not so steady for a girl to stay in Rong City. Come back to Luo City. I’ll take care of you. Dad. I know what you’re worried about. But you do know about my plan. I want to stay here right after graduation. I knew you’d say so. Give your mother a call. I think she has something to tell you. Sure. Chi Chi, here you are. Have a seat. What do you want to drink? The same as yours. Sure. Waiter, we’ll have one more cup of this. Sure. Chi Chi, I asked to see you today because… You want to ask me about Xu Fang? He’s gone abroad. And I don’t know when he’ll be back. That’s it. Then he wants you to keep waiting for him? It’s my decision to wait for him. My colleagues and I do know something about it. Even though he’s gone abroad for treatment, will he be recovered from target panic? I don’t know either. But this is our problem. Don’t worry about it. I know you’ve been blaming us for the divorce. But now you need to calm down. This is your problem. You’re at an important
turning point in your life. There’s no way we’re leaving you alone. It’s not that we don’t like him. But they’re a different story. He’s an athlete. His career depends on his age. Now that he’s got target panic, he likely needs to quit. Does he have any other skills? Does he? What will he do after entering society? How will he gain a foothold?
How will he support you? How will he give you happiness? Have you thought it through? Do you know what happiness is? Why can’t you let go of the past and forgive me? I’m truly worried about you! I couldn’t forgive myself! I always thought you abandoned me because I wasn’t good enough! I always felt guilty! I was so scared! I even became shameless enough
to fake your WeChat ID and talked to dad. But it was useless! I thought I didn’t deserve happiness and love. No. It’s not what you’re thinking. Because of Xu Fang. When I needed him the most, he’s always there for me. He made me realize that I deserve to be loved and happy. That’s how I could forgive myself. Yes. I didn’t do quite well as a mother. I made you lose many things. But you’re at the stage where you need to stay calm. You’re responsible for your future. I’m being considerate of you.
I want to take care of you. I don’t need you to care about me now! One last time! I’m begging you for one last time! Don’t interfere with the problem between me and Xu Fang! When I was having a hard time, it’s Xu Fang who held my hand tightly! When he needs me the most, I will never let go of his hand. I’ve just seen Chi Chi. She’s truly grown up. The biggest regret in my entire life is being an absent mother. What happened in the past, I’ve let go of it. Thank you very much. Thank you for raising them well. Chi Chi is a loyal kid. She’s not a selfish person like me. Chi Chi, you’re back. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I fought with my mother. I thought it was something serious. I fight with mine all the time. Here. Eating sweet things will make you happy. Here. Remember. Fighting is a communication shortcut. Are you trying to kill me? It tastes unusually good. It’s sweet. Hello. Is that Lin Xi Chi? Yes. This is Harmony Veterinary Hospital. We’re very glad to inform you that you’ve passed our interview. Harmony Veterinary Hospital? Is it the most well-equipped and
professional hospital in the city? Yes. We’re willing to recruit excellent interns as our medical reserves. Thank you. I’ll send you an email regarding the details. Please check it. Sure. Okay, thank you so much. Okay, goodbye. Harmony Veterinary Hospital
has recruited you? Yes. I thought it was a hopeless case. I was thinking if none of
the hospitals recruited me, I’d just keep working in the pet shop. I never thought of this. I’ve told you so. Eating sweet things makes you happy, doesn’t it? Good things happen when you’re happy. I’m going to tell Xu Fang
and Lin Xi Geng now. Should I fight with my mother too? You see, fighting would make me unhappy. When I’m unhappy, I’d eat honey. Good things would happen after eating honey. If good things happened, I’d earn a lot of money. Stop thinking nonsense. Why did you become a miser all of a sudden? Because we’re poor. I’m the nurse of this veterinary hospital. And we’ll work together in the future. My name is Yu Ni. Lin Xi Chi. Take this. [Intern, Lin Xi Chi] [Outpatient Dept] The air is so fresh. It is. It’s been a long time since you came out. Since you’re getting discharged soon, I’ll let you enjoy the
