Don’t Pay Off Your Debt!

– In this video we are gonna through some of the usual arguments against working towards paying off any and all of the debts that you currently have. By the time we are finished, you’ll have a very good understanding of why most of these opposing views are just one big misunderstanding. I once had an ex that
was completely against my journey of getting out of debt. I tried to explain it to her, I tried, but she just didn’t wanna get it. She had so many misconceptions
about becoming debt free and she definitely wasn’t willing to even listen to any
kind of opposing view. Her actions right there put her at an immediate disadvantage. What happened to the relationship? Well, she’s gone, I paid
off $82,000 in debt, and life has never been better for me. Luckily you’re more intelligent
that the average person and you’re willing to
educate yourself enough to understand both points of view. Now listen, the problem isn’t whether we all want to become debt free or not. The issue and questions arise when thinking about what
you have to actually do to become debt free, and the things you think that
you’re gonna miss out on. If you’re ready to get out of debt then feel free to take advantage of the debt free prep workbook
that I created for ya. Link’s in the description. It’s free, help yourself. Now let’s get into the debt
free misconceptions right meow. One of the first excuses you’re
gonna hear from people is, yeah I have debt but I refuse to let it stop me from living my life. Cool, me too. This is a really good debt free excuse that I hear all of the time. I can’t tell you how many
times I’ve heard this. And depending on how quickly you really wanna get your debt paid off, you’ll have to say no to
buying a lot of things. Does that mean that you won’t be living your life to the fullest? Absolutely not. Listen up, living life to it’s
fullest is a state of mind and completely dependent on
your personal view of the world. It they’re both shit, then you can expect to
be living a shitty life no matter how you are living. If this is one thing that
you are saying to yourself, then my question to you would be, well were you living
your life to its fullest when you were younger and
didn’t make much money at all? Of course you were. You made things work
and found that happiness based on those constraints
put on your life, whether they were in your control or not. It didn’t matter. And the same goes for when
you’re paying your debt except this is a self-imposed
constraint on your life. So who says who can’t live
your life to its fullest while you’re paying off your debt? That’s an easy answer, you. Osho, a great Indian
philosopher, once said quote, “if you suffer, it’s because of you, “if you feel blissful,
it’s because of you. “Nobody else is responsible,
only you and you alone. “You are your hell and your heaven too.” The next one is a really good one. This is when people say, well, I make really god money so I have no problem making
all of my monthly payments. Yeah, until you don’t. Then you’re stuck with making less money and still have all of
those stupid payments. One monthly payment turns into two, and then three, and then four, and then you lose that safe job, or your income drops for
an extended period of time, and you’re stuck with a
whole bunch of payments for things you’ll have to sell for less than what you owe. The next excuse may be, well, they’re all cheaper
items so I can afford ’em all. If they’re so cheap, then why are you making
monthly payments on ’em? If you have the money and
you just love payments, then why don’t you just go
pay for those items in cash and then you can go to a credit
card with a zero interest and you can take out the cash. You can just hold onto that cash because that’s essentially
what you are doing. You’re borrowing money
from a credit card company. For purchases, outside
of purchasing a house and most student loans, if monthly payments need
to be taken on to buy it, then you technically can’t afford it. Pay for it in cash or take advantage of the system by putting it on your credit
card, to get those points, then pay it off immediately. That’s what I do for
every single purchase. Swipe, pay off, swipe, pay off. And then the credit card companies pay me at the end of the year. Actually, every month, but I get paid at the end of the year. I let it all accumulate. Start getting in that mindset of paying for everything upfront, so that you don’t fall into the whole monthly payment trap and you start to feel okay with all of these monthly payments that you don’t have to have. Now we can’t forget
about this misconception. Well, let me tell you,
life isn’t about money. The money will never make me happy. I agree, but you’ll still
need money to live your life. Just like you need air to
breath and food to eat. None of these things are evil. So how much money you need is dependent on the type of
lifestyle you truly wanna lead. If you wanna lead a rich lifestyle, then why get there with
massive amounts of debt? Don’t mix up symptoms with what
the actual problem is here. For example, if you have to take on debt to buy something that you can’t afford, then that’s a symptom. The problem is that you’re either not good with managing your money or you don’t make enough
money to purchase that item. Both of these problems
are easily solvable. Life isn’t about the money,
it’s about the freedom. Using money as a tool
to get you out of debt, to gain that freedom, is
how it should be looked at. These three examples are excuses for why you shouldn’t get out of debt but they’re completely wrong and should never be the reason why you don’t work towards
paying off your debts. Paying off my $82,000 debt was one of the best decisions that I’ve honestly ever made and I would do it all over again if I found myself in
that exact same position. So if you’re ready to get out of debt, then download a free copy of the debt free prep workbook to get yourself ready
for the whole process of getting out of debt. Thank you so much for
checking out the video. Thumbs up please, love you so much, adios.

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  2. How come all these "debt free" vids only focus on consumer debt. What about investment debt? Start a business or buy a rental property and you have to take on debt. If you hate debt it will stop you from ever taking a risk.
    I get the whole consumer thing and I agree but sometimes debt is ok.

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