27 thoughts on “Debt Snowball & Net Worth Update July '19 | Actual Numbers

  1. *Links to videos I talked about in the video*
    Net Worth Spread Sheet Tutorial:https://youtu.be/VllWB4A4Cx4
    457b Magic: https://youtu.be/CxgwZVMEaIs
    Robinhood Hit $1500: https://youtu.be/6qirDm3Nta8
    Capital One Review: https://youtu.be/xy5SBwPVDcY

  2. Wondering if you’re putting your retirement savings into 403b, etc – can you not access them until your 65? Like if you needed to live off 4% of the retirement savings starting at age 50, but you wouldn’t be able to touch the accounts? Would love for you to discuss this issue in your FI video. It’s so confusing to me! Love your channel – it was the first thing that really started motivating my husband to jump on board to FI woo hoo!

  3. You are doing great and tracking my net worth has really been helpful to me, even though it was scary at first. I've always gotten paid during the summer. Did you have the option to get paid 12 months? If so, why did you choose this option? I don't think I've ever had a 9 or 10 month pay option as a teacher.

  4. You will have lots of new financial experiences and observations as a dad of two, maybe you can add some content related to keeping expenses down, 529 concerns, struggles related to childcare for dual income families. Keep up some wealth building but add all those other real concerns of families who don’t want to lose ground with a growing family,

  5. I'd defintely be interested in hearing more about the FI number. Bummer on the net worth going down this month – but sounds like you are still looking at the positive

  6. Wow! $161k paid off in two years!!!! Y’all are doing so great! AMAZING what a little knowledge and dedication can do! I hope you’ll continue to document your investing/ FI journey post debt payment!💪🏻🔥🔥🔥

  7. When you become debt free you should make videos on building wealth and investing. And also have a minute or so in the video where you do shoutouts to people who are making progress, have become debt free or reached other milestones in achieving financial freedom.

  8. Hi Brad, I love you videos and your opinion matters to me. I am hoping you can see this through my eyes and tell me if (I'm crazy) this makes sense… I have a mortgage and no other debt. The snowball method is awesome, but, without debt, I don't get to play. This is where I am thinking of making my snowball an IOU method… I owe myself (or am in debt to myself) a Retirement Fund; Emergency Fund; Savings Account; Car Replacement; Mortgage Prepayments. How would I do this though, as they don't really have interest rates, and they're all a priority. Thanks.

  9. You’re kicking ass! It’s nice to see what progress can be made in 2 years when you decide to become intentional about money. It’s going to be so much fun once the debt is paid and you have thousands to “play with” every month.

  10. Continue tips and tricks to getting out of debt but you should shift more into investing/savings or opportunities you come across being now that your out of debt, another cool idea is having ppl tell you their debt numbers and income and you do a video on how they specifically could get out of debt

  11. Love your updates Brad…tracking my net worth has really helped…concentrating on retirement investing this year vs …mortgage…better tax advantages…new baby boy is so exciting…

  12. Seniors are the best! Great video. Yes, I would like to see a FI video. Are you guys going to do a debt scream on Dave Ramsey Show?

  13. I think i remember you saying your wife’s car is a lease. What’s the plan when that lease is up? Sinking fund for a different car or to buy that one? Something else?

  14. Doctors like that cash. Motor cycle maker Jesse James got better treatment during the birth of his kid when he pulled out that mafia size roll of cash I heard.

  15. Thank you for the very clear and positive message. Going to look into personal capital for tracking net worth (just have the house to pay off). Thanks so much!!! 😀

  16. I love the fact that you are prepared for a pregnancy/baby emergency. Most people don't even think about that. Congratulations on your major achievements (baby & financial)!!! That really stinks your school district doesn't pay you through the summer. I am fortunate mine pays me all 12 months. Yes FI video!!

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