China’s strategy for world domination: debt-traps

one big thing China’s leader Xi Jinping
is looking to make China the global superpower by 2050 but it may come at a
major cost to some developing nations in 2013 she announced his multi trillion
dollar belt and road initiative where China would build infrastructure
projects throughout Eurasia the China debt trap is this pattern we’re seeing
around the world where China goes into a small country that really needs
infrastructure and offers to build it but when that country can’t repay China
they use that debt to leverage influence countries like in goldish Sri Lanka and
Djibouti have all fallen into this trap now Angola is paying China with its oil
Sri Lanka is leasing a port to China for 99 years and then Djibouti China now has
its first overseas military base part of Xi Jinping’s grand strategy is the
culmination of three eras of modern China Mao founded the People’s Republic
Doong made it prosperous but she wants to take China’s center stage on a global
scale and Trump’s America first policy is helping make that happen
Trump is alienated allies by leaving several major international agreements
and that’s given China the ability to fill that power vacuum China is
advancing these foreign influence campaigns in small countries all over
the world and getting closer and closer to us Shores if China lives out
President Xi Jinping’s vision and topples the US as a superpower it’ll be
the first time in modern history that a non democratic country has this position

10 thoughts on “China’s strategy for world domination: debt-traps

  1. That's easy to fix. Just don't ever build any infrastructure with any country to avoid any debt trap. Or in other words, build it yourself.

  2. The spread of China's authoritarianism is the biggest threat to democracy in the world, and people need to realize that.

  3. why is it trap when china makes investments in 3rd world? should they conquer the 3rd world outright like European did in the past?

  4. when america was doing it through the IMF and t he world bank , imposing cripping conditions,impoverishing these nation even further we claimed that we were helping seems to me that we are very hypocritical in criticizing china-not to mention self serving

  5. China would be the first non democratic superpower country in the modern history? I guess the host has never heard of Soviet Union

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