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♪I’m hesitant to say it♪ ♪I still have something to tell you♪ ♪And what are you laughing at♪ ♪Do you already know what I want to say♪ ♪I pretend to not care about it♪ ♪and get rid of your sadness♪ ♪But I don’t want you to know
what I want to say♪ ♪I suddenly become speechless♪ ♪You’re talking about your dream♪ ♪and crying so hard♪ ♪Missing you is like bird migration♪ ♪Birds who fly for so long
but never notice each other♪ ♪You’re like the summer sky♪ ♪and I’m the stars♪ ♪With you can I only shine♪ ♪and be important♪ ♪I hit your shoulder on purpose♪ ♪Listening to your reprimand♪ ♪It’s really sweet to care about you♪ [The Best of You in My Mind] [Episode 20] Hello, uncle. Let me take it. Dad. I want to stay and work at Rong City after graduation. I’ll rent a house there and bring Fang Fang over. You… Dad, don’t worry. I can take care of myself. Come here. Call me if there’s anything. I’ll come back and see you. We are leaving now. Do you know how a seahorse reproduce? The female seahorse leaves after depositing its eggs in the pouch of the male. The male is the one responsible for taking care of the offspring. My parents are a pair of seahorses. Lin Xi Geng and I were raised in our dad’s pouch. Do you still blame him? Not at all. I’ll never let my child go if I have one. I’ll stay with my child forever just as what my dad did for us. Get ready. Three, two, one. Cheese! Go over there. Both of you. I’ll take it. Go. Come quickly. Ready? Five seconds. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Cheese! Alright. Let me take a photo of you both. Let’s do a selfie. Let’s do it. Let’s take photos. Come here. Here. What’s wrong? I’m the only one left to study hard in my final year. No way. Take it again. No way. Looks like a wedding photo. Da Li. Guess what I brought you? I couldn’t. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Are you done? I know you can’t be there now, so I got you a graduation robe. Put it on. I’ll take a photo of you. Let me take a photo. Do I look nice? Yes. Here. Smile. Smile. Congratulations on your graduation. What do you want to do after graduation? I planned to go on a motorbike trip for a year after graduation. But look at me now. What’s wrong? You will definitely recover. You can surely ride again when you recover. Thank you. My sister. Senior He Li Yang, congratulations. Hello. Chi Chi. Congratulations. Be quick. Everyone’s there. Congratulations. I’ve sent Lin Xi Geng to take care of you although I can’t be there with you. What do you mean by that? I’ll be here even if you don’t send me. It’s so lively over there. I’ll let you see everyone. Hello. Hello. Get well soon. Bye. It’s so lively. Doctor Liu. Doctor. It’s my graduation today. Congratulations. You’re getting better. We can apply the cast soon. So you mean that she can get out of bed soon? Yes. Really? That’s great. Thank you, doctor. Thank you. It’s alright. That’s great. I can already feel my leg full of strength. I told you so. You can definitely recover and ride a motorbike. What should we do first when I get out of bed? When your leg recovers, I’ll definitely fulfill your wish. First of all, we are to go on a motorbike trip. I’ll definitely fulfill this wish. Yes! A motorbike trip! Eat more. Thank you. Come. Let’s have a toast to bless Xu Fang’s trip abroad. Cheers. Cheers. I want to have a few more words. Xu Fang is my best brother. I hope you can reprogram yourself abroad. I mean recover. Recover. After that, the team will give you
a reception party. Don’t get hooked to branded goods although you’re not as handsome as me. It’s expensive. Alright? Let me give you a toast. Come one. I’ll be waiting for you. I end my speech here. Lin Xi Chi. This is specially made for you. Isn’t it exquisite? Exquisite indeed. Let me wear it for you. Wear it. Why does it look like a dog tag? You are correct. But my Fang Fang likes it. Yes. I like it. I think he likes it too. Do you really like it? Is this a farewell party? Coach. They wanted to see you. You… What’s wrong? Are we not welcomed? Of course not. Xu Fang, how could you? You’re leaving without telling us? All of us wouldn’t have known what had happened to you if the coach didn’t tell us. Captain Fang, I’m sorry about what happened. Why don’t you choke me? What are you saying? Xu Fang, you must recover. We’ll wait for you to return. All of us will be waiting. Xu Fang, forgive me for nagging. A person’s experience is determined by the number of challenges he faced. An old coach of mine told me that a great athlete must overcome three challenges. First, fatigue and tiredness. Second, failure. Finally, sickness and injuries. You must overcome it. Understand? Take care out there. Just think of the pride that archery brings you, if you feel like giving up. Think of us if that doesn’t work. Yes. Think about us, and not only about Lin Xi Chi. We will miss you. Think about us. I won’t disappoint all of you. Jiang Zheng Xu. Give your blessings. Blessings… Waiter, bring me the menu! Here. Take a seat. Here. Find a chair. Coach, sit here. Sit here. Sit. Alright. Oh, wait. Wait. Give me a moment. What’s wrong? For you. What’s this? Future plans with Fang Fang. I’m going to the washroom. Where did you go? What are you doing? Went to the washroom. Why didn’t I see you? It’s over there. Write what you want to do on the book after I leave. I’ll fulfill your wishes when I come back. When did you know that I have this book? Why would you think
it’s possible to hold hands and kiss within one night? It would take three years
according to your plan. You… I thought the plans worked well. Turns out you knew about everything. I didn’t see it on purpose. You had my name on it. It’s still my secret. You can’t hide anything from me. Furthermore, who taught you how to conquer someone? I still succeeded anyway. It’s because I like you too. Otherwise, we won’t be friends from the day you started your plan. So what Jiang Zheng Xu said was true. You had a crush on me for a long time. When did it start? Tell me. I forgot. You… Are you telling? I’ll tell you if you let go. Really? Really. Tell me. I can’t remember. You… Think about it. Do you still remember the day
when you started to like Fang Fang? Do you still remember the day you wanted to become a veterinarian? It’s hard to give a clear answer. I like you. I’ve always liked you. So it’s not important to remember when I started to like you. ♪There are many stories♪ ♪Each of them is very memorable♪ ♪Which is the most important of all♪ ♪Those saying they don’t care♪ Why didn’t you wake me up? ♪are the one who cares the most♪ ♪We used to talk ♪ ♪We used to pretend
it’s all a coincidence♪ Look at this.
