Economic Update: Reparations and Forgiving Student Debts [Trailer]

You have the money. It’s all there. It
would just mean (and let’s cry for a moment) that the co-founder
of Uber would have to settle for, I don’t know, for a million dollar house, maybe
even a two million dollar house if we want to reward him. But he couldn’t have
a 72 million dollar house. So if you want to argue about the student debt let’s be
honest, it is a program (not surprisingly coming from a socialist like Bernie
Sanders) that’s good for the average American, the vast majority. It helps them
at the price of the 1% or the 5% at the top. That just corrects what’s been going
on the last 40 years. We bailed out (the people did) Wall Street. It’s time for Wall Street to bail out the American student.

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