wonderful sunlight first. It’s such a beautiful place! I can go wherever I want. What a wonderful life. Once you get rid of the plaster cast, you can go anywhere you want. Are you still thinking of motorbike trip? I’m not sure. I might do something else instead. Suddenly I realize that whatever I’m going to do will lead me to different landscapes. Cycling isn’t the only option. Why are you always this chill? You’re always at peace with the world. How did you do that? I didn’t give much thought to it. It’s just that life is precious. We should live from our hearts. Experience the beauty of life and freedom! You can do it too. I can’t. I already have something I care about. What’s wrong? What are you doing? What are you doing? It’s no longer itchy, isn’t it? I feel much better now. That’s why you should stop being stubborn. What’s the point of being so? No matter how strong one is, he’d feel upset over things. Am I right? You… I’ll spare you. Can I ask you a favour? No. Can you stop flicking my head? I’m in my twenties. And you’re doing that. I feel embarrassed about it. But you’re still a brat. Wait for me. Give me some time. I’ll become an adult eventually. Is it still itchy? Here, please come on in. It’s a password lock? Yes. That’s so convenient. The French windows are so big. Since there’re so many cars
down there, is it noisy in here? No, it’s well soundproofed. Am I allowed to keep a dog? Yes. I asked the owner about this request. The owner is very friendly. Could I have this floor mirror? Sure, no problem. The bedroom is upstairs? Yes. I like this place. I’ll book it. Sure. We’ll sign the contract as soon as possible. Could I have a discount? I’ll apply for it. Dad. Don’t worry, I’ve fetched Fang Fang. It’s a good dog. I’m hanging up. Come, let’s go home now. Are you happy? [Nursing daily record]
[Pre-surgery] It’s too hot. A porcupine loses its quills from living in a hot and stuff environment. It’s crucial to keep it warm.
I read that on the internet. It’s going to die from the heat. Let’s do a test first. Sure. Chief Li. I found this at the entrance. Why does everyone see our hospital as a rescue station? You’ll handle it. I’m getting back to my work. Yes. Xiao Lin. Get it a check-up in the next room. If it’s infected with canine distemper, remember to quarantine it. You know how to do it, don’t you? Yes. Xiao Lin, starting from today, you need to work hard. You can do it. Come, let’s find out your weight. Come out. I’ll hug you. There, there. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. You can’t stop shaking. Are you scared? I’m going to weigh you. Be good, okay? You want me to hug you? I’ll hug and weigh you at the same time. Be good. You see, my weight is
deducted from this number. The remaining amount is your weight. See. Did you see it? Although I’m an intern, I’ll receive my certificate soon. I’ll be your doctor afterwards. But you’d better not fall sick. We must grow up healthily. Grow up healthily. It’s new here? It’s always been our patient. It took a lot of effort to get it cured. But its owner disappeared since then. And he didn’t pay for the treatment. You see, it stays in this box all the time. It doesn’t want to come out at all. I’m going to put it at the counter and make it as a lucky
golden coin tortoise and mascot. What say you? What’s its name? It likes eating watermelon. Let’s name it Watermelon. But we can’t let this watermelon stay here all the time. It’d be great if someone kind could take it in. Little Watermelon. Why didn’t you go for the physical training? I’m talking to you. Have you been practicing archery behind my back? Why can’t you listen to me? Get up. Let’s go. If I didn’t try it, how would I know if the physical training worked? And it didn’t work at all. My target panic is getting worse! The purpose of the physical training is to gain better muscle control. If you can’t forget what you learned, you can’t step forward. Trust me. I’ll help you to control your movement and change your focus. But you must have faith in me, so that I can help you. Please give it a thought. Give me my phone. It’s time for a video call. It’s at eight o’clock. Fang Fang, what is your brother doing? You don’t know either. Chi Chi, I feel rather tired. Let’s have a video call the other day. He feels rather tired? Stop it. Fang Fang, I’m not feeling well today. What’s the matter? Because I didn’t see you. If I don’t see you, I’ll feel unwell. Fang Fang, you’ve lost weight. No. It’s just that the diet here isn’t quite regular. Are you exhausted from the training? Chi Chi. If… This is just an assumption. If I didn’t get recovered from target panic, what would we do? You will. Do you remember you once told me about this famous athlete who got target panic too. And she got recovered from it after two years. She got back and became an Olympic champion. Your case is the same as hers. What if I were an exception? You’re not. But it’s okay if you didn’t get well. We’d