[CC] 열혈사제, The Fiery Priest, EP05 (1/3)

“The background, cases, and people” “depicted in this drama are fictional” You are connected to my soul. I love you, Hae Il. According to police, Father Lee was being investigated in secret for sexual assault, stealing from the church, and spending the stolen funds. It shocked the religious circles as well as regular citizens. Do you know what Father Lee was like? How can you say that? Go through the footage of all the CCTV between our church to the cliff. And I request an autopsy. Did you think that I’d get spiritual if you came here and say, “Autopsy’s on”? He asked me to set a bit aside every weekend, every Sunday. “He tracks down the false witnesses” During the prayer, he touched my thigh. Move! You think you can knock me out with that? “He tried his best, yet he just collapsed” Say something. – Stop shooting. Stop shooting! – Say something. We’re going to Paris, aren’t we? Oh, if that doesn’t work, you can tell on me to the Pope. Darn it. Pope. Pope, Pope, Pope. Help me, Pope! Dear Pope. (Foreign dialogue) “Vatican City” “The Pope requested for a reinvestigation” Did he really do as I said? He did as I said? Papa! – Papa! What? “A joint investigation is about to begin” I should work with the priest? The detective is who? Detective Gu Dae Young. This means you don’t want to solve the case. Right. What? Weren’t you told to appoint your most capable detective? Yes. And that’s Gu Dae Young. How am I going to deal with that face? What should I do? I might kill him. I’ll help too. No. You two can leave. Detective Seo, back them up from here. I work in the field too. Silence. I want someone else. The likes of him? What about me? You’re really harsh. You know, I’m the ace card here. Watch your language. You’re the ace? As if. Stay at your desk and eat your snacks. Wow, you triggered my competitive spirit. What if I solve the case? Solve it? I’ll buy lamb skewers. That’s not good enough. Special cuts of beef. Okay, deal. Okay, then. This signals the official start of the joint investigation. Documents show that I’m a year older. So what? You speak too casually to me. What do you call me in English? Bride. That’s the woman who gets married. It’s father. What does that mean? Father? Like dad? Should I speak casually or what? Goodness, you and your logic. The end. Where are we going? Let’s go eat first. Where are we headed… after we eat? Father. To see the victim of sexual assault and the managerial secretary. You met them a few days ago. I’ll pester them for real this time. Pestering them will not make the hard truth disappear. Detective Gu. – Yes? Have you ever been stabbed in the head with a cow’s rib bone? Come on, don’t be like that. You always say you’ll stab me and beat me. So… stay away from using words like truth and facts that easily. The two words that we use the most as detectives are truth and facts, so how can I do that? Goodness. Okay, fine. You and your temper. Everything is a weapon to you. Let me make this clear once again. If you try to tamper with what I do or try to close the case, you’ll get a chance to see the fiery pit. Father. I am the detective. I’m the one doing the investigation. You are just an observer. Just a participant, okay? You can observe. Anyway, don’t rub your face in me. I’m not some laundry. Why would I rub my face into his business? He can go rub his laundry. I can hear you. Why does he have sharp ears? Does he think I’ll rub my face in him? What? I’m just eating. Eating sounds. Nom nom. Eat quietly. Didn’t you learn any manners? Why do you make sounds when you eat? It’s a habit. Where’s that bone? Okay, fine. Why? I was just eating. It’s my eating sound. Can you please take this away? Where are the servers in this restaurant? The Pope? Goodness. Hey, does this make any sense? I’m sure someone made this plan and coached that guy. If not, there is no way this would suddenly get blown up. Who is this jerk? Take this to the National Assembly and even to the Blue House. Oh, if that doesn’t work, you can tell on me to the Pope. Yes, tell on me. Go ahead. Pope. Pope, Pope, Pope. Help me, Pope! If you find out who’s with him, take them in too. Yes, sir. Anyway, I thought the police got someone who’ll break this off. He’s not trustworthy. That priest