Cell Tower Site Lease Security Option

Cell Tower Site Lease Security Option By www.CellTowerGold.com This article has to do with profitable cell
tower lease investing. The cell tower site lease security option refers to one of the
profitable ways to create cell tower lease deals. However, it could also refer to creating
an over the counter options on securities derived from collections of cell tower leases.
There are several ways to profit from cell site investments. First let us look at the
size and shape of the cell tower lease market. Hundreds of Thousands of Cell Sites There are hundreds of thousands of cell sites
in the USA and phone companies own about seven percent of these. They lease the rest. Cell
Tower Gold estimates that there are roughly 370,000 that are amenable to cell site lease
investment. In other words the current owner is willing to sell the lease and perhaps the
underlying property. The current lease owner may be in financial straits due to a failing
business, in failing health, or nearing retirement. To profit from these situations find cell
sites, talk to the owners, create deals that profit all concerned, and collect these leases.
Then you can simply collect lease payments or you can sell to another buyer and pocket
your profits. Or you can use the cell tower site lease security option. Cell Site Lease Buyers There are investors who would like to buy
and hold cell site leases. These can be compared to dividend stocks in that they pay cash on
a routine basis. Having one or two of these investors lined up makes the whole process
easier and commonly more profitable. If you are able to buy many of these leases you can
go the security route. The cell tower site lease security option entails creating securities
or stocks that have standard value and pay periodic dividends based on the underlying
lease payments. You can market these securities to private investors in bite sized investment
amounts. While an investor may not have the cash to pay for a $250,000 property and associated
lease he may have $1,000 to buy ten shares through the cell tower lease security option. Options on Cell Site Lease Securities Using the over the counter route is perfectly
acceptable to buy and sell options contracts on cell tower securities. If one were to choose
to do this it would probably be because he was not sure about the rate of return on the
investment or its underlying value. A factor here would be the interest rate. Because these
investments would be priced similar to dividend stocks their value might fall with higher
rates and go up with lower rates. However, most folks who would choose the cell tower
lease security option would simply be putting their money in a sound investment with a reliable
rate of return. Cell tower leases typically run for twenty-five years or longer and lease
payments commonly increase over time to account for inflation. If you are interested in cell
tower leases and the cell tower site lease security option, take the course offered by
Cell Tower Gold. For more information about this amazing opportunity,
please visit www.CellTowerGold.com.

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