I solved it according to the example. Why can’t I get the correct answer? ♪We used to fight and reconcile♪ ♪But I forgot what I wanted♪ Give me a moment. ♪I forgot when it all began♪ What’s wrong? Why didn’t you ask me? Do you even know how to answer? I… ♪I still remember
every little thing you told me♪ I’ll study. ♪It’s the warm candlelight♪ ♪It’s our heartbeats and pulses♪ So it’s like this, right? ♪It’s brilliant fireworks and snow♪ So there’s not a particular moment for an important moment to happen. Since the day I moved and became your neighbour. Both our fates started to change. Why did you ask to break up? You’re the one who wanted to break up. You didn’t even try to get me back. I felt sad for it for days. ♪You should’ve known♪ ♪what I wanted to say♪ No one is allowed to say something like that again in the future. Alright? Whoever says it is a puppy. ♪Do you miss me♪ ♪I’m not confident♪ ♪But you still like me♪ You are so tall. ♪We used to fight and reconcile♪ ♪But I forgot what I wanted♪ Now it’s fair. Are you happy? Let me carry you. My bag. It’s alright. You’re so smart. You became smart after dating me. Isn’t it the opposite? ♪I still remember
every little thing you told me♪ ♪It’s the warm candlelight♪ ♪It’s our heartbeats and pulses♪ ♪It’s brilliant fireworks and snow♪ ♪Everything written in the diary
has come true♪ ♪What I can do for you♪ ♪might not be enough♪ ♪I will work hard on each of them♪ ♪But I will still remember
every little thing you told me♪ ♪We cried and we laughed♪ ♪We caused trouble and we had fun♪ Check and see if you brought your passport, ID and your phone. ♪The most important thing
is for you to be happy♪ Take care of yourself
when you are there. Eat your meals on time
and don’t stay up late. Tell me if you need anything. I’ll send it over. I understand, you too. Don’t underestimate me. Do you think I can’t do anything alone? I’m very capable. I know you’re capable, but don’t stay out late at night. Don’t run around. Look for Jiang Zheng Xu if you get off work late. I told him about it. Call him if there’s anything. You can go to the karaoke or drink if you’re in a bad mood. But only if you have other girls with you. I’m starting to regret it now. I’ll find two kidnappers to kidnap you home. Silly. Be good. I’ll be back soon. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of myself and find a decent job. I’ll be self-sufficient as soon as possible. You were always by my side when I was sad or unhappy. I think I’ve met the most precious of you in this world. That’s why I must be the best of myself, so I won’t disappoint you. Let’s go. You’re going to be late. Wait. One more thing that you need to promise me. What is it? Don’t fall for other guys. You need to think about this? Alright, I promise. It’s still raining. Let me take it. [Jiang Zheng Xu] [Xu Fang] Time flies. It feels just like yesterday when we met for the first time. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Are you Xu Fang? I need a new captain. Do you want to try it out? Let’s go! Let’s go! Xu Fang went abroad and left us here. What are your plans after graduation? I need to earn money to repay my family’s debts. Let’s go. Chi Chi. Has Xu Fang left? Cheer up. You still have tons to do. I have a list of hospitals for internship. We can interview together if you’re interested in. You’re so nice. Thanks to your Xu Fang who asked Jiang Zheng Xu to take care of you. It means that I have to take care of you too. So you’re only doing it because of Jiang Zheng Xu. I treat you nicely all the time. Right? Say it. Say that I help you on my own. Xu Fang left today. My most important wish for the upcoming days is to get a job, so Xu Fang won’t be worried. Excuse me. How can I go to this place? Along this street. You’ll find it. Thank you. It’s okay. What do you want? I’m sending Fang Fang to go with you. Hello, I’m Lin Xi Chi. An intern from Rong University’s
veterinary medicine course. I’m sorry. We are not hiring interns. Alright, thank you. Hello. Hello. I’m Lin Xi Chi. An intern from Rong University’s
veterinary medicine course. I’m sorry.
