24 thoughts on “Celadon Bankruptcy

  1. ????? That's what happens when you treat drivers like crap. Glad they're bankrupt. Now those drivers can go to a real trucking company. We're hiring. https://www.royalfreight.net/

  2. If you're stranded in a celadon truck. Sell your truck tires for a plane ticket home or a rental. Owner operators will buy them. 10 tires for 1600 dollars

  3. atleast trucking industry got unionized, I wish software industry is unionized, it's race to the bottom over here with neck-to-neck competitiveness, layoffs every quarter, the ones that got job working nights and weekends. thinking about going trucking…

  4. Always reminded me of some extinct dinosaur. "Celadon" once roamed the highway plains, a massive beast that got to big for it's britches. Lol.
    Sad for the employees though.

  5. Feel sorry for you ?, if you looking for job and have clean driving record and 2 yrs OTR call Stas at 860-753-0129 tell him Serg referred you. You be making around 1800 a week, new equipment and speed set to 70

  6. They need to investigate Total Quality logistics. They steal money as well probably more than Celadon. Investigate TQL

  7. Send the crooks to jail and make them pay back every dime of lost wages to all affected employees. Corporate greed is killing this country and the middle class. Scum!

  8. God entered into my body, like a body, same size. I drove for celadon with God inside my body

  9. Another problem causing all this is the ELD's.
    Also they say that all food is going to go up also, and they will blame it on climate change, but actually it is ELD's

  10. Celadon you screwed me over when I heard the news I ran into the truck stop to make a call when I returned the truck and trailer must of been stolen so I hope you find the five year old truck and the load of ATV’s it might be hard to find because I had a problem with the GPS signal on the truck for the past week or so sorry to add more bad news to your situation it is what it is as they say on a better note I just want to wish you all that screwed us over a Merry Christmas and a unhappy New Year ??????

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