68 thoughts on “Coronavirus may give opportunities to extremist groups

  1. If extremism on the left goes unchecked by centrists, then this country needs some extremism from the right. Your call centrists… it's time to check the communists in this country

  2. She didn’t mention that there have been calls to infect Trump supporters. They never care about that.

  3. Yes very ill..but there are kids coughing on fruits and vegetables in groc2 stors accross America and posting it..where is the out cry for that…

  4. Let's stop with the fake news anti-White propaganda. The bloke in the supermarket was not an extremist. He was just a wanker.

  5. An extremist group released the virus. They call themselves Democrat socialists. They are the biggest national security threat this country has ever dealt with.

  6. God help us all there are so many narcissistic evil ppl in our Country ,a few of them are in our Congress!

  7. Bill Gates and George Soros held event 201 just before this virus was RELEASED on the world. When Trump said he knew the origin of the virus BILL GATES RESIGNED FROM MICROSOFT AND BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY. Coincidence? Not a chance.

  8. An extremist group controls the media and television. Beware what you allow your kids to watch or you'll end up with a Greta thunberg.

  9. Are you surprised by this behavior??? Look what they'll do to the unborn… And you think you matter to them… The Enemy Within… 🇺🇸

  10. Capture the virus and spread it to people you don’t like, this is a joke not for real but I bet it’s possible

  11. The Plantation Democrats spread Poverty faster then the Virus..And she starts out by framing the assertion. As "Racist" She has to be reading what someone else told her too say..As she can''t be that stupid. But I been wrong about MSM before. As it was one person.. Probably an entitled Democrat with 40 rolls of toilet paper. When there was a limit on how many you could buy. So he goes off on the poor checkout girl…

  12. This is not isolated everywhere people are acting as if they are sick Coughing and sneezing At people but this is the 1st case where something is being done about it.

  13. Tommy robinson was the first to take a stand against the terrorist groups you mention. Why fox doesn't mention tommy like they used too is quite odd considering how utterly related it is to your title.

  14. Yeah, like the government. "Never let a crises go to waste." Saul Alinsky, a radical Marxist who dedicated his book, "Rules for Radicals," to the very first radical, Lucifer. Hillary Clinton did her college theses on her hero Saul.

  15. If you want real facts of law do not ask Andrew he is comprised by not being considered for the Supreme Court. He never will be either thank God.

  16. MSM are extreme Terrorist..Logical and fair to release prisoners,put a moron who coughs in prison…You cant make the ignorance of the so called educated judicial up…sulfur.

  17. CDC homeland security Slowly trying to divulge their mental derangement to rationalize their sick unconstitutional abuse will never make their terrorist actions right. Every year with 2015 being the highest year of stolen medical records, are we investigating that?

  18. Beware false statements to make certain groups appear to be racist psychopaths. The media loves to blame white supremacy for things leftist morons do

  19. This virus in nothing. It's very weak and only affects the old and those with poor immune systems. It's mother nature cleaning out the garbage. This has happened all throughout our evolution. THIS IS A GOOD THING FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR SPECIES.

  20. freedom comes in all forms… if he actually knowingly had the virus, then he is guilty, but otherwise, not. That simple. Unless it's Cali lol

  21. They should have virtual herrings for dangerous violent cases. Judge Prosecutor Council and Defended could use online group chat programs. It would be similar to DUI video court las a option.I know we have the technology or could easily developed.

  22. It shouldn’t matter cause they can use it as a weapon against anyone and that is a terrorist threat against humanity

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