We are not hiring at the moment. Thank you. We don’t need interns. We’ll give you a call
when we need interns. I’m sorry, our pet shop
is not hiring at the moment. Hello, I’m Lin Xi Chi. I’m sorry. We don’t have
any positions available. You don’t fulfill our requirement. I’m sorry. Our hospital is not hiring anymore. Please give me a call if you are hiring. Sure. How is it going with your internship search? It’s going well. I got an offer after I went for an interview. I’m also waiting on a recommendation by my mentor. I’m still considering my options. That’s great. My Nie Yue is the best. -I wonder how is Xu Fang doing.
-But now… [Unknown Number] Hello. Mr Jiang, where have you been? Don’t think that we couldn’t find you
after graduation. You should know that you are shouldering your father’s debts. Can you stop calling him? Can’t you just collect your money? Who are you? I don’t want them to bully you. I’m alright. I just feel embarrassed that I can’t pay the money I owe. I know you mean well but I really can’t pay them back now. Get up. I said get up. We can earn money. Don’t give up. You heard me? You are right. We can earn the money we need. I can pay the debts. I’m fine. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Let’s go. I’m fine. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Ai Yue Pet Shop. An Bei Pet Shop. [Sheng Chong Pet Hospital] Hello, is that Lin Xi Chi? Yes. Hello. This is Sheng Chong Pet Hospital. We regret to inform you that you didn’t pass our interview. We don’t need an intern at the moment. Never mind. Thank you. I understand. Goodbye. Dou Dou, quick. Be a good dog. Good dog. My furry friend. I wanted to help you
with the knowledge I learnt, but I haven’t got a chance yet. Not bad, right? It’s good. Very good actually. Guess the movie? I don’t have to. “The Motorcycle Diaries”. My favourite. I want to ride a bike so bad. Put it down. Are you Xu Fang? Liu Xiao Jiang. I know him. You are Coach Jiang? I know your coach in a match. We had a drink. He can really hold his liquor. He even taught me Mandarin. Our relationship in Mandarin should be intimate friends. What you are going to learn here is to drop your bow and forget about your past. Start from the beginning. Forget about my past and start from the beginning? Yes. You are now a clueless child. You only have to listen to me. What you need to do first is to train your fitness. Keep running even though you can’t go on. Keep running until you can control your own body. Bigger steps. Faster. Overtake me. Faster. Come here. Drink some water. What a kid. You are really my thorough-bred horse. Who taught you all these idioms? Your coach. He taught me the last time when we went for a drink. Do you think he was drunk? I think so. That fellow. Can you still go on? Yes. Keep running. Alright. Hello, my friend. Why are you outside so late at night? I’m just walking around. I saw someone walking with a zap racket in a park. He was full of energy while swinging it. Tell me honestly. Did you have trouble finding jobs? I went to several pet hospitals for the last two days. I can’t feel my feet anymore. None of them wanted me. Why is that? Your results are good. They are not taking interns. What about you? How are you
for the past few days over there? I didn’t touch the bow
for the past few days. The coach doesn’t allow me to shoot arrows. Fitness training only. I’m sure he has his own reasons. He told me something very interesting. He told me there’s someone called
Lin Dong Xian who is the champion of
World Archery Championships. He only has a vision of 0.1. How could he get his shot on target? He couldn’t even see it. He also said that archery is about one’s feeling and not about one’s vision. One might clearly see the target
while wearing glasses, but the eyes are deceiving. Only the right feeling,
the feeling that is gained by years of experience can be trusted. Target panic is about actually being deceived by one’s eyes. So, you are saying that Lin Dong Xian can even hit his target blindfolded? I think what he meant is that target panic
only exists psychologically. Lin Dong Xian overcame his obstacle
in terms of psychology. I’m here to improve my body and mind, so that I’m able to stabilize my body and mind when the arrow leaves the bow. Why don’t you try closing your eyes or blindfold yourself? Just like Guo Jing’s master, Ke Zhen E.
[Role in the novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes] He was still powerful although he was blind. His famous line is “Act according to my eyes.”. Alright, I get it. It’s late. Go back now. Bye. Bye. ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to make a choice♪ ♪It’s all warm♪ ♪and scattered anticipation♪ ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to make a choice♪ ♪It’s all endless♪ ♪yet ordinary courage♪ ♪Many have lost their loved ones
due to their hesitations♪ ♪They’re always helpless and in a hurry♪ ♪They’re upset all the time♪ ♪Actually, it’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to smile♪ ♪Without noticing it♪ ♪We always wipe our tears♪ ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to give a promise♪ ♪The regret from the past♪ ♪isn’t the present♪ ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to give a hug♪ ♪Our times♪ ♪shouldn’t struggle with loneliness♪ ♪It’s not that hard♪ ♪It’s not hard to love someone♪ ♪Even though we get hurt and separated♪ ♪they’re all the best parts♪ ♪in our lives♪

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