is going to do the most annoying things. Can’t you see it already? So think about a way to bring him down at once. How much was it? – 26,000 won. Thanks a lot. What? To each his own. Handle it as expenses. No, that only applies to mine. You can ask the church to pay. How much should I charge you? That’ll be 26,000 won. – Sure. What… Hey, you jerk! You charged my card? – Yes. This is my credit… Do you go to church? Yes. That’s 26,000 won. My gosh, this is driving me insane. Do you have any ideas to stop that priest? Gosh, if the Pope is behind him, I can’t take him in for something odd. I have an idea. What? Tell me. Hurry. We should disguise someone on our side as a Buddhist monk. A Buddhist monk? – Yes. We can let them run into him as if it’s a coincidence, provoke him, and let them get beaten up. Then there will be a conflict between those religions. Naturally, that priest will be blamed. After that, we can– Are you suggesting that we do this? Shave one of our employee’s head? They’ll be like, “Have mercy, Buddha”, and they’ll hit that priest. Exactly! Then they can glare at him with this awful look, and– With this awful look. Awful look. Awful look. Awful look! Quiet. No? It’s not a bad idea. Will you lose those sleeves? It’s like the 80s in here. Do you still live in the 80s? Yes, prosecutor’s office. Stress. Prosecutor. Yes? Kim, the idol star of the Nonhyeon-dong meth case requests a meeting with you. Really? Tell him to come. “Daebum Tradings” Hello, sir. – Hello, sir. Goodness, are you all flip phones, bending your backs like that? I told you to keep it at 30 degrees. I’m sorry, sir. – I’m sorry, sir. Sorry, my foot. Telling the world that we’re thugs. – Sir. We’re cleaning out the redevelopment district today. Shouldn’t you stop by? No, today is my first class. You go. Yes, sir. – Wait. I told you the last time. Did you forget? I’m sorry. Darn it. Good day, sir. “Daebum Tradings” “Seongwon Chinese Food” How much wood would a woodchuck chuck. Do it. How much wood could– How much wood would a woodchuck chuck. How nuch wud– How much wood. How nuch wud– I’ll just kill you. Is this where she lives? Yep, down that way. “Yep”? Over there. I’m just saying this for caution’s sake. You can’t get angry or break stuff as we investigate. Okay. It’s a promise. Yes, I get it. Why won’t you trust me? Don’t cause a disturbance. She’s in there, but she won’t come out. Maybe because she isn’t here. Can’t you hear the sizzling sound of meat? It’s probably an echo of the sound from another house. Grilling meat isn’t like shouting at a mountain. Why would it echo? Hey. What? A hairpin? That’s not going to open the door. This isn’t a movie. Wait, what? Darn it. How dare you break into my house? Oh, it wasn’t me. Because she didn’t come out although I knew she was in. If she doesn’t, that’s her choice. Who do you think you are? Darn it, a detective. – Okay? A detective. – What? A detective. I’m a detective. Those perilla leaves sting. Are you a priest? What? Were you offended by my girl’s testimony? Where’s your daughter? Why are you looking for her? I have a question. She went to Europe. To Europe? – Yes. Where in Europe? – Europe. So where in Europe? I couldn’t reach her number. I can’t reach her either. She’ll call when she wants to. When will she be back? No idea. How does it make any sense that you don’t know when she’ll be back? I may not know if we are in an awful relationship! I have nothing to say. Leave. Stop talking nonsense. Let’s go. – Complete nonsense. Let’s go. – Enough! Her eyes said that she wasn’t joking. You should just trust her. She’s not an ordinary woman. I don’t care. That makes no sense. She doesn’t know where her– She’s crazy. – If you ever come back, I’m calling the police! Go ahead! If you’re innocent, call them! Leave! – Enough. Let’s just go. She said she doesn’t know. Do you think she really doesn’t know? It feels true to me. Stop talking about your feelings. I might really beat you up. What is this? Everyone is like a thug. This joint investigation is already driving me insane at day one. Move! She’s going to close the door! Lady! He moved out? Yes. Well, I can’t even call it moving out. He only had a bag full of things. Where did he say he was going? He said he’s going abroad. Where? I have no idea. He