28 thoughts on “DOJ slams AT&T-Time Warner merger amid HBO going dark on Dish

  1. Wakeup!!! Cut the cord and throw your satellite out. It's mostly monopolized and brainwashing propaganda disguised as entertainment.

  2. It's honestly shows and little Snippets like this, and I don't like it but Fox News is not for me. Those guys just called themselves globalists. I sure as hell am not that

  3. I dropped all of my premium channels long ago when things like this happened. I have other ways to get premium content that won't get shut down by some silly spat by corporate giants. Now, if I could just get them to shut off Fox!

  4. the kids dont know this but… ATT used to be the most hated company in the country. The government basically had to write anti-trust and anit-monopoly laws based on what ATT was doing.

  5. At&t isn't even a monopoly and they aren't blocking others from entering the market. At&t is a small percentage of a larger market.

  6. Here was my old happy list:

    AT&T/Direct TV
    Dish/Sling TV

    Move them all to the sad list.

    There is more to running a good entertainment company than negotiating on behalf of your yacht size.

  7. HBO sucks, Games of Thrones is all they got and Deuces. Boxing is ending too so they are a dying network. As for Cinemax, they should have quit a long time ago. DISH has a dated interface too. For those who think cable is a ripoff, do you think actors, directors, writers and other work for free? I think it's well priced for what television brings to life.

  8. ATT bought Direct tv Hbo and Cinemax and then ATT took HBO from dish consumers. See why it is a bad thing when corporations get too powerful?

  9. I hate AT&T no way in hell there getting my money. they ripped me off and I have proof. They did send me 500 bucks for screwing me over but will never ever do anything with AT&T

  10. Both DIRECT TV and ATT suk ass. Dumped em both. DISH should dump CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Democracy Now and make that the deal to pickup HBO.
    TW techs on a jobsite came over to my fireman to buy electricians tape… none in their stock. We just have it to them free. Says a lot about field mgmt … now extend that vertically to upper board room. Fukn goofs should just golf and collect their dividends. Gasparino is a shithead globalist.

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