stop practicing archery. You’d come back here. I’d be a veterinary and you’d be my pet. Stop overthinking. You need to rest well and eat on time. Eat well and everything will be fine. Look at Fang Fang. Fang Fang, come here. Good boy. Your brother misses you. Let him look at you. I’m hanging up. Fang Fang’s too naughty. Your brother will be fine, right? He’s as healthy as you. He’s a big eater like you. Silly Dog. Why? Why is he afraid of this target? I don’t believe it. Another one. [Paying Attention to the Body’s Distress Signals] I don’t know this Dr. Wang Xiao Yun. If she is a sport medicine expert, my classmates who study this might know this Dr. Wang. Xu Fang’s target panic doesn’t get better? Hello. Is this Auntie Liu? Yes, I’m Zheng Fang Fang’s daughter. I’m looking for Dr. Wang Xiao Yun. Do you have her address? That’s great. I’ll look for it. Thank you so much. Hello. Who are you looking for? May I know if Wang Xiao Yun lives here? Chief Wang retired long ago. She moved out after retirement. Then do you know where she moved to? I don’t know. Little girl, I can’t be of any help. I’m sorry. [Pre-surgery]
[Nursing daily record] [Secondment forms and printing papers] Doctor? Anyone’s here? Doctor. Could you open the door? What’s up? Doctor. Please take a look at my cat. We’re not open for business yet. The doctor won’t be here soon. I’m just an intern. Then until when do we need to wait? Ten o’clock. No, I… I’m afraid it can’t make it until then. Doctor. It’s been throwing up and having
diarrhea for one whole night. I’m afraid it can’t make it until then. Could you take a look at it first? I’m begging you. It seems to be having mild dehydration. Should I get it a check-up first? Sure. That’s great. Thank you so much. Give it to me. Stop looking at it. Go eat now. I don’t feel like eating. You don’t seem quite well. No one is taking it home? Its owner doesn’t pick up his phone at all. I guess he’s abandoned it. You applied for leave yesterday. Did you go to see your boyfriend? I had to do some business. You’ve been working here for a while. Why doesn’t he come here at all? He’s overseas. Overseas? Could he be some imaginary boyfriend? Why would I lie to you? Stop being nosy. Get back to work. You’ve fallen sick? I’m fine. I’m just feeling a bit unwell. Then stop working. I’ll help you apply leave from the Chief. I’m at Tianfu Great Wall Station. See you later. Chi Chi? It’s really you. Chi Chi, what’s wrong? Chi Chi! How do you feel? Much better. If it hadn’t been for me, you’d have fallen on the road. Is it because of Xu Fang? What are you smile for? I don’t understand you at all. No matter what happens, you always smile. If crying made me fine, I’d cry here and now. Fine, you win. I’ll get your medicine first before sending you home. And I’ll make you some porridge. It’s okay. You should get back to work. The doctor has prescribed my medicine. I’m fine now. Xu Fang’s not with you. I’m worried because you’re all alone. I’m an adult. Don’t worry. Take good care of yourself. I’m off now. Don’t worry. Take good care of yourself. Who’s that? Coming. Someone’s knocking on the door. Who is it? Don’t be afraid. It’s me. Come on in. Why are you here? Fang Fang. Xin Zi Dan gave me a call. How are you doing? Look at how excited it is. Let me see. It’s so hot. Have you taken your temperature yet? 39.2 degrees Celsius. How did you get this high fever? What are you doing? Put this towel on your forehead. But I use it to wipe my feet. You’re dying.
Stop minding such a petty thing. Fine. Where are the test results? On the table. You understand them? You see. High white blood cell count. You’re something. -You learned it?
-You have inflammation. In my bag. My phone. Get it for me. Here you go. Why don’t you pick it up? ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to make a choice♪ ♪It’s all warm♪ ♪and scattered anticipation♪ ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to make a choice♪ ♪It’s all endless♪ ♪yet ordinary courage♪ ♪Many have lost their loved ones
due to their hesitations♪ ♪They’re always helpless and in a hurry♪ ♪They’re upset all the time♪ ♪Actually, it’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to smile♪ ♪Without noticing it♪ ♪We always wipe our tears♪ ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to give a promise♪ ♪The regret from the past♪ ♪isn’t the present♪ ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to give a hug♪ ♪Our times♪ ♪shouldn’t struggle with loneliness♪ ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to love someone♪ ♪Even though we get hurt and separated♪ ♪they’re all the best parts♪ ♪in our lives♪

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