said he won’t be back for a while. I thought he was running away. Running away? Did he do something? My gosh, you didn’t know he was a gambler? His creditors and thugs came every day until recently. Goodness. I thought the church was amazing for giving him work as the managerial secretary. What about his family? His wife moved out with the kid years ago. Who would stick around? Thank you. Do you get the picture? Get what? Gamblers will do anything to clear their debt. Don’t denounce the character of gamblers like that. There are many innocent gamblers out there. Innocent? Did you just say gamblers are innocent? While we’re at it, do you want to meet the most innocent person in this area? Who is it? Who’s innocent? Gaozi said, “The human nature is not divided between good and evil, like how water is not divided between the east and the west.” It means there is no good and evil in human nature. This is his theory of human nature. Goodness. The class is really tough from day one. But he’s right. How could you know if one is a good child or a bad one as soon as they’re born? Isn’t that right? Yes, you’re right. You fool! Stay for some noodles. I’m not right, you fool. Bad children are born bad, like me. Oh, right. How’s that troublemaking priest? Yes, Detective Gu is guarding him. I see. Goodness, that coward can be useful. Mr Hwang. Yes, what is it? It looks like you should go outside. What is it? This is so annoying. Darn it. Move. It’ll take only a minute. I can’t let you in for a minute or 100. Let’s just go. Mr Hwang wouldn’t know anything. I won’t take a lot of his time. I’m a busy man too. Goodness. – Just one second. What is it? Goodness, Father. What brings you all the way to my office? Hey, Mr Gu. You’re here too. Let me ask you a question. Right here? Do you want to come in for some Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee? I got it at a famous coffee shop in Gangwon Province. You can have your Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Where are the two people? The two people? Who? Gosh, you’re the best actor yet. He doesn’t seem as fake. You can’t just talk without context. You’re so random. The false witness against Father Lee and the managerial secretary. Right. Those two. What about them? Are they having an affair? No. Why are you asking that to Mr Hwang? Detective Gu, shut your mouth. Why would I shut my mouth? You can keep causing trouble around our neighbourhood. I can’t help you if you keep causing trouble. My gosh. That’s it. This is how you protect and serve people. I told you to shut your mouth. My gosh, you’re… You’re talking to a detective of Serious Crime Squad. I’m a busy man. Where did you put them? Why are you asking me? You’re making me really frustrated. Then who would bribe people, make them lie and go off the grid? The police or the prosecution? No, these thug brothers right here. Right? Gosh, I’m falsely blamed here. I am a businessman who abides by the law and keeps the rules. What if I find them and prove that you made them go off the grid? Let’s make a bet. What should we bet? Some eels? Lobsters? Or our wrists? Forget those. Tie your hands up and take a blow from me. Father. Watch your language. Kid, the adults are having a discussion. Beat it. Sounds good. I will tie my hands behind my back and let you hit me. But if you’re wrong, we’ll tie up your hands. Sure. I’ll spread my legs and tie my hands. “Under construction” Goodness. Did his faith make him that bold? Look up their immigration records. They both went far away. Just do as you’re told. Why are you so talkative today? You’re driving me insane. Why do you keep doing this to Mr Hwang? You don’t even have any evidence. How much did you take from Hwang? I can’t believe this. Watch what you say. Then why are you covering for him? I’m not covering for him. You don’t have any evidence. You have to investigate with manners. If you had some more manners, you’ll probably become his slave. You’re now slamming me to the floor. My gosh. This is killing me. Oh, right. Hey. – What? Get their immigration record, then get all the security footage from the day of the incident. There are too many– What? Darn it. Hey, don’t be angry. Be gentle. See? It worked. Drive.

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